Disney Guests Argue Alcohol Should Be Banned in Parks

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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are places where both young and old experience the magic.

From iconic rides like Haunted Mansion, “it’s a small world,” and Space Mountain to joyous character meet-and-greets to an immersive atmosphere and experiences that make you feel as if you’ve entered your own Disney movie, there is something for everyone at a Disney Park.

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A recent Reddit thread has fans of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort debating whether or not alcohol should be discontinued at the Parks.

The original post that started it all from sexydancerobot reads:

Sorry, but at a place primarily targeted at children…it gives adults even more of a reason to show a good example. Alcohol can quickly send all discipline out the window and we become rather poor examples. For many parents, one can forget “Hey, my 5 year old is sitting across from me….should I really have this 5th beer?” And if it’s not your child, someone else’s child doesn’t need to see you acting like a tipsy nitwit. It sends a better message and is safer. People are already unpredictable when sober.

Serving alcohol should be discontinued at Disney World. from unpopularopinion

User u/harshdozer said they agreed with the stance, but doesn’t believe Disney could afford to lose the amount of revenue generated from alcohol sales.

I agree with your opinion but given the park is an ATM machine for its owners hard to see them discontinuing something which adds to their bottom line.

User u/wasd12la12 echoed those sentiments.

Adults are their only source of revenue. They aren’t going to alienate 100% of their revenue.

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User u/tintinfailok shared an opinion that Disney knows its fans have grown up with them and that it wants to continue to keep those of us who have grown up experiencing the magic.

From my personal experience, this is an important and growing source of revenue for them.

First you have Floridians, who serve as an important source of traffic/revenue outside of peak season. They bring a different vibe – it’s just another weekend activity, not a once-every-few-years opportunity to be maximized at all costs. That relaxed vibe fits well with a few drinks.

Second, you have the kids who grew up going to WDW and are now adults – a lot of them like going back (some of them go back a LOT) and they naturally want to shift their experience to include the other things they now enjoy (e.g. alcoholic beverages, nicer food, etc).

I’m sure Disney has done the analysis on this and knows their customer segments very well.

User u/Harbinger2010 shared an opinion on family activities and alcohol.

I feel that alcohol is just a little too common in family activities now. I’m a moderate drinker and family man myself, but I find alcohol is incongruent with a good family time. It’s not about people getting tipsy or sloppy, but rather just being able to relate to and have fun with kids.

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User u/Goomba_87 said they believe incidents involving alcohol are minor in Disney World.

But then we would not have Disney World fights to watch on YT /s

On the real though, it’s a huge park. If someone’s drinking is bugging you just walk away. If that individual consumes too much and becomes belligerent then security will generally ask them to leave.

User u/Ackilles pointed out that Disney World isn’t the only place where kids might be around alcohol.

Was kind of agreeing with OP [Original Poster] until I remembered that most restaurants serve alcohol and kids go eat with their parents.

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Finally, User u/scrntonstranglr shared a famous quote from Walt Disney where he said that the Parks weren’t made just for the kids, but that everyone was welcome.

Just gonna leave this here for ya

“Walt Disney did not make those parks for just kids,” he said. In his speech at the opening of California’s Disneyland in 1955, Walt Disney was pretty clear that his theme park was for all ages. “To all who come to this happy place, welcome,” he said.

Whether you enjoy snacks like Dole Whip or a churro, alcoholic beverages, or are looking for something a little more filling, there are plenty of options to choose from when visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

What’s your thoughts on Alcohol in the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments.

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