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magic kingdom crowds on september 22, 2021

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  1. Scott

    I think much of this can be attributed to not only the pandemic, but even more so the money hungry changes at Disney. Removal of magic express, fastpass, and limited experiences, as well as extra charges for the once free Genie plus and “lightning lanes” make the pressure for trying to make the most of your family’s experience even higher. Much of the blame can be placed on the park management, but then again, people suck too.

    1. Jordan

      No, people are just grumpy they can’t get things their way. They were getting rid of magic express after the contract expired since they had plans for something else and it cost a lot of money. You forget, it’s not their buses that are going around, it’s a totally different company. The blame falls on guests not acting like adults for not understanding things are trying to get back to normal, but that takes time.

  2. Donna

    This is what you get when you charge for every single thing, and have 1/2 the experience. People are rude and miserable because of expense, w no entertainment.
    Disney needs to turn it around quickly. Even universals crowd is better behaved. Its a sad shame. Disney lost it all when covid shut down things and then they opened up again just for the almighty dollar.
    Remember, it was the ones w all the money that tried buying disability passes from people, to get on rides easier. And now we are catering to that group of people.
    Bring back the real fans… they can make the experience so much better.

  3. Elyse

    Just got back from Disney Land over the Christmas holidays. We watched as someone unmasked was being walked away by security and shouting profanities at them the entire time. He clearly looked under the influence of something and unhinged. This was the first time I had ever experienced such a scene in my 10 years of going there. People are definitely coming with bad behavior and super attitudes of entitlement.

  4. Joey Driver

    Perhaps the pandemic has changed the lady taking her 62 year old dad to the Magic Kingdom. Really she cried because people were texting (on a boring ride that you can’t escape) and children began getting antsy and running around (because they were bored).

    That made you cry? SNOWFLAKE!

    1. Burt

      Wow. Way to prove the exact point of the article.

  5. Michael

    There were things which set Disney far above and beyond experiences such as those found in other theme parks. That included their stellar customer service, “plussing” the guest experience, and Disney magically (and I use that word purposefully) making it seem that although they were definitely profiting from each guest, it didn’t feel like it. It seemed like the guest was the center of their attention and not just the guest’s wallet.

    By taking those things away, Disney has turned themselves into just another Six Flags with some hotels next to it. When you do that, you’re gonna get a Six Flags crowd. Cause and effect.

  6. Erin

    This is definitely not exclusive to Disney but having been there in November and watched a clearly intoxicated woman scream that security didn’t want her there and watch people drag their kids from one thing to the next at EPCOT I will say it is worse there because A) it is more of a crowded setting where we can see everyone and what they do and B) as someone else said now that they charge for most things and took away a lot of free things it’s just stressful and not a lot of fun, especially for small kids who might need a break from the rides. So you end up with a kid who could really use a splash pad or a thing like The Boneyard and a parent rushing to get their money’s worth and making them stand in an hour and a half line for Peter Pan.

    But also, yes. People forgot how to behave and treat other people kindly and with respect during the Pandemic and it shows.

  7. Mary Turner

    All the complaints about the retirement of “free” FP fail to recognize that FP was never actually free. If a guest did not stay in a Disney resort (twice the money for less space), they were not eligible to make FP selections until 30 days out. FP selections for popular attractions would be gone by then. The real reason the crowds are so rude is that there are two many people crowded into only half the previously available attractions. When I visited DW pre-pandemic, the same frantic “I must fight for the BEST experience of our lives” was present but the guests were distributed into more attractions to diffuse the frustrations of the most emotional. DW has always been in business to make money. “Free” FP, Magical Express, free Magic Bands, etc. was a marketing decision to encourage guests to stay in their expensive resorts. The current decisions by DW executives are to shift the emphasis away from their resorts and into the other potentials for making a profit like paid LL and merchandise.

  8. FedUp

    People have spent an entire year at home from work, watching “Karen” videos on youtube and TikTok. Then when they go out into public, they are automatically assuming there will be “Karens” everywhere. Not even realizing that such behavior and thinking is turning them into Karens – thus keeping the ugly cycle alive.

  9. Jill

    I went in December and, I noticed differences with other people… and with myself. Less people chatted in-line, it felt like you didn’t dare to ask to use a chair someone wasn’t using at their table, but I do feel like that was mostly because they had just announced omicron was taking off, and I wanted to give people space, and keep my own little bubble. I saved for 2 years for this trip, and when I got there the first day, I was almost heartbroken. With work stresses and family health stuff at home, I had built it up in my head that Disney would be the Disney it always was, no reminders of my stresses just happiness and lots of money spent on souvenirs and delicious food, and it would let me escape. The supply chain really showed with a lack of 50th and Christmas merch, and my own stomach ulcer from stress took away a lot of food joy. Day 3, I finally had to remind myself that a vacation can’t solve my issues, it can just give me a breather… after I calmed down and had more realistic expectations of everyone’s stresses and my own, I was able to slow down and enjoy it, even tried to help others find the joy where I could, offering to take family photos or hold a place in line. It’s such a rough time right now for everyone, no matter where you are.

  10. Jason Foster

    It’s not just the crowd, its also Cast member interactions. We went to Disney World for 5 park days in November, and 4 a month later in December. Cast Members are also slightly more rude in my opinion, like we waited in line 10 minutes to purchase a Millenium Falcon Popcorn container, and they told us it hadn’t been available since March. My wife questioned them why the sign has been up so long, and they didn’t really answer and that experience was less than magical. Also, I’m 6’5′ and I stepped over the rope at the exit for Dwarven Mine Trains, the rope was probably 2 feet off of the ground so it was a very easy step for me and a cast member loudly proclaims, without looking me in the eye and instead looking at the people behind me, “NO STEPPING OVER THE ROPE”. I went back and told her respectively, it wasn’t very magical to be telling adults not to step over a 2 foot rope. I know I shouldn’t have said anything, but I just couldn’t help myself, as I almost never say anything. I honestly think its the masks and distancing, it comes out in other ways. We need to go back to normal in my opinion on all of that.

    1. Bill

      So you didn’t like the response when told something wasn’t available or not to step over a rope (which most people don’t do) – and that makes the CMs rude? It isn’t magical for people to do things they shouldn’t be doing – are CMs supposed to ignore your behavior to uphold magic?

      Also, what do you mean you told her respectively (which means “separately or individually and in the order already mentioned – used when enumerating two or more items or facts that refer back to a previous statement)”?

  11. Mike

    Disney has been incentivizing bad behavior for a long time; the pandemic merely turned up the heat under this simmering trend.

    The abandonment of coupon books created a need in guests to pack in attractions in order to get their money’s worth.

    Later systems like Fastpass added layers of complexity to the experience, rewarding guests who could game the system at the expense of those who couldn’t.

    And the constantly rising prices have fueled guest feelings of entitlement on their own.

  12. Captain Obvious

    Or it’s none of things you’re all complaining about and it’s actually that only these type of jerkoffs would go to a crowded theme park during a plague?

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