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bob chapek

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  1. Edward

    Truly Disappointed with Chapek’s performance!!! What Chapek has done is no different than Hotels of all types charging a “Resort Fee” for what used to be included. Parking as an overnight guest, Wifi, local calls, gym, business center etc. And that’s on top of all the price increases across the board coupled with several things being taken away. I can clearly see the differences between my visit in February 2020 and December 2021. I don’t believe this was Walt’s vision, to nickel and dime everyone and price out a majority of hard working families.

    1. Chapek’s first two pillars sound good, but what he’s done with WDI so far doesn’t reflect that belief. However, what’s most telling is his third pillar – “focus on our audience”.
      Audiences are people who go to the movies. His background is in Buena Vista Home entertainment, and he clearly understands that audience. His third pillar just reflects his total lack of understanding and respect for the importance of the theme park business and their “guests”. From Walt Disney himself to Bob Iger, nobody at Disney has ever called park visitors an audience. If he truly had an awareness of this he would have said – “focus on our guests and audiences “ or at least “audiences and guests”.

      1. MB

        Very well said!!!

      2. David

        At Disney Parks, behind the scenes is Backstage. The employees are the Cast. Being in front of guests is where the Show takes place, Onstage. All guests for whom the show is directed is what? The Audience!!!!!

        1. VDog

          Ooooh, snappp!! Guess you know Bob on a personal level and apparently already KNOW that he is ABOUT to turn around his slimy, greedy business first, “audience” as an afterthought practices around!! Glad you came in here to “clarify” Mr Chaepek’s deep thoughts for us… can’t wait for the new awesome Disney!!

          1. Reffect

            Despite what Walt used to say before, Disney is still a corporation and it’s 1st priority is to the shareholders. This being a capitalist country, your power to enact change is in your wallet—meaning stop going if you think it’s too expensive. There has always been people for whom a day at Disney was not possible—and only until there are enough of those is when Disney will become more wallet friendly.

            1. S1

              Disney shouldn’t have shareholders at all. It should have a single owner who answers to nobody and basically rules as a dictator. Pro sports teams have single owners and nobody complains about that.

  2. William

    This is just more double-speak lip service from Mr. Chapek as they continue chipping away at guest amenities while charging more for virtually everything. Disney is quickly losing the magic that set it apart from other theme parks. Do people really want to be enslaved to their phones while on vacation? Do people want to pay additional fees to skip lines? The list goes on and on, they aren’t listening to consumers they are listening to bean counters and MBAs.

    1. Rick

      Well said, I personally feel that if your phone is in front of your face then you are missing a lot. Not to mention getting up at 7 to make lightning lane Tessie’s on vacation. Have gone every year for the last 15 but not 2022 and beyond. I fondly remember the trips with all the amenities and guest magic bit sadly that is now gone.

      1. AH

        Went over Thanksgiving and week after. Big difference from the dozen times before. Will give them one more chance in October. If no improvement that is it for me and my wife. She has gone over 30 times.

    2. As long as people still go to the parks and stay on property nothing will change, STOP GOING, Disney’s current leadership only knows how much money it can bring in and when money stops coming in change will happen it basic economics

      1. About to sell my DVC

        Agreed, revolt is voting with wallets and not emptying them for the ever-diminishing experience.

        1. Keith Neff

          They have declined in quality so much that Disney is no longer considered a vacation option. We are switching to Universal when we vacation next time. We dumped DVC a few years ago. Disney no longer a must have customer experience.

      2. Connie

        Very sad. Has he forgotten who’s name is on the company that he is destroying?
        What would Walt Disney think? His plans should include Walts vision not his wallet. Been going to Disney 50 years from day 1. Over 400 hundred times. Went in July of 2021. The tears were sad not happy. So glad we have videos of the way it used to be. Our next visit will take place in our living room! And no parking fee….!

      3. Former disneyland kid

        It seems like Disney is evoking Shame and JEALOUSY to pressure guests to spend more money.
        I saw a new TV commercial for the hotels that said “why wouldn’t here?” the obvious answer is “save money”. Try telling that to my little daughter waiting in line while the paid-fast-pass guests straight to the front, “daddy why can’t we go in that line?” she says, and the answer is “sorry baby that line costs extra money and either I don’t have it or your not worth it”
        Bob cheapskate chepik is shaming folks into spending extra money.
        Disney magic is gone

        1. Same disney kid

          Commercial said “why wouldn’t you stay here” referring to the Disney owned/on property hotels compared to off campus hotels.

      4. SeauxRue’d

        Sometimes, the silence of speaking solely with your wallet speaks the loudest and says the most.

  3. Kim K

    So dissatisfied! I went to Disney for New Years. Disney has gone down hill yet pricing has skyrocketed! They don’t clean your hotel room anymore yet charge you more. We had flies in our room and the outlets didn’t work. We called for repair and nothing. The only things they did were bring clean towels and empty the trash. The genie plus was a little helpful due to such a busy time of year but not worth it otherwise and it kept dropping one of us every day so we had to keep going to customer service. They also ruined New Year’s Eve because they moved the big show to early evening so all we got was 5 minutes of fireworks, so disappointing. Restaurant reservations are almost impossible to get unless you are an annual passholder or staying on property as well. So disappointed in the changes since he took over. He needs to step down before Disney goes into the dump. I already prefer universal studios at this point.

    1. Ron

      I have never been to Universal studio before but maybe I will this year we were a Disney family but the magic is on life support Bob I know you think you are doing the right thing but when you alienate your base nothing good can come from that I hope you have a change of heart before it’s too late

    2. Fdk

      They are having Major staffing shortage problems at Disneyland. They pay below minimum hourly wage inside the parks. Seriously, you start out at higher wages working at a gas station or fast food across the street.
      Not so magical

  4. Annette

    We just returned from a 4 day trip to Disney – what a disappointment! We were nickel and dined for everything and the experience was not better, but worse! We feel used and taken for granted by their new system. Even the restaurants have charged more and are providing less quality. We used to go 4 – 6 times per year but honestly it will be a long time before we return. And, we are annual pass holders feeling ripped off. They are like Big Brother who has their hand in your wallet.

  5. Adrian

    I think the best is yet to come. Chapek is going to do great things with Disney. Especially with limiting agenda-driven entertainment.

    1. Gus

      Wtf are you on???

      1. Dave

        No doubt lol

    2. Disney's Done

      Adrian is Chapeks wife I presume? Or maybe his mom?

    3. Robin Trembath

      Per the article, he made that statement for the vision of the company. That includes Disney Plus, right? Therein the word “audience”. To the extent he was referring to park guests, why not assume he may mean what he says: THIS YEAR (as opposed to last year) we will focus on our audience. And if we are going to complain about money grubbers: I cant make a move on this website without getting snagged onto an ad page. People: if you dont like Disney, dont go!

    4. VDog

      Adrian, you’re adorable!! Lol. the way you totally added an obviously sarcastic comment on here and even still, people thought you were being serious lol… yes, the power of Chaepek.

    5. Julie

      In other words he is saying ‘show me the money’.

  6. Neilio

    Chapek worries me. Disneyland is still in my opinion worth the price of admission, but the Genie program is a complete cash grab. Sending Pixar’s movies straight to VOD is unacceptable. Personally after this pandemic, a more back to basics approach makes more sense.

  7. Janet

    Now that so many “audience members” are going to the other park, I’m pretty sure that Chapek is secretly a Universal plant.

    1. Jennie Awe

      Disney freak here, raised Disney freaks. Even middle clas cannot afford all the money grabs. Live in Florida, costs too much even for us. Used to go every year. Haven’t been in several years. So sad.
      Will take the grands to Busch Gardens instead.

  8. Stefanie

    Disney has been taking the magic away for years. All Chaoek cares about is making money to line his pockets. He needs to step down and people need to tell him he’s not doing right by Walt.

  9. T.Stephens

    Don’t forget he closed almost all the Disney Store! A big mistake in my view.

    1. Dave

      Truth we used to go to the one in Fresno at least 1 to 2 times a month which is a 45 minute drive not any more total cluster bomb of bs

  10. Bill

    Fifty years ago, on Christmas we made our first visit to DW. Loved it and made many visits since. Today, I am disappointed on the direction DW is headed. It’s as if Gordon Gecko is running the show “Greed is good.” As long as Disney heads in this direction, I won’t be heading there. Sad, very sad.

  11. Glen

    So Bob Chapek thinks is we WANT to have less amenities and pay MORE FOR IT! Well, that’s all the evidence I need to know this man has no clue what Disney fans really want!

  12. Bud

    Understand that Chapek did not mention Parks and Resorts at all. His comments were directed at the online and streaming services. He could care less about the Parks and Resorts other than the cash that is/can be brought in from them.

    1. Disney's Done

      I agree and have said this for 3 years now!!

  13. Bill G

    The reason people choose Disney over all the other Central Florida theme parks has been lost on the current management. They do not understand the Disney customer and may never. I want the Disney experience in everything I do and see. I do not want to see scaffolding or construction walls or hear construction going on while I am at Disney theme park or resort and yet since 2003, this has been the reality. As soon as Disney decided to be the same as every other company and outsource help, they started to lose customers. They are now charging the most and delivering the least when it comes to experience. I noticed some time ago that the magic was gone, but still went to the parks hoping to see a change and I did, just not in the right direction. Walt Disney had a vision that current management can’t or simply won’t see. I will continue to use DVC, but not visit the parks until this policy of making money over dreams come true ends.

    1. Jim Walter

      I agree with you 100%! We stopped going to the parks recently because of all the nonsense.

  14. Jim Walter

    He has taken away all the magic for me and my family. He also is weeding out the middle class, Disney is getting to expensive for a middle class family. It’s really sad that this man is allowed to destroy a company and people are letting him!!

  15. kj

    Never in a million years did i think these words would come out of my mouth “I miss Eisner and bring him back!

    1. Disney's Done

      Here Here!

  16. Jasmin

    Really disappointed, I’m hoping things get better not worse.. not sure what it’s going to take

  17. BK

    Sadly, Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave. His initial inspiration in creating Disneyland was to provide a place for families to be able to spend time together and have fun. The current philosophy seems to be to squeeze every last dime out of the (suckers) customers while scaling back on amenities and the “magic” of the whole experience. For so many of us, a trip to Disney is a financial stretch, something we save for and sacrifice for. All these new changes are making the experience so much more stressful, and are taking the joy out of a family trip that is supposed to be filled with joy and magic. Shame on all of you who have besmirched Walt’s legacy and twisted his original vision by making profit the primary goal.

  18. Erica

    As an annual pass holder for many years we have finally come to our senses and decided to not give Disney anymore of our hard earned dollars. The magic has faded and is nearly gone for us. $30 parking, $150 one day / one park experience, nickeled and dimed for every little bit of “MAGIC”. Even the Disney stores were outrageously priced. $40 for a set of toddler pajamas?!? I believe Walt would be outraged at the direction his successors have taken his dream. Not surprised to see Chapek continuing the money grab in his new role. They are all clearly out of touch with what Disney fans want or need.

  19. ChadMC

    As much as I absolutely cannot stand all the negative changes that have destroyed so much of the once great magic, until people vote with their wallet it won’t change. His goal is to make money for the company and with all of the fees and add ons, he will do that if people keep attending and paying. The company needs to start suffering losses and the board will react. Remember the upper management and board cares ONLY about profit. If profits drop they will react. Until then, nothing will change and the experiences will continue to get worse.

    I let my annual pass expire in 2020 due to the ridiculous reservation system which punishes local people and those with annual passes (they are not valuable to the company).

  20. Heather

    Honestly, Disney has trashed Walt’s dream, it’s no longer a place grandparents can bring their grand children. I was once known for ‘How to get go to Disney on a dime’ As an original member of the Mom’s Panel, I can no longer take our family to Disney, the changes made push the average family out by out pricing.

  21. Dave

    Funny we are key pass holders and they already have a lawsuit against em for screwing pass holders over saying there aren’t any openings on days your pass has openings and yet if ya go to buy a ticket magically tickets are available lol I hope they lose their asses over this it’s happened to me more then I can count total bs

  22. Jeremy

    I agree with his statement. Guests are wanting to be heard and he is listening it is something Walt Disney stood for was listening to guests. Prices are about the same they always fluctuate with the seasons. I’m glad they are repurposing the magical express and re theming it. I was in Disney world this last year during covid and their are some steps that need to be taken to continue the excellent service at the parks, and I believe reducing the amount of people will continue to help keep people safe during this pandemic. Keep up the good work Disney.

  23. Christa

    Chapek has done nothing but strip Disney parks down to their bare bones, raise prices, and successfully ruin the Disney experience. Walt Disney is probably rolling in his grave. He does NOT represent what Disney is about, what it means to the “audience” or the magic Disney used to have to children, and adult children, everywhere. I don’t know who installed this usurper but he needs to be removed, and someone who is focused more on the magic than the bottom line needs to be CEO.

    1. Disney's Done

      “We” can only not support. I believe that’s what everyone is saying. You can’t control a global business except to NOT support it. Honestly? Classic Disney is gone forever if you ask me. Too many greedy people in the world will continue with the dark Disney ways now.

  24. Joe

    Instead of all this talk, why can’t Disney lower its prices so an average family can afford to visit it. A person has to have a high income to visit the Disney parks nowadays and that is just totally unfair. Obviously Disney’s more interested in making money than peoples enjoyment

  25. Joe

    Instead of all this talk, why can’t Disney lower its prices so an average family can afford to visit it. A person has to have a high income to visit the Disney parks nowadays and that is just totally unfair. Obviously Disney’s more interested in making money than peoples enjoyment

  26. Cory

    While the majority of the failures do fall on Chapek, let’s not give him 100% credit to how the parks are being ran. I fault Josh D’Amaro for the guest experience at WDW. Initially I thought he was going to be what saved the magic at WDW, but really things have gone in the wrong direction since he moved to Florida.

    1. Disney's Done

      Why does Disney not expand their franchise to new locations in the US? I understand the undertaking it would be but I think Walt would have expanded his joyful parks in the US.

  27. Lisa

    The best for who, Adrian? Definitely NOT the Guests- they are NOT feeling anything but lighter wallets, more stress, less MAGIC!!

  28. I love Disney

    Bob Chapek is right to raise prices and reduce services. Look at the attendance at the parks: it’s soaring to new heights! Yesterday was traditionally a slow day of January, but the parks were packed like there’s no tomorrow! All this complaining is just internet noise that means nothing. If any business raise prices and meets with a higher demand, they will continue to raise prices! Why not? Disney needs the money.
    The biggest problem is that Disney+ is losing billions every year, and Disney has to foot that bill somehow. Eventually, every extra dime Chapek can get out of the parks will be poured into the bottomless pit of Disney+ until Chapek puts it out of its misery. That should happen by next year, if the subscriber numbers flatten out as it has been doing.

    1. JMR

      Don’t you mean HIS POCKET??

    2. S1

      Yes he would’ve. Disney would also be better off with Donald Trump himself in charge.

      1. Jordan

        Not even, after how things went in this country with him in charge, he’d probably ruin Disney to the point no one would want to go except hardcore Trump supporters

        1. S1

          Oh please, Trump would make Disney great again and I will one day seize control of Disney in a hostile takeover, De-Chapefy the company, and make it great again myself. Disney under my rule will go back to making all decisions by asking one simple question: “What would Walt do?” The same mantra that governed them for decades after Walt’s death.

          1. Jman

            Trumps da man.

  29. Sima

    I think he is focusing on stockholders not consumers. That doesn’t surprise me since most major public companies have this as their primary target. I think Walt would be terribly disappointed at the corporate greed that is corrupting his vision for the happiest place on earth. At the age of 70, I was there on Sunday nights as he lovingly hosted the shows on tv. A not-to-be-missed weekly treat for kids and adults alike. I have grown to dislike the Disney parks experience more and more with each money-grab vs. giving families a great experience that they can afford.

  30. Leonard Ramirez Jr.

    Disney is never going to be the way it used to be. It can’t. They are a media behemoth and not interested in anything but the dollar, just like every other priority they own. I used to go to Disneyland 3x annually with the children and granddaughters and won’t go anymore. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Disney is NOT Marvel and Star Wars. It is used to be about removing you from your everyday life. No planes flying overhead, no television, no phones. Now your life inside Disney is all about those things. You have to immerse yourself even more in your phone for schedules and fast passes. Once again, those who can pay the most enjoy all of the benefits. And now, alcohol is so prevalent there. Walt would have NEVER approved that.

  31. Bobby

    Oh nooo. This sounds like someone who has new clue what their job is, and is way over their head.

  32. gjd

    I don’t understand the creation of Chapek’s 3 new pillars when they just need to focus on the current pillars of “Safety, Courtesy, Efficiency and Show.” Maybe take those pillars to the next level of excellence!

  33. Peter

    Hey Bob, at least bring back Disney investor plan. Dollar a trade, I’ll invest, you’ll have more money to work with. Get rid if private stock firm. This will bring back Disney investors in the middle class. Bring investors that want to be a part of the company and want to visit more.

  34. carol

    Employ more full-time cast members for restaurants! It’s SO challenging and frustrating getting reservations to dine! Seriously, it is easier and cheaper to leave the park for meals!

  35. JMR

    My biggest question is WHO is this “North Star”?? It isn’t John Q Public!! That’s for sure!
    Show of hands. Who here feels like Denzel Washington’s character in that movie?? I mean, really?

  36. JMR

    Faugh! That does nothing. I tried contacting them. Got a form letter stating that they were too understaffed to respond.

  37. CJ

    I don’t know whether to call him Cheapskate Chapek (because there is not enough 💰 being spent to keep the Disney Theme Parks up to par and good grief Disney has more than enough money 💰!) OR Casino Chapek (because you are being surcharged for everything without a comp!), but these ‘corporate maneuvers’ are ruining the Walt Disney Brand … and they will ruin the Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilms Brands, too!

    Stop being Disney 🐑 by paying more for less experiences at Disney Theme Parks! Please take your 💵’s to a Cedar Fair, Six Flags, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios (let Team Disney Burbank learn the errors of their ways from the poor pay / poor treatment of Cast Members? to the ridiculous up charges put upon Park Guests!)

    This household tapped out of Disneyland – DCA 3 years ago and embraced Knott’s Berry Farm (no regrets! we are having a great time with minimal use of a Smartphone App!)

    If only we had a Disney Family Member on the Walt Disney Corporate Board loud enough to say when things were not going right (we need another Roy Disney to challenge this Chapek Regime!)

  38. Pat

    Oh dear another load of animal dung from the mouth of Mr Cheapek. If he really knew his audience he would know that I and many others do not want to be up at 6.30am on my holidays to try and secure rides. That is indeed if I wish to pay for the privilege, which I don’t. And I certainly do not wish to spend the day with my eyes glued to my phone. I was quite happy with fastpass. It was fun planning 30 or 60 days in advance. We looked forward to that. Now I have to land at the airport after a 9 hour flight, spend a fortune to get to my resort and then spend a mortgage on tickets, food, Disney genie thingy and lightning something else of which I have no clue. Holiday? I don’t think so. Mr Cheapek should try it. Bet he never has. So here6my challenge sir. Book yourself a flight, moderate hotel and tickets for a family of 4 on a budget and see how you feel at the end of 2 weeks. Knackered I would guess.

  39. Julie

    In other words he is saying ‘show me the money’.

  40. George Tripp

    Horrible! When someone called him a peanut counter they were not lying he’s in it for money not the audience very sad I’m really sad for the stock holders who are. Losing 1000 of dollars from their stock every single day thanks to this peanut counter!

  41. We have done the same and lost so much respect we had for Disney vacations. We tried Universal this last year and loved it.

  42. Janet

    Been annual pass holders since the mid 80’s (from the northeast not local)and it really started going a bit downhill for me around the early mid 2010’s. Started with small details, like removing the castle logo from all napkins, paper plates, cups, etc. Our last trip in 8/2021, we also went to Universal. Boy, can you feel the difference. No reservations, free to hop from park to park as many times as you like, easy to be spontaneous or change plans. No need to use your phone, except for virtual queue for one ride which you can join whenever you like as long as you’re inside one of the parks. Disney is in for a very rude awakening when Universal opens their new epic universe park sometime in 2025.

  43. D.Pettersen

    Relentless price increases while diminishing experiences. After 35 years of being annual passholders we feel there is so little value left we may not renew ever again.😪

  44. JR Ewing

    We were there for 5 days last week for marathon weekend. Sadly it will probably be our last trip for a long time. After 8 years as pass holders we will not be renewing. Not going to bore everyone here with every incident but let’s just say it’s par with all the other comments. Not sure what’s going on there but it’s not worth he money anymore

  45. Shane V

    Chapek damaged perceived value. I paid for a hotel, but got a magic band, and skipped paying for parking. It’s not like those weren’t covered, but by being a hotel guest I DEFERRED the costs others had to pay by NOT being a hotel guest. I felt like I got extra value. Extra magic hours, advance access to FP+ and dining, Magical Express, all things with hidden costs that appeared to be perks. I didn’t for a second believe they were entirely free… But I never had to pay for them up front.
    Chapek should have simply raised hotel fees, and admission and seriously hardly anyone would have seen it the same way. He’s lifted the curtain, and the wizard is exposed for his true form.

  46. JT

    Relentless reliance on existing IPs over original content. Relentless cost-cutting in areas of maintenance and park upkeep. Relentless exclusion of boys from animated features. Relentless replacement of free experiences with lesser, high-cost equivalents. Relentless lessening of standards for Cast Member appearance, behavior, and training. Relentless cutting of benefits for employees. There’s definitely a lot of relentlessness, anyway.

  47. Clarissa

    Fast pass system is offensive and ridiculous now. Everything is more expensive and/or not free any longer. This one really grinds me gears, too… CAST MEMBERS… They are no longer true authentic cast members… CAST MEMBERS at disneyland play a roll at the park to keep the magic and wonder flowing! Most, not all, but definitely most act like they should be working at six flags. Rude, and snappy and entitled! The way they are training their employees must be completely different. Most of them don’t even deserve the title “CAST memeber”

    Also, get the tram running again so these people don’t have to hike back to their vehicle. If its safe and enough to go in your shop and roller coaster, it’s safe enough to take the tram from our cars to the park. Stop trying to use it as a savings tactic.

    Very very upsetting…

  48. Burbank Boy

    I last went to Disneyland in 2019. It was probably the last time. I’ll be giving my business to Knotts, 6 Flags, Universal and the Santa Monica Pier. Disney needs a reality check. Screwing the public was not Walt’s vision.

  49. Lee

    He has taken and destroyed the “magic” from disney. Impossible to go unless in a great financial situation now. Given the pandemic I’d say people are less off therefore disney is out of reach for many across USA and the world. Shame on him!!!

  50. Steve

    We have been going every two years with the kids and grandkids except the last two due to Covid. We are currently booked for Thanksgiving week. We were quit surprised and disappointed at the changes since our last visit. We pay quite a lot of money for airfare, staying on property, etc. for 10 people and they do away with Disney Express, Fast pass, etc. and charge you for what used to be complimentary. I read where the lightning lane system doesn’t even work. The fast pass was great, why change? We’re still going this year because we have two grandsons that haven’t been but if its as bad as I’ve read, this will be our last trip. It sounds like Bob Chapak is going to kill Disney. He is obviously the wrong person for the job.

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