Comments for Disney Fans Slam Starcruiser Imagineers Amid Call For Haunted Mansion Resort

starcruiser lightsaber

Credit: D23


  1. Mark

    Now this is a good idea! That Starcruiser is going to be a huge, expensive flop. If they’re embarrassed to promote it then there’s more to be ashamed of taking all that money for less than Disney less than Star Wars experience. Disney ruined Star Wars and this is just a continuation of the trend. They should have used the classic characters and settings for the ship. The movies they made sucked.

    1. Caden

      Except that Disney DIDN’T make the movies. They’re the DISTRIBUTORS, NOT the PRODUCERS of the films. That’s Lucasfilm that created the films, as well as everything else that they’ve involved in all the way back to “A New Hope”. Not ONCE when a Star Wars film is released does it show as a Disney film. They only mention Disney in the credits.

      Disney gives Lucasfilm the same (if not similar) policies and autonomy of making films similar to Pixar and Marvel (with even 20th Century Fox even retaining the privilege of creating Rated R films, which isn’t really an Alien concept 😈as Touchstone Pictures were created for the purpose of making “adult” Disney movies).

      As for the Starcruiser though… now THAT’S a free “Blame Disney” ticket that I would LITERALLY print copies of. The quality of that hotel and the experience is supposed to be better than that. Hopes were high, not anymore.

      Haunted Mansion hotel would DEFINITELY be interesting!

  2. Gman518

    They’re zDisney! They need to do the Star Cruiser a little more in Disney fashion. It could be much better and priced so all can afford it. 2ith that said, a haunted mansion themed resort would be THE ULTIMATE! DO IT!!

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