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  1. Jamie

    Wow. 5 & up? What a joke. Any parent that vaccinated their kids with the experimental Covid vaccine at 5 is crazy. Long term effects are not known yet & barely even tested on kids. The fact the Disney is requiring this when is doesn’t prevent anything is another way I hope they lose a lot of revenue & guests. Completely ridiculous

    1. Gern Blanston

      Jamies is wrong!


    2. Joe

      The vaccine was tested on kids for over a year. Some trials were held in my area. Vaccines don’t have long term effects like drugs – they don’t stay in your system. Disney is doing what they should to protect their crew and guests. Based on your logic, why have lifeboats on the ships? No passengers have ever used them – how do we know they are safe?

      1. Denise B.

        Your information is 100% wrong!

        1. T-Train

          Denise, How is Joe wrong?
          He’s mostly right on every point. Or are you willfully ignorant?

    3. Thomas

      Jaime, how many does are you expecting to have? Long-term effects show up within 8 weeks of the last does. You’re creating unnecessary fear due to your ignorance.
      Not vaccinating your children at this point is pretty much child abuse.

    4. Sister Sledge

      The vaccine doesn’t work. Stop trying to poison the people.

  2. Carys Humphreys

    Any parent who refuse to give kids COVID vaccine won’t be allowed on board the Disney magic cruise ship.

  3. Denise B.

    Disney is a joke. We used to go every year. We’ve washed our hands of them.

    1. Jordan

      Because they are looking out for the wellbeing of their passengers and crew? Yeah, I think you are confused

  4. Kenr

    Drop the mask requirements.

    1. T-Train

      I wish they could drop the mask requirement. That would be very nice. Then again, it would be very nice not to have a deadly disease plaguing us.

      1. Donna Casey

        It’s a choice it should not be mandated to have the vaccine. My health issues keep me from having the vaccine, it would possibly kill me. Where as long as Ian careful and sail on ships like Disney I can enjoy my life as much as possible. But the mandates keep me from going anywhere I love such as Disney cruises. So disappointed vaccinations don’t keep you from catching it or spreading it so why mandate it?!

  5. Thomas

    Vaccines are not perfect, but they are a valuable tool in saving lives and reducing risk. I’m glad to see Disney taking the responsible choice of requiring them. And, hopefully, parents will start learning how valuable vaccines are.

  6. JK

    The same vaccine that MILLIONS of people are still getting OMICRON?
    A vaccine done 6 months ago means you DO NOT HAVE IMMUNITY. Natural infection last longer than the vaccine but no one is taking that into account…. this is all propaganda to make people feel warm and fuzzy about it. Seriously a joke.

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