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  1. DonB

    Chapek may not like being called a “ cost cutter “ but he’s definitely in favor of cost gouging. His penny pinching moves have negatively impacted the guest experiences and he’s made sure to price young families out of the parks entirely. For the first time ever , and as 20+ year DVC members , we will not go to WDW in 2022 and will spend our vacation budget elsewhere. Including Universal.

  2. Robert

    Chapek needs to go it’s sad when one of Disney’s family members are coming out and saying boycot Disney. Disney has gotten over the past part three years. McDonald’s has better customer service than Disney. The legacy of Disney and the experience is like going to six flags now. The employees are very rude and there is nothing magical about Disney anymore but magically seeing your money go and getting nothing back. This was the worst mistake Disney made by putting him in charge. Being a DVC member and was a season pass member I’m trying to sell my DVC and won’t go back till that ass hole is gone.

  3. Ken Brenner

    Hi. I take strong exception to the author’s enthusiasm over “complete transformation of EPCOT”. As a long time WDW fan, especially Epcot – I feel it is the death of the world’s unique theme park. WDW has 3 parks one can take rides in. Epcot was a wonderful, beautiful park that provided guests with a different experience (Informational, Futuristic). Now, WDW is slowly destroying this wonderful experience, including the views across the lake with those awful barges. How sad…

  4. Kevin

    Iger can say what he wants, but Chapek is a bean counter and has shown it by eeking out every penny he can at the expense of the MAGIC Kingdom. I don’t think they can step back and look at it from a middle class family’s eyes. The new slogan in the vacation realm is wanting people willing to pay top dollar for their vacation experience. They claim they don’t want budget minded vacationers. Hawaii has been talking about this as well as other popular foreign vacation destinations. I think it is a loosing idea that in the long run will kill tourism and in the short term for Disney, kills the magic as less and less vacationers can afford to take their families to Disney. These families will remember that Disney out priced a vacation to WDW and will remember it well into the future when they decide where to spend their hard earned money to go on vacation. The future will tell what happens.

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