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Bob Chapek with Mickey and Minnie

Credit: Disney


  1. Joe

    He’s earned EVERYTHING he’s getting. Don’t feel sorry for Bob CHEAPek in the least. For the sake of “civility” I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Matt's brain

    You’re an idiot

  3. Virginia MARKEWYCH

    Sorry guys,I recommended it awhile ago. I’m proud of him for walking around the park. Wish he would have ditched his suit coat & tie & rolled up his sleeves but it’s a learning process. Uncle Walt could help him but I dont think he’s ready for that or getting sprinkled with Tink’s fairy dust. Eisner used to be stiff too but embraced his inner kid sooner.
    As for his salary he needs to pull a Mike Bloomberg $1 for a year to prove he’s worth it. As for den mom shame on her.
    I hope Disney does well, gets some great artists and storytellers in there and when Covid is gone cruise into the sunset!

  4. CJ

    Oh the irony of watching Chapek at Disney walking and using his smart phone (and that’s basically what a trip to any Walt Disney Theme Park has turned into no thanks to being forced to use an App all day!)

    I don’t wish negativity on anyone, but Bob Chapek needs to reevaluate how the Walt Disney Company is run by thinking like Roy E. Disney (Keep Customers Happy, Treat Park Guests Right, Take Care of Cast Members, Respect Disney Staff, Do Theme Park Maintenance, Develop New Rides – Attractions That Work, Initiate New Films, Cooperate with Actors – Producers – Directors, Theatrical Distribution 1st – Disney + / Hulu after 90 Days, Home Media 4 Months Later).

    The emphasis to ‘Up Charge’ for everything and anything, the lack of quality (from food to merchandise), the excessive high prices, the closing of Disney Stores and moving shopping online only, that Genie + all needs to stop! Bring back that Disney Magic!

  5. Anon

    Why don’t you post the Email address where one can send their complaints?

  6. Byron

    Disney realizes that you need a good villian to make the hero look even better. Chapek was selected to do the dirty work of grabbing as much money for shareholders as possible. Chapek even looks like Lex Luthor. After Disney has fleeced the people of every last cent, Josh Dimoro will be introduced as the Prince Charming which will saved us from Chapek. The shareholders make ton of money, Chapek makes 30 million a year, Josh is the hero, and the guests and cast members are screwed.

  7. Mouse Supporter

    Mr. Chapek has his flaws like every human being on this planet! All the haters of this Man, I suppose you can do a better job and running and keeping alive a multi billion dollar company? Now I am not saying he’s doing a good job and no one is worth 38 million dollars a year but cut the guy some slack. I can tell you that I wouldn’t do the job. Every CEO can’t be Robert Iger or Michael Eisner but give the guy a chance. The Pandemic did this to Disney not One Man!! I am a DVC Owner and AP Holder. I still support the Company to do the best they can given what’s handed to them. Remember to Thank a Cast Member, they deserve it.

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