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  1. Judi

    As a fan of the ground breaking 1937 animated film and a Disney fan in general, I am excited to see what’s going to happen to one of my childhood favorites.

    1. Disney Freak

      Hollywood has expressed that snow white depicted sexual assault since the prince kisses snow white while she is sleeping. Maybe the prince’s mere presence will awake snow white in this new adaptation.

    2. Jake

      You’re excited for them to do this to Snow White? Sorry but they’re changing stuff with it just by the actress the chose for it. ” Lips Red As The Rose, Hair Black As Ebony, Skin White As Snow. ” this is how the film and the tale describe her. Now she’s Columbian? Sorry I’m not excited and not going to watch it.

      1. Ann

        I agree. I won’t be watching it. If Disney is going to remake Mr. Disney’s famously popular cartoons into live movies; then keep it to the storyline and characters he wrote. I am sure the young actress is talented especially being in West Side Story, but quit changing the storyline and characters.

  2. Quite simply, once they rip apart something like this, they basically aren’t actually making Snow White and the Seven Dwarves anymore.

    1. Nathaniel Whitehead

      That’s my thought as well. At least we still have the original, if this turns out poorly.

      1. OBloodyHell


      2. R

        You should know that it will. It isn’t even going to be Snow White once they are done with it!

    2. Ann

      I agree.

  3. Colin Hodge

    I am tired of them changing all the stories to be “woke”. Like casting a dark skinned girl as Snow White, who got her name because her skin was white as Snow.

    1. Nathaniel Whitehead

      Agreed. I could see it if a character’s skin tone wasn’t essential to the core of who they are, like the Queen, for example. But Snow White is supposed to be extremely pale. It’s how she got her name. I’m curious as to how they’re going to explain this. Just based on pictures I’ve seen on my crappy phone, it looks as though Gal is more pale than Ziegler (sp?), which makes no sense.

      1. OBloodyHell

        }}} I could see it if a character’s skin tone wasn’t essential to the core of who they are, like the Queen, for example. But Snow White is supposed to be extremely pale. It’s how she got her name.

        You can change it because she’s “White”. If we was “Night Black”, and you put a white female in that position, there would be no end to the caterwauling.

        Welcome to the new definition of racism: It’s ok, as long as it’s a white person, no matter what it is.

        I predict it will tank. Then they’ll claim it was because peeps are all racist bastards.

  4. The O

    Not woke enough. Snow White should be Black Ice and binary. The prince should be princess. Dwarfs should be a group of k-pop singers. The evil queen a Trump supporter. The mirror on the wall an OnlyFans webcam. The huntsman should be eliminated and replaced with a PETA spokesperson.

    1. Ann


    2. I love Disney

      You know Disney. They just pretend to be woke by doing some gesture. Deep inside, they care about one thing: appearance and profit. Now that Snow White is brown, cough up your money for Genie+ and stop criticizing us! We are the good guys, look at how brown we make Snow White, we deserve your money, not your criticism.

  5. Michael

    Looking forward to seeing what they do.

    By the way, there’s no such word as “casted”. The actor was “cast” in the film…not “casted”.

    1. OBloodyHell

      Oh, don’t be pedantic. Anglish, Unglish, Squeamish, whatever. 😛

      Right? 😀

  6. Glen

    Woke Disney SUCKS! Period!

  7. Pip

    Some you whining about “wokeness” don’t need to be upset. Tbh… I think it’s going to be interesting to see the way this movie plays out. If you’re not excited, don’t watch it. I’m sure Disney won’t care.

    I think a lot of you just want something to complain about. Move on and find something positive in your life to focus on. I worry about your mental health sometimes.

    1. OBloodyHell

      }}} I’m sure Disney won’t care.

      They will if it tanks at the box office and they spent 40 million making it.

      }}} I think a lot of you just want something to complain about.

      Always interesting how that only applies to things liberals support. Things **liberals** want to complain about, well, NOW “The SKY is FAAAAALLLLINNNNGGGG!!!”

      }}} Move on and find something positive in your life to focus on.

      We’d love to do this if it weren’t for your endless efforts to destroy **everything** positive in this world… like, say, the story of Snow White…?

      LOLZ… SMH.

      1. Thanks for expressing what so many of us believe. I am sick of reverse discrimination and the lefts political agenda.

  8. Rik

    Disney: casts another vanilla white dude for their male lead

    People in these comments: “Omg, WOKE DISNEY SUCKS!”

    Like chill, guys, you still get your precious white with blue eyes prince to fantasize about 🙄

  9. Ron

    We have been Disney fans since I went to Disneyland in 1956 and we have tried to return to one or the other Disney parks. With the Woke mentality of Disney we will never return to Any Disney attraction nor will we ever buy a Disney product again! Wal should be turning over in his Cyrogenic chamber

    1. I love Disney

      Nonsense. You need to focus on the magic and ignore the rest. Disney is awesome in so many ways. Just ignore parts you don’t like. Otherwise, you’d be throwing the baby out with the bath water. Keep your eyes focused on the baby. If you don’t like Snow Brown, don’t watch it, no harm done. I don’t watch any remakes. They are a waste of time.

  10. Ken

    Casted is not the past tense of cast.

  11. Doraliz

    Ridiculous adaptation. Why name it Snow White when it’s actually a different story.

  12. Steve

    Definitely will not be seeing this garbage. I’m so tired of the terrible leadership going on at Disney. It almost hurts to even call it Disney because doing so is extremely disrespectful to the man and what he built.

  13. Me

    No no noooooo! When you take an original story and change the very essence of who the character is, you are no longer telling that story. The changes alone make it a different story. Snow White is about 16 and for the time she lived in yes she was waiting for her Prince. You can make her stronger without changing the story completely. This is my favorite. Not only is she Disney’s first princess but she has dark hair. When I was growing up all the Barbie’s were blonde, most of the other princesses were blonde. It’s ok to be a sensitive female. We don’t need every female character to be a badass. Please leave this one alone. When I read this to my grandchildren I tell them how young she is. I tell them that here choices were taken from her. I tell them that bad people do exist and that sometimes family doesn’t mean blood and that friendship can come from u expected places, like the Dwarfs. It’s ok to tell her story, but tell it the right way. She may appear weak but in the end love and friendship and family prevail.

  14. K

    Thank you!..

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