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50th disney world spirit jersey in front of cinderella castle

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  1. Lauren Jen

    What are gay rights? Why force a random stranger dressed up as a fictional women for their job to say it?

    Very cringe.

    1. Matt

      Very cringe…as if saying “gay rights” even means anything of substance

  2. VDog

    This has nothing to do with adults without children wanting to enjoy the parks. These are slimy, greedy people.. PERIOD.. who will do slimy crap to get views/money on Any social
    media platform. They’re literally just enticing viewers to click and watch their videos by harassing (yes, that’s what this is) the workers in character there. Same as with people who try to get the stand guards at Buckingham Palace to break and do something “funny”. Of course the difference is that Maleficent isn’t holding a rifle and these idiots don’t risk getting shot.

    1. Kieran

      Yes! Harassment, that’s all this is about, all in the name of clicks. It’s disgusting.

      1. BOB Bobleinschmidt

        Our nation’s people have changed for the worst. These camera phone fools go out of their way to photobomb others or to take videos that aren’t funny, thery’re obnoxious by any moral standard , degrading others for laughs. Especially the treatment of Disney characters. Younger people have no empathy or respect for anyone else anymore, it’s only what they can get for free

        1. VarikaLM

          Hate to tell you, honey, but this kind of attitude has literally always been around. There’s no “change” going on here, and it’s definitely NOT just “young people.”

          1. Susie-Q

            Maybe it’s been around, but it’s a LOT more prevalent now due to social media, where many try to push it for their own importance and financial gain. In the past it’s just been jerks being jerks.

        2. ollie

          sir.. With all due respect I’m 24 and I take this to offense it’s not all “younger people” it’s people who want attention, people who maybe didn’t get attention when they were children. It’s also older people not just us “Younger people”

      2. Joey Driver

        My parents couldn’t afford to take me to Disney World. So now I take myself.

      3. Nalette

        As an adult who just got to experience the parks for the first time, I completely understand, and even envy adults who practically get paid to go to the parks. I love Disney Parks content on social media, it almost makes me feel like I’m back at the parks- I live for it. But not content like this. This is horrible!
        Disney characters have to work very hard to get their roles, and maintain them, and aren’t even paid enough to justify the hard work they go through, especially when you throw in people literally trying to get you fired for entertainment and views.
        You should never toy with someone’s employment. This is straight up harassment.

        1. Rosi

          Totally on point. My family started going when the kids were “kids” .. we still go as adults. We have total respect for these cast members! They work so hard to make YOUR day special and don’t deserve to be harassed.

    2. John

      AMEN. This isn’t about Disney Adults, and I am not even sure that some of these “influencers” count as fans so much as they are people trying to creating a following around causing problems and just happen to have chosen Disney parks as their target.

      1. Spaceman x

        I like that the “author” of this piece basically took a comment with one like and acted as if the whole internet was melting down about it.

    3. Aksun

      Don’t act like you care that these “characters” don’t have the “freedom” to say what YOU want them to say! Be careful…if they ARE allowed to vocalize, they may tell YOU to get your ugly mug out of their face!

      1. Brooke

        I understand that people in multiple media platforms want to make content and may make a living off it, but don’t do it at the cost of someone else’s job or someone getting in trouble for following company policies. Let’s keep the parks magical for all and leave this sort of stuff for somewhere else?

    4. JC

      Why you gotta bring getting shot into this though? It’s annoying people who think crappy TikTok trends are fun, not my cup of tea either, but why threaten them with violence?

    5. Lynn Flowers

      I agree with the other commenters. These people are just adult bullies! Making their own story at someone else’s expense. Ask a character to say something about gay rights and then call Disney “homophobic” when the character won’t do it. What is wrong with people? Hopefully Disney can meet this head on…

    6. CJ

      Well said VDog!

    7. Kamm


  3. Mike

    Just stop it these people are doing their job. Why are you trying to create controversy.

  4. Cheryl

    The performers are there to make it a magical experience for guests that are in the park. They need to leave them alone and let them do their job!

    1. BOB Bobleinschmidt

      Our nation’s people have changed for the worst. These camera phone fools go out of their way to photobomb others or to take videos that aren’t funny, thery’re obnoxious by any moral standard , degrading others for laughs. Especially the treatment of Disney characters. Younger people have no empathy or respect for anyone else anymore, it’s only what they can get for free

  5. Sam

    Nothing controversial about it. If a company requires you to do anything that is not illegal, and it is a company policy, then you have to do it. It’s no different than requiring that you be clean shaven for example.
    However, to try and goad an employee to break company policy is simply selfish.
    Would we complain if the person tried to goad the employee into letting them into the park for free or be given free food and then film it to get them fired?
    They are simply taking advantage of a situation (characters interacting with guests) that are considered a net positive and simply trying to ruin it for selfish reasons.
    People who watch those videos are simply enablers.

    1. VarikaLM

      You do realize that people have quite successfully challenged MANY corporate policies and behavior demands, right? It’s absolutely fine and ACCURATE to say that the policies themselves are controversial.

      The rest of what you said is dead accurate, though. These “influencers” might have the right to do this, but choosing to do it is rude, selfish, and harmful, and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing it.

  6. Freedomrocksusa

    Don’t blame “Disney Adults” for this. Plenty of content creators have children and still behave badly. For instance, there was one in the past year or so who, I’m told, did a video on how to score free supplies at first aid. Having or lacking a child has nothing to do with this. Jerks are always jerks!

  7. Jerry

    Like everyone else said- it’s not Disney adults that are the problem. Just a-holes. Pretty funny considering how some of these people think they are woke but are harassing and exploiting an underpaid cast member for their own benefit.

  8. Jeanne

    If the character stays in character I would think they could ignore some of the questions that are asked of them. People who are deliberately goading a character like the girl who felt the chest of Gaston should be removed from the parks.

  9. Mario

    These aren’t Disney adults who love Disney and the experiences they provide. These are anti capitalists activist who hate corporations. Disney had been dealing with these types for decades.

  10. Marie

    I absolutely hate the times we are living in 😫! I can’t with all these tik tokers and the extent they go to for views or whatever! And then god forbid you say something or believe in anything different than what they think you’re supposed to believe! 😬

    1. BOB Bobleinschmidt

      You are so right Marie. We had our honeymoon there in ’75. That was when we Americans had morals. A word now missing in our vocabulary. We’ve traveled to Disney World 5 times and the last time, a couple weeks ago, there were so many young obnoxious, irritating people I wanted to knock out. They have no respect or empathy for the people inside the Disney costumes. It must be terribly hot and uncomfortable, yet they plug through everyday for the children. God bless them all

      1. VarikaLM

        1. Your morals are clearly questionable if you think the 70s were “more moral” than today. *KoffNIXONkoff*

        2.I haven’t even been around you in person and I kinda feel like I want to see you knocked out; you’re an obnoxious old “get off my lawn” geezer. You get back what you put out, old fart.

        3. DISNEY has little to no respect for their character actors, considering many of them aren’t even paid enough to afford rent. I have a suspicion from your geezerly whining, that you vehemently oppose raising minimum wage, so I’m not sure YOU can be said to respect them, either. You certainly don’t act like you have respect for anyone ELSE.

        1. hsoJ

          In the end its still a job regardless

      2. JC

        Get over yourself Bob, some might think your morals are questionable too.

      3. Spaceman X

        Lol 1975 was that before the cocaine crisis or was that weed and LSD moral panic?

    2. Bxmamipr

      I totally agree Marie. How is it “freedom of speech” if you don’t have the “correct” belief, they do everything possible to publicly shame you, get you fired, go after your family, etc.

  11. Chris Kinney

    Ask them what you want, and then respect their answer, or non-answer, and leave it be after that. And I’m still unsure as to why Captain Marvel not saying “gay rights” upon request makes her homophobic. People need to grow up.

    1. VarikaLM

      I think they’re suggesting that Disney policy not permitting the character of Carol Danvers to even say the phrase is homophobic.

    2. FL-Dad

      Exactly. The actress who played Captain marvel is as Leftist as they come. Go talk to her. I bet she will give you all the “woke” excrement you can take. Of course you won’t get her in costume saying that, because rules, contracts, etc.

  12. Mindy

    I’m a Disney adult and find this behavior disgusting. I also want to point out this shouldn’t be seen as a Disney adult problem as it is a stupid Tik Tok culture of A-holes. If I’m ever there and see these jerks behaving this way, you guys can watch me ruin their videos calling them out for being morons. That’d be fun.

    1. BOB Bobleinschmidt

      Our nation’s people have changed for the worst. These camera phone fools go out of their way to photobomb others or to take videos that aren’t funny, thery’re obnoxious by any moral standard , degrading others for laughs. Especially the treatment of Disney characters. Younger people have no empathy or respect for anyone else anymore, it’s only what they can get for free

  13. Allison

    Why label them as “disney adults” when they are just ill-mannered adults who happen to be at disney parks and are harrassing face characters for content and hoping to go viral? Not cool.

    1. Lori B.

      110% agree, Allison!

  14. Tae

    There is no rule against saying “Gay rights.” In fact, Inclusion is considered the most important of the 5 Keys of Disney Parks (cast member guiding principles). The rules clearly state that while onstage, cast members must support LGBT guests.
    However, it’s forbidden to act in a way that could be seen as speaking on behalf of Disney, or one of their IPs (like as Capt. Marvel) while being filmed.
    These random “controversy-bomb” tik toks are really unfair to the cast members. Some of these folks might be thinking it’s some kind of “gotcha” moment of calling out Disney, but It’s more like a personal middle finger to the cast member. Saying even slightly the wrong thing could get them in big trouble.

    1. FL-Dad

      Perhaps, but what you don’t realize is that Disney character actors/actresses are to stay in character while “on stage” (which means in front of guests. That means the actors/actresses you see should not know things that their character would not know. For example, Cinderella would not know anything outside of what her character would know in the story. So cell phones, current events, etc. would be things she could not know about and thus would not comment about. If you want to get technical, Carol Danvers was in the US Air Force, and thus would be prohibited from commenting publicly about any social issue in an official capacity. Yeah Captain Marvel is no longer in the USAF, but with the Military, ingrained habits don’t go away quickly. This is why you will not see ANY Disney Castmember on their phone while in the parks, unless their actual job requires it. This is in the Disney Castmember rule book too. Yeah, I have a recent copy.

  15. S.E.C-R

    NO! It’s not right for anyone to ask them anything that could potentially get them in trouble or fired. The same goes for any job. Why would you potentially jeopardize someone else’s livelihood for your own benefit.. oh wait, I forgot, it’s the internet and selfish content creators where clicks and likes mean more than someone else’s livelihood!

  16. S.E.C-R

    And… Can we please stop using and pushing “gay rights”? As a gay man I don’t want any more or less rights than anyone else, can’t we just call it human rights and leave it at that instead of making it out like we want and deserve more than anyone else!

    1. VarikaLM

      No, we can’t, because right now, those aren’t HUMAN rights at all, they’re straight cis white people rights. Nobody is “making out that we want and deserve more than anyone else” except those who already have and consistently deny those rights to us.
      – Sincerely, a non-binary trans asexual who is going to continue calling them “LGBT rights” until they actually ARE “human” rights

      1. JT

        I mean as long as you’re still a human, it doesn’t matter who you share your bed with… rights are rights. If you have to start counting your adjectives and pronouns on your fingers, you’re taking it too far (you really don’t have to advertise or make that your entire identity). Your comment also has nothing whatsoever to do with the point/article at hand.

      2. Ahu

        You seem a bit upset. Maybe a cuppa tea and a biscuit? Deep breaths and relax your shoulders. Getting angry doesn’t help anything.

      3. FL-Dad

        So typical of the agenda-driven “woke” crowd; telling a gay person their opinion doesn’t matter in the face of the “official” narrative. Utterly ridiculous.

        Hey VarikaLM, I don’t care about your pronouns or agenda, or whatever. I won’t use your made-up vocabulary. Before you go calling me names, realize you know nothing about me, and I don’t care what you might think about me or call me. I’m so far past caring what people who have no bearing in my life think of me. But if it makes you feel better to hate someone you don’t know, go ahead.

      4. Bxmamipr

        Varika, shut your disrespectful mouth. This is what everyone is talking about. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and if people don’t think like you, then you get obnoxious and bully people. You obviously weren’t raised right with morals, by the way you disrespect older people. And talking about white people is just as racist as talking about any other race. So again, you are ignorant. Your obnoxious ignorance doesn’t impress nor bully me. Get a life.

    2. William Gallerizzo

      Agreed! I am a straight old guy who has some extended family members who are neither straight nor old. Stereotypes have no place in any world. My kids, including my two sons were classical ballet dancers and they are both straight. But they faced discrimination from both sides. Their friends no matter what persuasion were always welcome in our home. No sweat. I’m glad they got fit but don’t have a shot skeleton like I gave from playing football. Maybe some of these fools should ask why when DJT talks, he has a teacup pinky and whines like a nyah-nyah. That guy is in a closet.

  17. D

    This really irks me. I have been a Disney fan all my life. I have made many trips to WDW without and with our kids. These TikTokers are immature and selfish and are not a representation of adults who enjoy Disney. The fact that they continually try to goat these persons playing a character for our enjoyment is plain selfish. These kids are doing a job to make our experience at the parks fun for both adults and especially the children. SHAME ON THEM FOR RUINING SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR THEIR OWN NOTORIETY AND FINANCIAL GAIN. IF THIS CONTINUES TO GROW ACCESS TO LIVE ACTION CHARACTERS WILL DISAPPEAR.

  18. Anthony

    So it’s one group of “adults” with too much time on their hands judging another group of “adults” also with too much time on their hands over what is most definitely in the top 3 of most irrelevant things to debate, got it.

  19. Kim

    Disney Adults have nothing to do with it. I’ve seen plenty of people with kids in tow who are a-holes to, not only cast members, but other park visits as well. Shall we go into, for example, how often stroller mom’s just plow through a crowd?

    This is moot anyway, as until Disney goes back to being the old Disney, instead of covid stupid……I’m done with them. Having been going to Disney since I was a child…. literally from the day it opened, I would love to go to the 50th. But not the way they are now.

    1. FL-Dad

      Stroller moms AND the scooter crowd. They both just drive through crowds, hitting people without care simply because they can. I wish I had a mini-EMP generator…

  20. Kamiko

    This is just so sad. In carol’s story she would never discuss something like that , she’s busy kicking butt across the Galaxy . It’s the same when people ask Alice from Alice in Wonderland where Kylo Ren is, she acknowledges that he has heard of the story but thats it’s, she’s a 9 year old girl :/…. I hate TikTok for obvious reasons but before TikTok it was YouTube. I just wish these actions didn’t get any credit at all because that’s why people continue on and ruin the magic more, just like the spreading of yelling “Andy’s coming” to the toy story characters . Which was a one time magical thing that ppl try to exploit . The person filming this isn’t a “Disney adult ” they are a TikTok idiot who thinks disrespecting people is worth it for the “views” .

  21. Marsha

    Leave cast members out of politics and other issues of this world. They have no clue what you are talking about in 2022. They live in a world where there are no idiots, only beautiful imaginations.

  22. Bxmamipr

    It has nothing to do with whether people have children or not. I am sick of these entitled Karens that think they shouldn’t have to wait in line behind people without kids. Every PUBLIC place is available to the public, with or without kids. No one cares about your kids Karen. If you taught them things like waiting their turn, then they wouldn’t be such monsters. It has to do with disrespectful, immature people with nothing to do with their lives. Who would find this remotely amusing? They should be ejected from the parks, if they can’t treat performers doing their jobs with respect. They are trying to use cancel culture to force actors to say something controversial, while they’re just trying to work. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if you refuse to say something that supports one side in today’s society, it turns into a witch hunt where they try to publicly shame you, and cause you to lose everything. All of it is beyond ridiculous. And can people ever leave politics out of anything ever?

    1. Kamm


  23. Dd3

    Disney character performers don’t get paid enough to put up with this childish bull crap. They don’t exist so you can create controversial “content” by making their lives harder. I swear TikTok is going to be the downfall of society.

    1. FL-Dad

      Yup. TikTok is owned & operated by the Chinese Communist Party. Everything recorded on TikTok is in the hands of the CCP. Maybe you don’t care, but if there is anything remotely controversial that you have recorded, it can potentially be used against you in the future. Don’t believe me? Ask all the people whose Facebook accounts were searched by potential employers, and then were NOT hired because of their stupid content.

  24. Homeschool and Pixie Dust

    I can’t believe handlers don’t step in during these interactions.

    1. Emily

      Exactly! This is why they are there!

  25. William Gallerizzo

    This trend is cruel and unjust to those who are just trying to do their jobs. How would these TikTokkers react to anyone coming to their place of employment and trying to coerce them to do something objectionable? Free speech has responsibility. This stuff is sleazey.

  26. CJ

    This Household is two Adults in their late fifties without kids that enjoy going to Theme Parks ….. and we don’t comprehend why today’s Generation embraces those who misbehave for attention on the various Social Networks ….. but we have zero tolerance for rudeness (as in wouldn’t hesitate to get the attention of Security so that those being rude to Cast Members can be promptly removed!)

    We just want to have a good time, we typically do most of the time (it’s very rare that we’ve ever experienced rude people in a Theme Park), but we don’t approve of giving any attention to these people on Social Networks misbehaving in a Theme Park for attention. We believe courtesy is the best way to be ….

  27. Atticus

    As a Director if I hire you as an actor to play a certain character I expect you to stay in character or I will find a more professional actor. Any employee can go online and talk about working conditions at their company. Either using their name or a pseudonym.

  28. Link

    What, in your 20s, you never got really high, dropped some acid, and run around tripping balls around Disneyland, without children in tow, having a total blast? Y’all missing out!

  29. joe

    If you are 10 years old to Disney you are an adult. Fyi

  30. I hope you all realize that wdw does SUPPORT THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY and the rights/way of life/families. If you have not well wake up ,a great celebration of rainbow 🌈 pride. Too me “TikTok’ is just another un: monitored, healthy, filtered, security, and total waste of space. Yes I’ve seen it I don’t even let my children use it in there almost grown adults people doing stupid things to make them feel famous. When you go to the parks and the characters are in character they stay in character and they will not go out of that character it is a set line and it’s higher dignity and Manor then that’s maintain so stop trying to Maxima or give them a hard time they’re here to make the Disney fans, the children, and your trip enjoyable especially during these times that we have gone through.

  31. Joshua S

    I agree with several comments above. The title is very misleading. This is not about adults who enjoy Disney. It’s about older children (who society may see as an adult) with phone cameras trying to get likes- ultimately disrupting other guests and staff- toss them out. Print it on your tickets that behavior like that is not tolerated. Also – An adult without children aren’t even questioned when it’s a six flags or something so why must you have children to enjoy a roller coaster at Disney?

  32. MG

    Imagine being this clownish you try and force a fictional character to substantiate your existence. Remember when tolerance meant tolerating things….not having it crammed down your throat at every turn and forced to celebrate it or face the threats of the mob.

  33. Dee

    Why can’t people leave Disney characters alone, they are not there for the adults to insult or harass and especially not there for adult entertainment!!! They are there for the kids to enjoy and meet the characters of the movies and books of the stories they love!!! If you want adult entertainment go to a show or bar where you can insult and harass people!!! There are mature adults that go to Disney parks without children ( they might not have children )which is okay. They are there to just to enjoy the park. But as with any entertainment venue there are always a few people that are obnoxious and immature. They should be escorted out of the park as soon as they start harassing characters or fighting and banned for life!!!

  34. Dee

    I agree. Adults that are mature and want to enjoy the Disney parks shouldn’t be harassed by people. Those people are probably the same ones that cause problems.

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