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dinosaur ride at animal kingdom

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  1. Anonymous

    For your information, DINOSAUR doesn’t need a retheme. These Twitter crazies are coming up with excuses to repeat Indiana Jones or to put IP placement where it doesn’t belong. Way back ago after WESTCOT (Disneyland’s version of Epcot) was cancelled, Imagineer Marty Sklar said: “I prefer not to spend six to seven years of my life on something that’s already been done”. DINOSAUR can be easily updated with new effects, restored sets, and even new things added, because Disney’s Animal Kingdom needs to stay original despite Pandora and the Lion King. 🤦

  2. Not a sheep


  3. Walter

    Yes, yes and yes!

    Dinosaur is garbage, period. Countdown to Extinction was a fantastic attraction, it was changed to dinosaur to promote the new movie and also Disney felt the original was too scary. Dinoland is as ugly and useless just as a Bugs Land at DCA was, nobody and I do say nobody laments it’s passing, the same will hold true for Animal Kingdom’s garbage land once it’s gone forever.

    Walt Disney was all about innovation and positive change, hence the Disneyland opening speech… change is good.

  4. Eggrolls4life

    Tear it down and put an eggroll cart in the space.

  5. Alyssa

    Yes, make it Indiana Jones.

    1. John Blackburn

      Ah yes, because nothing says Animal Kingdom like Indiana Jones… Terrible idea. He’s already got a decent presence in Hollywood studios.

  6. Michael Faussett

    I would say keep the theme and just update the ride with the same but new dinosaurs and change the rovers to now ones repaint everything just fresh it up i love the ride and the theme

  7. John Blackburn

    Keep it. Whatever you do. Keep it. A lot of the proposed attractions like zootopia or Indiana Jones barely if at all fit the theme of Animal Kingdom and would be much better suited for other parks. Just do some refurbishing, possibly replace the fairgrounds with something new, and call it good. You don’t need necessarily specific IPs from films for the park. Honestly I think the ride is probably the best dinosaur themed ride out there, certainly a lot more fun than the CGI green screen fest a lot of the universal rides have become. And honestly having a dinosaur themed ride in a Disney park is a very unique concept in itself that would be completely lost on a refurbish with a new IP.

  8. Sue

    At the rate Disney is going they might as well
    Just change everything in the park. Bc you know we have to be political correct and dont want to hurt anyones feeling 😠

    1. TotalDramaDisney

      Who spit in YOUR Dole Whip?

  9. TotalDramaDisney

    Yes, PLEASE! I would LOVE to see Disney turn Dinosaur into a Gravity Falls ride!

  10. Rouge

    How in the world does Gravity Falls fit with the Animal Kingdom theme? Besides, Disney never makes attractions based on their TV shows. But if they did, it’d fit better in Magic Kingdom.

  11. Rouge

    I hope they don’t do anything to it. Just update it and make the ride less bumpy. Dinosaurs are practically one of Animal Kingdom’s keystone species. And DinoLand, specifically Dinosaur’s waiting line, is one of the only places in the park that actually has educational dino aspects. What’s the point of getting rid of DinoLand when they could just add new lands? It’s not like they’re running out of space. As much as I’d love to see a Zootopia themed land, just build a new area for it. It couldn’t possibly be harder than tearing down everything in DiniLand. Not to mention there’s already an Indiana Jones exhibit in Hollywood Studios. And let’s be real, Indiana Jones is old news, and not exactly something the kids are into.

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