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  1. Dherian

    It is true, Mando is no Mandalorian no more.
    Which opens the gate for becoming Mana’Lore, as he’s now not an underling to a coven anymore.

    He is just a simple man, making his way in the galaxy. And rightfully twice over in possession of the blade of power.

    I am sure he will have to defend the blade a couple of more times, before he is done becoming the leader of the Mandalorians.

    He’s got to learn a lot, after all…

  2. I have to say that the inclusion of the ring in space at least in my opinion, was a poor choice.

    It too closely resembles the Halo rings, and just didn’t feel like an authentic Star Wars construct.

    I think the purpose would have been better served by revisiting the Ring of Kafrene, which isn’t a ring at all, but rather a hollowed out asteroids with a city in it’s interior.

  3. Brain

    Thanks for the spoilers you POS

    1. Symone

      Why are you reading the article if you have not watch the show. Don’t blame it on the person you should have. Waited to read it after you watched the ep. This is for people who watched it and wanted to know more so technically you are tpos

  4. Heather

    Maybe it’s best he’s NOT a Mandalorian now. He’s free to live his life in a less constricted way, including taking off his helmet if/when he wants to. However, the star of the show is filming “The Last of Us” through the end of June, and Season 3 is only filming through mid-March. We may not see him helmetless at all this season, although I would like to see him reunite with Grogu sans helmet.

  5. NotTheWay

    If I hadn’t seen the episode I would have been furious at the spoiler title. In the future, please don’t.

  6. Jim

    Ha Ha Ha Told You all We would Get Rid of that Pathetic beta-male Loser! Ha Ha Ha

    I LOVE it when a PLAN comes together so easily!!!!

    Good bye pedro, wouldn’t have voted for your pathetic punk ass for class Clown.

  7. Caviezel-Reese

    Din Djardin can now become a father to Grogu! As he is no longer of the Coven; but he will have a family with Boba, Fenec, and can visit Navarro!!

    Plus Mos Pelgo will need a sheriff until Cobb Vanth recovers!

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