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grogu slave I cockpit

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Rebekah Barton is bad

    People get upset about everything nowadays… I think you should just ask yourself… Should I really get upset over a science fiction spaceship, that does not actually exist, having its name changed… I feel that there should be bigger things happening in the world to get upset at… but insidethemagic likes to get disney fans re-angry at old news stories…

    Boba isn’t a bounty hunter anymore, so is not keeping criminals, or slaves, on his ship anymore, and the class of ship that he uses is technically a Firespray ship… So why is there another article about this?

    1. June Cleaver

      Stuff it, mealy-mouthed dolt.

    2. Backcountry164

      People get upset about everything these days… Says the person who’s upset about people being upset. Only on the internet do you find this level of stupidity.

      1. Brandon

        She isn’t upset, just making a point. You’re the only one who is stupid here

    3. Cristian

      In this case, people are upset because they are not mature enough to understand the weight that that word has. People need a history lesson.

      1. But wasn’t Slave I always a Firespray Gunship? It’s a bit like me calling my Ford Ka Bettsy…

  2. Craig H.

    While it’s nice to know the Lego set is on sale, the part about the name controversy is misinformation. The ship was not renamed, it is still Slave I on the official starwars.com listing. The generic name is only on the Lego package. Additionally Firespray is only the model name of the ship, not a name change. It’s like calling your sedan the Corolla. Any light digging can find all this info so I don’t understand why it’s so wrong here.

    1. Backcountry164

      Disney is no longer using the name Slave 1. They will only refer to the ship as Firespray going forward. This is a fact that has been confirmed multiple times by now.

      1. Sid Nightwalker

        It’s also the class of the ship. So, quit acting like it’s a real problem.

  3. Trevor_Phiillips

    I’ll keep calling it Slave I. If you don’t like that then f**k you.

    1. SC

      Ooh, edgy.

  4. Mason

    The Slave I was not in any way , shape, or form offensive. So congratulations to the woke Twitter mob for another victory. Besides if you think the name Slave I is connected to racism you have issues.

    1. Cristian

      What else is the definition of “slave” if not slavery deeply connected with the racism of america?

      1. David

        One problem I think people have is that this takes place in space in a galaxy far far away and some people take US history and apply to this. It doesn’t make sense. Should people be offended that in Episode 4 that c3po and r2d2 wasn’t allowed in the bar and was told we don’t want their kind here. That sounds like racist talk from back in the day.

      2. Tom

        If we are so offended by a word these days let’s clean up rap lyrics . And why did The Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins had to change names but KC can keep the Chiefs. ???? All you woke people need to chill.

      3. Danny

        Slavery existed for millenia before there were any slaves in the Americas, and it has existed since Black Americans were emancipated. To say that the word “slave” refers only to Black American slaves is like saying that car only refers to 1968 Chevy Camaros.

    2. Wile E Cyote

      The Twitter mob didn’t ask for this. The Disney lawyers and executives did, because they fear any objectionable items might mean they didn’t do enough due diligence to avoid an upset.

      By pandering to people that aren’t arguing, Disney is running from ghosts. It will end only when the material eventually becomes uninteresting gruel with no flavor, which is mostly what Disney is producing these days

      1. Sid Nightwalker

        Yeah as if your type doesn’t watch uninteresting tripe and nothing else. Go watch some more crap like Big Bang Theory or Dexter, whatever overrated poorly written nonsense you enjoy.

        1. Cool Jedi

          Bench appear in the daily wire producing some new movies so I’m sure that’s on the watch list

  5. Dan

    It’s a FIRESPRAY class ship from Just Drive Yards, heavily modified per the person who ordered it with customer countermeasures and weaponry. Not trying to be a gaye keeper but WRONG information is still wrong information.

  6. Rob

    Pretending slavery isn’t a thing will not change the fact that is.

    1. Cristian

      Crazy how they get more upset about the name change but not about what the word “slave” means for a lot of African American fans

    2. Michael

      Does this mean that when he was a kid, Anakin Skywalker wasn’t a slave, he was a firespray? Lol

  7. Michael

    Imagine being a grow ass adult and being upset about a name change of a fictional ship.

    Get over yourselves.

    1. Cristian

      We are talking about old star wars fans. They are not for being babies

  8. Edward Jackson

    Well the ship was named long long ago in a galaxy far far away.
    My question is does this really make this a controversial Lego set?

  9. Ben

    So stupid. No one was ever offended by the name Slave 1. I’m so sick of the woke SJWs ruining everything. They always get offended on the behalf of others who were not offended in the first place! Remember the Redskins controversy? 9 out of 10 native Americans didn’t care!

    1. Wile E Cyote

      Stop blaming the wrong people. Executives and lawyers changed the name, not some nobody on the internet.

    2. Brandon

      Oh you asked 10 native Americans what they thought?

    3. John

      Holy overreaction.
      The name of a fictional ship got changed. If you think that somehow “ruins everything”, or anything for that matter, you need grow up.
      You also need to fact check, because I’m pretty sure you pulled that native statistic out of your *ss

    4. Sid Nightwalker

      I am so sick of morons blaming absolutely everything on people being woke. Shut. Up.

      1. slave 2

        It’s simple: Disney wants money, “slave” is a harder sell than “firespray.” They don’t care about “the woke” or offending people, all they want is more money.

  10. Sid Nightwalker

    Firespray has been the actual name of the ship class for decades. Of course I don’t expect your typical Star Wars fanboy to actually know that. Because they to actually know much about umm, anything. Especially logical thought. Seriously, if there were ever an overreaction.

    1. Trueflight Silverwing

      There really isn’t anything controversial about it. The ship is a Firespray. It is named Slave1. This is no different that the 50 other Lego sets for Luke’s X-wing and other type ships. I think the only set in the entire franchise to be named after the actual ship name instead of just its class is the Millennium Falcon.

  11. Joshua

    How could the Person writing this Article get the Infos on this, this Wrong ?
    Like for real, do like 1 minute of research before writing stuff maybe ?

    The Ship is not called Firespray, never was and never will be.
    It is a “Firespray 31 Class Patrol and Attack Ship”

    When Boba sais ” we can get away on my Firespray” he isn’t naming the Ship.

    It’s like saying ” we can get away in my Ferrari” no need to tell somebody that that Ferrari is Named “Barney” you can just call it an Ferrari

    Disney said that for the Future they will just call it “Boba Fett’s Spaceship”

    But it 100% definitely never was Named Firespray and never will be

  12. ImmortalAbsol

    I understand why Disney wouldn’t like such a name, but I will say to everyone complaining, you can assume that the ships name is the same in canon, they are only referring to it by its model.

  13. Josh

    There are more than a half dozen Star Wars Lego sets on sale at any time. What a nothingburger.

  14. Brodie

    The ship has been a firespray class ship since the original novels. Did the author for this article not do any research?

  15. Claire

    The firespray name HAS ALWAYS been a part of slave 1… That’s the ship model, a firespray…like the falcon is a yt1300.

  16. Cool Jedi

    Ben Shapiro and the daily wire are producing some new movies so I’m sure that’s on the watch list

  17. Angela

    For that price? Sure!
    But I’m making a little plaque for it that says Slave1 !!🤣

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