Comments for Coaster Left Stuck on Tracks as Theme Park Unexpectedly Shuts Down

Busch Gardens Cheetah Hunt

Credit: Busch Gardens


  1. Diana

    I have video on 11/9/2019 of Cobra’s Curse at Busch gardens Tampa Bay broke down and riders walking down the side ramp from up top. Also video of the guys carrying a ladder to fix it!?

    1. Wonder if they were doing test runs outside of the suggested operating conditions by the manufacturer.

  2. Abbagail

    I got stuck on Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It wasn’t bad, as we were only on the initial incline right out of the station. But because it’s a hanging coaster, we didn’t have to get off. We were only stuck about twenty minutes before they got it up and running again and we were able to complete the ride.

  3. Lila Bloecker

    Obviously the writer of this article is blind. If you zoom in on coaster it is completely full. It would have been nice to read what happened to those visitors!

    1. I just zoomed in on all of the pictures. The train is EMPTY. Look again.

  4. Beverly DeLong

    I was stuck on kumba at the top for 30 minutes!!!!

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