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  1. lighten up Francis

    Ok, I am going to go up to bat for this series. ‘There is only 1 critic reviewing this series on rotten tomatoes website, and she gave it a B. One critic. the audience overall gave it a 71%. So I do not think it tanked… I have NOT watched it, so I have nothing to go off of except the title of THIS article, and I don’t think it is a fair assessment. So I advise you to give it a moment and see if you like the series or not. But to say this is a terrible series based off one critic? C’mon….

    1. Starwarsucks

      Its made by Disney which means its cheap as possible short as possible and unwatchable crap. Just like the ridiculous cheap garbage of the Mandalorian.
      8 episodes? At what 30-35 mins Seriously? That’s cheap garbage; nothing more.

      Boba is more cheap short unimaginative garbage. How many episodes?
      4 15min episodes you’d still defend this garbage come on?

  2. MrYdobon

    The premier had some moments, but it was a B overall. I was surprised how mediocre the fight choreography was. You have Ming-Na vs a bunch of stunt men. It should have been much better. It was like they toned down Ming-Na to prop up Morrison. They need to let her be dynamic and let him be slow but strong. I hope they figure it out soon.

  3. Josh

    It’s the first episode. The first. People need to chill out.

    1. Starwarsucks

      No it sucks doesn’t matter if its last episode of season 1
      Boba back from the dead is DAF. Absolutely stupid so there’s no reason to watch a show with its foundation in Boba getting shat of a sandworm still alive, after 35yrs will never be a decent show.

      The premise is daf

      1. VDog

        Awww, are you done pissing all over the comments page of a Star Wars article to “show everyone” that you’re a big boy?? We get it, you dont like Star Wars mr “starwarsucks”. You can exit the Star Wars article now that you’ve given your little ego a boost. Plus it’s wayyyy past your bedtime.

        1. James

          Thank you! I enjoyed the episode, granted I’m a Star Wars fan boy. Bringing Boba Fett back in helps keep this story alive, and yes it might have been slow, but EVERY PILOT EPISODE is terrible.

        2. Sarge

          lol he’s such an obvious troll it’s not even worth responding

    2. Guy

      Now we are through 4 out of 7 episodes (over halfway) and absolutely nothing has happened. This show is absolutely miserable. Any scene worth watching is just a flashback of story that we already heard about in The Mandalorian. The present day story is the ever-exciting admin side of taking over territory… Not to mention the complete obliteration of any coolness Boba previously had. Instead of the BA bounty hunter we once heard of (but barely saw in the movies), he is now a crime lord that doesn’t commit any crimes who’s actually a good guy that doesn’t do anything good. He has to be taught how to fight by Tatooine’s gutter trash (the Tuskens), and, even then, he always gets beat. It is just an utter disappointment.

  4. Tom

    Gina Carano effect.

  5. Starwarsucks

    Sounds like Disney made another awful show.

    Every movie Disney has made is awful. The absolute worst Movies of any genre ever made.

    After the abomination that is the Mandalorian Awful & cheap are the best ways to describe that garbage the double down and bring Bobba back from the dead. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS COMPLETELY STUPID. BAD IDEA. ITS even worse than the ridiculous baby Yoda BS.

    Am done with Star Wars Disney its nothing but cheap unimaginative garbage

    1. James

      then stop being a troll

    2. Sarge

      Sounds like someone’s never seen a ‘Fast and Furious’ movie!

    3. Luis

      You are totally right, this show is an disgrace to the character of Boba Fett, who couldn’t scape from a 8 year-old tusked kid, it reminded me the Mandalorian kicked in the face and tied up by a bunch of Jawas… this is so sad

  6. ALAN

    Nobody hates Star Wars as much as Star Wars fans.

    1. Luis

      Wrong, nobody hates Disney more than Star Was fans. We do love SW, so much, that it hurts to see this massacre they are doing out of George Lucas piece of art, just to fill their pockets.

  7. ChadMC

    I saddens me how much the Star Wars franchise has been so overblown and exploited. What was a couple of ground-breaking movies spaced years apart just seems to overly exploited now and just overdone. Just my two cents.

  8. Steph

    Oh Rebekah are you happy? You sound so thrilled. Fans have fs to give about what ST sleaze fan reviewers think. It’s good, not woke and no sign of disgusting filthy SJW crap. Looks like the STs dead kiddo. This show is the start. I loved every minute of it. Now Becky go watch Twilight.

    1. Shut Up Blonde Bimbo

      The only piece of crap here is you.

    2. Sarge

      Is this English? WTF are you even talking about?

  9. Jack

    It wasn’t that bad really and it is only just the first episode. I’m wiling to see how it catches up. I’m enjoying the shows allot more than those awful JJ Abrams sequels. Mandalorean only got real popular because Disney kept milking the ‘cuteness’ of baby Yoda for the idiots who only watch it for cuteness. Because baby Yoda isn’t in Boba Fett it isn’t cute enough or whatever bull crap which is not why I like Star Wars. I’m in it for the lore and action not how cute some pathetic looking alien kid is.

  10. RB

    Boba Fett is just a symptom of the Disney SW problem. There’s nothing new coming out. It’s all Skywalker/Rebel/Empire era stuff. Nothing interesting or original.

    Disney hasn’t done a single totally original Star Wars show/movie yet. Nothing completely detached from Skywalker era. It’s wearing thin very quickly. It’s all filler/gap stories.

    Time for something brand new.

  11. If anyone watching was expecting an entire season in 1 show, grow up, the same statements were made about thefirst 3 episodes of the Mandalorian. Real Star Warss fans get it, its a story not a 5 minute thrill ride. I thought it was v ery coolhow Boba got out the acid filled beast.My only b eef 9is once again where are the Action figures and Toys?

    1. Luis

      So you consider a “real Star Wars fan” and you don’t know the name of the “acid filled beast”?? LOL what a clown.

  12. JarMa13

    I tried watching the mandalorian.
    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED. They say it was only 39 minutes. Felt like 4 hours of ugly desert and boredom. I don’t know why anyone tuned in for episode 2.
    They say the show got better. But…that first episode. I’ve never seen a show where nothing happens before.
    Baby Yoda is cute but he’s so obviously a marketing gimmick that it makes my sphincter twitch. I was a star wars fan, but at this point it’s just all too much. Too much star wars. And it’s so not as good as I thought as a toddler lol

    1. Phil Davis

      Wow, no creative wisdom from this troll.

      1. Luis

        If you like Mandalorian you don’t have wisdom, nor be creative

  13. Phil Davis

    It was a great episode. You know why. I sell Star Wars toys and anything Boba Fett sells very well. People give their opinions with their wallets. The sequels? Only Kylo sold. Anything else was dead, I mean nothing solid. You see how this works? I stocked up on hundreds of Boba Fett helmets, I’ve sold all at high prices, they are all gone. This is a winner.

    1. Luis

      McDonalds is sold by the millions, worldwide, and is just garbage. Same happens here, don’t be deceived.

  14. LouiB

    Once again a totally misleading title and this time I am through with reading stuff you publish and will find another site where I can get more accurate information. 1000’s of shows on Disney+ and this the worse, o wait we mean out of about 10 shows. The ratings were still decent not just as high as for other show in the small batch and then you add only after one episode. The other issue I have with these inaccurate title is when people complain, I have never seen any response from the writer or an editor. So goodbye and good luck, I’m done with your stuff.

    1. Luis

      Good luck with this crap show

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