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disney ceo bob chapek (left) and executive chairman bob iger (right)

Credit: Disney


  1. Ken Brenner

    I blame Disney leadership for allowing politics to get into WDW.
    Example: Re-theme Splash Mountain for invalid reasons.
    Re-theming Epcot from informational to another “rides” park.
    Putting the iron barge monstrosities in the middle of the lake at Epcot vs. keeping Illuminations. They RUIN the look of Epcot!
    Adding a sing-along to France at Epcot and focing the beloved Impressions de France movie to a few hours at night.
    I could go on…
    But, I welcome everyone’s opinion, whether agree or disagree.
    Chapek and Iger should have kept politics out fo WDW. It used to be a place one could go to getaway from that mess. But, no longer…

    1. Dn

      I agree. The selling out of the original WDW ideal and experience has manifested itself in the form of greed…how lovely a representation to the kids of our world to experience that! Makes one wonder…and not in a magical sense, either.

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