Comments for ‘Ant-Man’ Star Causes Debate, Backlash After Sharing Controversial Mandatory Vaccine Views

hope pym (left) and scott lang (right) in ant-man and the wasp

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Victor Nazarian


    Can someone clearly state the circumstances under which people do or do not have the right to determine their own medical care and treatment? I believe there may be an issue of clarity and understanding at play on this issue.

    1. Pks

      I don’t like it either but this is like the “Black Plague” that ravaged Europe and killed MILLIONS.

      1. Kevin

        COVID is NOTHING like the Black Plague. At all. Please educate yourself in both history and epidemiology before you spout sensationalist nonsense. Thank you.

  2. Drew

    The CDC recently announced that those who have recovered from Delta have stronger immunity than those who are vaccinated. Why should those people be forced to vaccinate in order to work or go places? Not science. And of course, politicians and media have ignored the announcement because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

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