Comments for Divisive Amber Heard Blamed For ‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Momoa’s Divorce

jason momoa (left) and amber heard (right)

Credit: ABC


  1. Carms

    Bad mistake Jayon, STAAY with LISA, you will regret it. Never leave the bird you have in your hands for the one that’s flying .

    1. Mardene

      I would not DOUBT IT!!!

  2. Sandra Lorenzi

    They broke up. 16 years is a successful relationship in my book. Their lives were obviously going in different directions. I mean, that’s without all the gossip. He’s gone because he’s working so much. She has her own projects. Being in the entertainment business makes any relationship difficult. They lasted a long time. I wish them both good luck.

    1. Amen Sandra, they were brave and real enough to know it’s the right thing to do, both great souls, aloha!

    2. JDemone

      Like you know better than his own wife!

  3. TNTonICE

    Plops down wherever she can do the most damage. Many of her conquests were or are JD’s friends, which she relishes. In spite of her self prophesied role-model status, which has gone down the toilet, it’s becoming crystal clear the only thing that she is capable of is turning whatever she touches to sh*t.

  4. RobbieRa

    Lisa Bonnet, like Grimes, pushed off rather than have her in their lives. What a horrible woman! She tries to sell herself off as a person to look up to, but the only place to see is DOWN. She pops a baby out of hat, throws a fog in the air and names him after Barnaby who’s best wish for her is to catch her in one of her many perjuries. She could have worked things out with Johnny, but she betrayed him and put all the blame for her provocations to be a fight couple because she thought he revealed her minor-age criminal history- yet to be revealed publicly- was disclosed by him. I saw it on Jamber News, yars ago, she is suspected of a plea bargain for vehicular manslaughter, but her lawyers must have forced them to bury it again. A minor’s record is sealed unless s/he commits perjury as an adult and is convicted within 3 years of it being in Court Discovery. Isn’t she full of surprises? She seems to be gravitating toward getting this news publicly revealed, the way she has a penchant for lying!

  5. Savage Lynx

    Her legacy will be her incessant perjury, and going to see AM2 only brings a gag reflex!

  6. Mark

    Don’t see Aquaman 2. WB and Disney screwed Depp. Only money talks. So keep yours in your wallet.

    1. I feel so bad about
      Jason Momoa and his marriage going down
      For another handfull
      Horse crap woman
      LOL .. Johnny Depp X
      It took a little to long
      17 years . What’s new
      Another father and motherless children
      Like anyone else in
      Hollywood …
      Ohhh well , what’s new ..🥲 ,

  7. GeekBuzz

    Come on, folks. Depp fans have insisted for several years Amber Heard & Jason Momoa have a “strained” relationship. It’s part of your invented narrative the whole world hates her. Now you say the two are hooking up & that’s what caused his breakup from Lisa Bonet. It can’t be both.

    1. Guit Girl

      YOU are nothing but a jerk-***, nobody has been talking about JM and AH she is a disaster is all anyone has been talking about, so you stick out once again with nothing but your hate for people who support Depp, so go J Off!

  8. Sara

    Wow…so is this a hm wrecker, this is not the only man on the planet, couldn’t you find a single man and not get involve with a married one, it just doesn’t look good when their married whether it be a man or a women. People…stop breaking up homes they can do that all by them selve.

  9. Mrm

    Why don’t you blame Jason Mamoa for his actions? He could’ve said no. STOP blaming women for everything!

    1. yuriel

      Lol, don’t go to bat for an absolute psychopath….

    2. Dawn

      ??? Lol
      Mrm…blame Jason for what? Haha
      It’s all rumors.

  10. Jules

    LMAO! This is total BS.
    No way Jason would fall for Heard’s narcissistic psychotic manipulation, not that she hasn’t tried. You’re giving her way more power than she deserves! 🙄
    Jail is what she deserves. Soon. 🤞
    She’s done.
    People grow apart. Simple as that. I believe in my heart Jason & Lisa will reconcile in due time. I sincerely hope so anyway, if they so choose.

    1. JDemone

      What a joke! All it takes is a stiff one!

  11. Anna

    I sure won’t I didn’t even see Aquaman one lol 🤣🤣🤣

    1. D

      I sure hope he hasn’t fallen for that horrible woman’s lies.
      As much as I live Jason and want to support him, I for one, won’t be watching Aquaman 2. I refuse to watch anything with that soul sucking, loathsome cow in it.

  12. Anna

    Big mistake

  13. Shel

    Smurfs live in mushrooms. Carebears live in clowds. The littles live in shoes.
    Mr. Depp asks for help, he gets accused of abuse.
    I see how it works, selective vision. Studios only see what they want to see, not what the public can see.

    I don’t trust the milkman! He’s skimming!

    1. Shel

      I mean no disrespect to Mr. Momoa. My last comment does not refer to him in any way. A breakup is difficult. We should not assume what we don’t know.

  14. Pam

    Yesterday I read that Emelia Clarke was to blame. Now it Amber Heard. Maybe the marriage just came apart from within. We shouldn’t speculate. For one, nobody knows but them and two, it’s none of our business!

  15. JRod

    I never liked Amber Heard‼️ A very bad choice for Momoa who already has a genuine woman in his life!! Why can’t he see what Amber did to Johnny Depp?!?! She is an evil witch!!!!

  16. I swear this woman can’t leave these actors alone! Never seen someone as nasty as she is! A disaster in the making, and evil one for certain. Not sure what she gets out of ruining these men’s lives, but I pray whatever the circumstances are it comes back and bites her in the ass BIG TIME! Jeeze….. 😯

    1. Angelina Jolie was the exact same way . No matter who she co- starred with she winded up with him . She is also a very disgusting human being .

  17. Malina

    lol.. This has been happening since the beginning of time.. Lisa is over a decade older than he is and, no matter what, would EVENTUALLY become aware and, inevitably, insecure.. I mean he’s a sexy hunk of junk, AND on top of his game, career and otherwise. It just becomes TOO hard, at some point.

    1. Malina

      As for Amber, I won’t watch ANYTHING that skank is in! And I DESPISE a stupid person! So, if Momoa is with her, then he certainly has NOTHING for me to admire, any longer.. Hopefully, this is all rumor and innuendo.. We all know how the press is!!

  18. This Amber Heard chick is like having a penile zit that won’t go away. How many more lives will she ruin before the studios get a hint?

  19. Bonny Ann Pesch

    All this is just ITM speculation. There is no basis in fact.

  20. Vin R Davis

    As much as I despise AH for what she did to Johnny Depp, I don’t believe Jason M would leave his wife for her (even is the divorce thing is real, there are other reasons, I’m sure) Let’s just wait and see people. It’ll all come out IF it’s true.

  21. Marsha

    Please let it NOT be true. Hooking up with Amber is a huge mistake. Talk about killing your image and career. Dude, she is so not worth the headache and heartache.

  22. Elisa

    Amber Heard has no morals and shows no class..
    A wonan with class and morals wouldn’t go after a married man, it’s not worth the hurt you put onto a wife and family, and eventually karma will come your way

    1. As with Angelina Jolie


    If nothing else, I hope this opens up conversations about what makes a healthy relationship. I have no idea what is going on with these two, but if it really was just for the best that they split, then good for them being mature enough to make that decision. It is still worth noting that I have been around someone who acted just like Amber, and unfortunately, she had a way of running relationships. Someone had told her no, they did not want to be in a relationship with her. So she went about sabotaging that person’s current relationship. And she did that a second time after that with another couple. And then a third. It can be difficult to prevent a person who intends to do harm to your relationship from having any impact. Maybe she did not ruin their relationship, and I certainly hope that is the case. But I think we should all acknowledge that if you have a very manipulative person in your life you can’t just walk away from, you and your partner need to be a united front and agree on how to face it together, if you want to keep a relationship healthy, that is.

    1. Shel

      Great comment and so true. It’s like you have this person directly in front of you rip something out of your hand, and throws it down a flight of stairs. You watch in amazement because you have no clue WTH they are doing. When you ask why they just did that they respond ‘No I didn’t. What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything.’ For a moment you begin to question your own sanity, thinking am I going crazy, did I just imagine the whole thing. Then you collect the thrown item from where it landed and realize you’re not hallucinating. ItvREALLY happened. Hopefully others were there to witness what occurred. This person can be very dangerous to themselves and others depending on the situation and how it is reported and portrayed to people that were not there to see it hhapen. It’s brilliance and horror all wrapped up in one package. I have to admit I do get entertainment out of some of it, a guilty pleasure, but I always step in if they will hurt themself or others. Imagining this person as a role model is terrifying.

  24. Jesse

    People will always go with johnny over her. Simply because she’s a woman and he’s more popular then her. I stand with Amber .I believe Amber.Ill stick up for her.People aren’t going by the facts on this one. Just going on feelings . People like him more then her. Why you’d belive someone who’s best friends with Marilyn mason who’s been proven to abuse women. Is sooooo beyond me. Please people. Look at facts and not tabloids . Why the hell is this even on this site? People just love to attack her. Ask yourself this. If disney and warner bros. Who have some of the best lawyers both looked at the cases and sided with her instead of him .Fired him and gave her a job ….use your head .

  25. JDemone

    Please people? Seriously? Women who take on men like Mm ought to have their heads examined if they can’t take responsibility for their own actions and the last thing we need in this world is the loss of a major talent. Wake up and live life with both eyes open, they are not children it’s insulting to think anyone needs a scammer dirt b** like Heard around!

  26. Angelina Jolie was another terrible human being that broke up a lot of co-stars lives . Marriages to be exact . She’s skank like no other – now with The Weekend .. smh

  27. Rufus

    Why is everyone blaming Amber Heard? Sounds like a negative smear campaign to smear Amber Heard brought by Johnny Depp and those jealous of Amber!

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