Comments for Disney World Bride Kicks Out Cheating Groom, Everyone He Knows at Wedding

disney world wedding pavilion

Credit: Disney


  1. I want to be there

  2. Herb Jerb

    Best use of a non-refundable deposit.

  3. fun2bfree

    This likely never happened. There are similar stories told about a wedding always attended by the famous- FOAF (friend of a friend) that have circulated for years. Without documentation this is almost surely urban legend only.

    1. Sn

      It’s 100% a tale of fiction.

      1. Kg

        Great fantasy and I know the groom would be an awful person, but what about all the innocent people in his party who spent money, flew there etc? All guilty by association? I know this never actually happened, but it would be cruel to people not even involved, and only create more hate and more animosity. I have been cheated on but I would have never hurt his family and friends for his choices. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  4. Julian

    Why would they be flipping the plates over and having dinner if this took place BEFORE the ceremony? Sounds made up.

  5. Rh

    This never happened. It’s so contrived and silly the entire thing doesn’t make sense if you think about it too long.

    Despite anyone saying otherwise I know Disney wouldn’t go along with this either. They would have simply canceled the entire booking.

  6. Chris

    Believing everything you read on Instagram is your first mistake.

  7. CountryHix

    This sounds like a lie.

  8. Gern Blanston

    I am fairly certain that this never happened. Why do people fall for this stuff?


    1. Lor

      I just wrote same thing. Never happened

  9. Lor

    Urban legend. This never happened at Disney. Whenever you are told about this old fairytale- ask for visual proof (you won’t get any). Notice how you never get a direct source; it’s always a third-party that was allegedly in attendance.

  10. Adrianne

    At least she found out before she married him and still got to party like a princess. I say it’s a win/win! Keep your head up beautiful your crown is slipping!

  11. Tessa

    Agreed, never happened… why??? First of all who does the dinner before the ceremony. I live here and that would have made the local news. Disney weddings are not cheap. Canceling the wedding before the ceremony losing the deposit is better than paying for the while thing. Sorry never happened

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