Comments for Universal Throws Shade at Disney’s Tram Announcement

Universal Throws Shade at Disney

Images Credit: Disney (left) / Universal (right)


  1. Barris Jones

    They have the BTTF train and Delorian at the park, so they do have a leg to stand on… 💁‍♀️

    1. Steve

      Disney is ghost of what it was before Bob Cheapskate. Hopefully they get rid of him

  2. Tweets were in a gray box. Couldn’t read them at all. Disappointed.

    1. Dulcie

      It’s either your internet connection or a browser issue. Try clearing your cache.

  3. Heath Bosse

    I’m sure if Chapek has his way he will charge for the trams also!! He charges for everything else!!

    1. Terry

      Love any jab at the elitist park

  4. Mickeymouse3

    I don’t care who y’all are. That’s some funny stuff right there.
    Love the USO tweets towards Disney.

  5. Barry

    Yeah, Universal makes you hike the entire way in from their parking lot, all the while blaring announcements that sound like they were recorded by the guy who does voiceovers for monster truck demolition derbies.

  6. Cj Brown

    These are playful tweets, nothing malicious …. and I have to say corporate decisions from Team Disney Burbank bring it on themselves (especially this Chapek Regime).

    Disney could have easily tweeted back (in jest) more elevators, escalators and moving walkways for multi-level parking structures, Universal (or we hear long walks are good).

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