Comments for New Patents Hint at Universal Monster Ride For New Park

Epic Universe Patent

Credit Universal (Left), U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Right)


  1. EricJ

    A Universal Monsters area is the only GOOD idea Epic Universe had so far.
    Maybe now the Studio can relocate or retire that makeup show.

    And let’s just hope Uni doesn’t get too ambitious, and try to use ride ideas to jumpstart their failed post-Mummy Dark Universe movie ideas, like they did with that Halloween HHN Bride of Frankenstein walkthrough:
    The Bride, empowered mad-scientist and vampire hunter?…Oh, lord, we dodged a bullet.

  2. Jarvis

    Universal seems to ride the fence on whether its parks are true family park-like attractions with shows, outdoor areas, and parades; or a loosely themed thrill ride carnival where kids run from one “ride” to the other.

    So far they are good at doing both. Obviously their focus is on monsters, dragons and fright, the big D has the market on fantasy, magic, and princesses.

    When Epic opens, maybe Studios should go back to its roots in theater, makeup, classic movies that cater to an older crowd. Slower pace with more shade. Just a thought.

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