Comments for Universal Confirms New Year’s Eve Celebration Has Been Canceled

Hogwarts Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal


  1. Georgia Butcher

    What is the point of cancelling? There have been so many patrons packed inside the parks, in hours-long lines, in restaurants, in stores, etc., that the cancellation of one relatively short event will make no difference in the Covid spread.

    1. Jocelyn Pratt

      Exactly! The lines in Harry Potter alone were over 2 hours and shoulder to shoulder. It makes absolutely no sense. They also waited until the last minute to confirm which is frustrating for anyone who had it planned months in advance. The reservations for the “experiences” they are discussing are far out of budget after paying for hotel and tickets.

  2. Nancy Dunnahoo

    It’s absolutely ridiculous. “Trust the science” but it doesn’t make sense. Close contact all day and we can’t enjoy the last few hours of the year. Our family came two days early and are moving resorts bc we wanted to enjoy the new year at Universal. I am so disappointned.

  3. Chris

    Whatever floats their boat.

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