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Toy Story Land

Credit: Disney


  1. Fozzy

    People do not go to Disneyland for Christmas decorations other than what the normal mainstreet lights and the tree.. I felt ripped off when we went last month.. The Haunted Mansion was completely ruined for me. If I wanted to see a commercial for a pretty awful movie, I would have asked for it.

    1. Bobthegrinch

      sounds like your a six flags type of person. Disney is about more then the rides, its an experience details and theming are important part of the experience for most. If you just want vanilla rides go to six flags or else where.

      #unfortunatly not a shock, Chapek is a cheap penny pinching grinch!! Of course there gonna ramp up events and anything that gets extra money$$ Covid is probbly gonna be blamed but no thats bs Bob the grinch just doesnt wanna pay labor cost, they pretty must got all the stuff in storage..

  2. Mike

    Just another Covid excuse, to spend money. With the way prices were raised on basically everything & the Genie + cash cow, the can’t spend a couple thousand dollars on labor to put up decorations?
    Chapek at it again.

  3. Lisa

    Was just there and went specifically because I had never seen it decorated for Christmas and everyone was all you have to see it is beautiful. I regret going and wasting the money it wasn’t worth it at all.

  4. Nathan

    Just more things that won’t be returning that they blame on the pandemic, but in reality it’s to save money so that Bob Paycheck gets a bigger bonus

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