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disney world 50th spirit jerset

Credit: Disney


  1. Corn Flake

    Lemme guess. It’s a light up wand for $15.99.

    1. VDog

      And it WILL sell out in 47 seconds to be relisted on eBay for $150. 🤣

  2. Dawn

    Maybe Tron and Disney dining. One can hope

  3. Vince

    They are going to lower prices to make up for all the perks they have taken away

    1. VDog

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I busted a seam with this one.

    2. David

      Park-specific news that would be great is bringing back the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game and restoration of FastPass.

  4. Orestes B

    Mickey’s Musical Dream
    New FireWorks show


    Price hike to make up for the starcruiser hotel dumpster fire

  6. Greg

    They are making Lightning Lane free as it should be.

  7. Tom

    Another show of the GREED that has taken over with Disney, probably another way to rip people off which I guess is the new game when it comes to Disney lately.

  8. Dr. J

    It will have to do w Mickey Mouse. He’s in the picture in the blackness of the balcony.

    1. tvnutt

      Is that Mickey? I actually thought it was the Fairy Godmother.

  9. Jennifer

    Can I dream and say that Chapek is stepping down or being fired?
    That would be a huge announcement!

  10. They’re going to ditch Chernobyl Rat Mickey and return to drawing him properly…..?

  11. Al

    Guys the tweet is from shop Disney.. so it’s something for sale.

  12. ScottishLass

    That they’ll charge you to pose with the characters but that you’ll get a preprinted card with the signature that you can take home and frame (with details of the extortionate frames that are available to buy). Put it this way, if you can sell it, Chapek will add a price tag and shove it out the door.

  13. Ed Philipp

    Be there next week. I can feel Mickey’s hand in my pocket already taking my dollars.

  14. Marie

    Maybe they are going to announce all the different designs of the new MagicBand+ and also that it will be available for purchase soon?!

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