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Mickey Mouse at Shanghai Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. John

    Why does anyone keep going to the parks at this rate? All they’re doing is raising prices and giving people less for their money. What is it about Disney that people keep throwing their money at them?

    1. FRAN

      I agree! And waiting over 30 minutes to ride a ride, with most wait times averaging an hour! People are actually paying to go inside and shop (spending money to enter a place tp shop?!??? And spend MORE MONEY) and to eat at overly priced food venues. It doesn’t make any sense! People go in like their zombies. And once inside they get miserable very quickly! Count how many HAPPY faces you see in the vlogs and photos…0!

  2. Mary Smith

    Walt Disney would cringe at the way the prices continue to rise,making it unaffordable for most families. His dream was for a place where families could go. It’s a dam shame that most families can’t afford to go. Parking at Disneyland is up to 35.00.SMH

    1. Art Collier

      I find it interesting that the Chinese park offers discounts to groups that the US based parks don’t save for the under 3 years olds. Not that there aren’t ways to “discount” costs with longer stays, annualized passes and various “memberships” such as DVC, military, etc. but senior and disabled discounts kinda jumped out at me as something not seen in the USA. But true to form they raised prices by ridiculous amounts. A 9% jump in a regular day ticket? These wild price increases are why I didn’t renew my annual pass to WDW in October 2019 and haven’t been back since. Raising AP costs twice in one year was my limit. In 2017, then again in 2018 I paid the way for an extended family group of 8 and 9 people. Tickets, lodging, food, spending cash – you name it at $20K lick. The cost for the value is no longer there for me. For someone that has taken family since 1976 over 55+ times the “magic” is gone. I’ve discovered there is a World outside the world.

      1. Kate

        My family has been going about once a year for about 6-7 years. We have a trip planned for 2022 – original trip planned for May 2020 and kept getting pushed back because of Covid. With all the price increases we’ve seen since our 2020 date, we have decided this will be our last trip for at least a few years. It just feels like there’s a big money grab and we don’t want to be a part of that anymore.

        1. Sandra

          We were there for 3 days this week. It’s nice to be able to go as a family thing but damn I remember bringing my son when he was little and enjoying the characters walk around signing autograph books and taking pics and now?!? Over priced popcorn, beer and no cute pics!

      2. Tim Yarbro

        Why would you say that the Magical Express is being replaced because it isn’t. Now I have to pay $32.00 per person to get from MCO to the resort times six in my family. That’s not a replacement.

  3. Terry

    Fire bob chapek change.org

    1. Gus

      Lol that went nowhere…

  4. Franklin

    I don’t like how the parks are being run either. They’re trying to milk every single dollar possible out of people, rides are down constantly, and restrooms are often out of soap and paper towels. I never used to see that now it’s a regular occurrence. Despite that, the parks are still very crowded, so as long as people keep going, nothing will change. We aren’t renewing our annual passes, and I’m sure Disney won’t miss us, but if enough people quit going, maybe something will change.

    1. Gil

      We change our plans and decide to visit other theme parks like sea world, Busch gardens and universal. We’re not going back to Disney in a while

  5. Rachel Winiecki

    We were a family of 3 that would go to D World 2 to 3 times a year. Now there only the 2 of us as we are older now, but dang Disney you’ve finally priced us out.

  6. Ricky

    Walt is doing back flips in his grave, he created Disneyland and Disney World with one thing in mind. That people of all ages, rich or poor can come to his parks. Now it’s only for the rich and super rich.

    1. Manny

      Sorry to inform you but the rich and super rich do not go to Disney precisely because they do not want to deal with the masses of “unwashed.”

      Rich people go to places where they can network and be surrounded by like minded individuals who have made in their minds the right life choices even if that means living out their trust fund.

  7. Jack

    As much as I love Disney parks, now that our kids are older I doubt we will ever go again. WAY too expensive for what you get. Just the cost of parking at Disney is more than the cost of admission to some of the smaller parks we go to. I have a Six Flags Season Pass that cost under $80 a year, gets me into 27 different parks/waterparks across America AND includes parking. So, see you later Mickey …..

  8. Carol Banker

    Prices have been continually rising in the last year. To the point a lg part of families can no longer afford to go to Disney. Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave. I am sure that was not in his plan. As much as I love WDW I will not return.

  9. I hope that the anual price for us the residents of Florida don’t have a increase please

  10. W

    So , having read multiple comments, as of 2pm TODAY, 30 Dec 2021

    What is the current daily rate to enter > DISNEY !
    Florida ! (KISSIMMEE)

    for Adults and children?/
    How much is Parking ?
    and how do you know what
    Anybody ??

    Asking for a friend of a friend , who doe la NOT live in FLORIDA..
    will cut n paste replies and send it off via email !

    1. W

      Typo **

      Who does NOT live in FLORIDA **

  11. Jocelyn

    I haven’t been to any Disney Parks since my now 37 year old daughter was in High School and brought home a straight A report card and I took her as a surprise. We flew to Orlando (from Seattle). We’ve been to Disneyland and Disney World multiple times, alone or with the kids. It was always costly, but still affordable for us. My husband received a generous inheritance from his parents. We’ve been thinking how fun it would be to take the entire family on a Disneyland trip. But man… With 9 Grandkids (ages now 24-6), 18 adults, (us, kids and spouses).. it could take up quite a chunk of that inheritance. We hadn’t planned on going anywhere until the pandemic was behind us.. and I anticipate that the prices will only continue to rise. This having to make reservations to do everything, being tied to a clock… just doesn’t feel like fun. A few years ago, My husband I and my sister went on a cruise to Mexico out of CA. Upon returned we spent a couple extra days in the LA area and decided to go to Universal. Being adults, we just did the private guided tour, that got us in to attractions and some rides without standing in lines. It cost me less than $1100 for the 3 of us and boy did we get our money’s worth. It included luncheon at a place you could only go to if you were on the tour. At the end of the tour there was still time to do more if we wanted. Even if by the time we can go, it costs $500 per person for that same tour … it would be a better value than Disney.

  12. Richard

    Haven’t been to Disneyland in 30 years. You know the saying, ‘you don’t miss what you don’t have.’ I have better things to spend my money than manufactured, fake crap. Have a nice day Disney, hope you all go bankrupt, because what you’re doing is legalized theft.

  13. I have been going to Disney Orlando since 1977. Then I could tickets hotel at resorts and meal plan that was 3 meals anything you wanted to eat for 350.00. Now it is outrageous what the tickets cost is what my entire package cost. To include resort hotel and quick food plan that gives you 1 sit down dinner and quick snacks for 3 of us cost 9 grand or more. I am now senior on fixed income and can’t afford their prices. In addition having to while making reservations have to plan everything parks this genie thing that cost extra it’s not a vacation to have to be on this constant time frame. What happen to just going when and where you wanted to. I liked the fast pass that was free but now just another way to increase prices. Yes Walt Disney is probably rolling in his grave or heave. He wanted this to be where families could go to enjoy it. Now the people running these parks have made it that only rich can afford it. We all need to quit going to make a statement we aren’t going to put up with this anymore. Previous visitor who visited parks 20-25 times but can’t afford to anymore.

    1. Roger Sorino

      So true

  14. Marlene Hessler

    Last time I went, was dismayed at the Parade now being a Latino parade. Not so much Disney or American, just Latin overkill. Haven’t been back since. That was 3 years ago and we used to go several times a year from NJ.

    1. Manny

      Could you please delineate which park and when? Since your explanation sounds a tad racist. Think about this way. What is Disney or American? A white centric festival of traditional Christian values?

  15. Marlene Hessler

    I don’t have anything against Latinos, but there are lots of other countries that could be represented in the parade. That’s not cool.

    1. Shirley G Frykman

      In all probably, if the parade is filled with Latinos because they are promoting their next movie.

  16. Amber Lasatersater

    I am not going back to Disney ever. I am so upset that they destroyed what Walt built that park for. I think people need to watch the youbtube video of when the Disneyland first opened.

  17. We are on our way home from Disney world. We had a great time the tickets were very expensive we paid 170 a piece for one day. It will be a while before I will be able to go again

  18. Roger Sorino ino

    Disney has finally broke me. After 8 years of being a pass holder I think this will be the last time my wife and I get the tickets. Enough is enough. Even with inflation the pricing is out of control.

  19. Shirley G Frykman

    Personally, I believe that current management is trying to squeeze out the poorer or average family and cater to the richer families. Which is very sad, considering Walt designed his parks with the average family in mind. And from everything I’ve read, the changes in pricing and the fast passes are only reinforcing that belief. It is sad also that Disney is now copying Universal rather than the other way around. I already didn’t like Universal, now Disney? My son has reservations for us in Janurary. I am so NOT looking forward to it.

  20. Shirley G Frykman

    I’m old but even if I were young, I wouldn’t go back to WDW. I am going with my son and his wife at the end of themonth. I have always loved Disney and even visited his grave and sat at his favorite tavern at his table last year. I have been considered a Disney fanatic. Most of the rooms in my house are decorated with Disney stuff. I have tried to influence my grandchildren to be the same. HOWEVER, it makes me really sad to know that they don’t people like us who really don’t have the money to go without planning ahead. I’ve probably been more than 50 times in the last 10 years and before than probably another 10. I own a DVC there allowing me to visit more often. Except NOW most of the chanes they’ve made clost me much more–no Magic Express. so transportation from the airport could cost more than a rental car–so I guess we can go off-site to have dinner or shop. No more fast pass. You pay for that. Fast pass no longer means fast. I know that the last time we were there with a young child, my daughter-in-law had to take her out twice as we stood in line to take her to the bathroom. it was quick an easy But now we will still be in the line–no problem. I haven’t investigated dining reservations yet. Hope they are not charging you to make reservations! Guess we’ll see what else besides out-of-sight costs of tickets. I’m so sad.

  21. Shirley G Frykman

    Never mind. I’ll find another web site to post today’s comment, which only came about today on the phone for hours, on hold, and talking with two different cast members. While trying to help plan this upcoming trip.

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