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Oga's Cantina Reservations beverages

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  1. Chris

    If it were a capacity issue (and I don’t see why it would be), the fair thing to do would be to cancel based on who reserved last, the last who reserved get canceled first.

    1. Jennifer


  2. Michelle

    I have my reservation and now I lose it for someone who had off during the day and can watch for random Disneyland techncal issues? Not right!!

  3. R

    My dinner time reservations for 8 Jan was canceled and the email buried so no way to get one for our single day visit now. I call shenanigans!

    1. KenG

      It’s just a place to get a unique drink and weird snacks – Not dinner!
      It’s a cool place for sure but honestly you’re in there for a few minutes and can see everything and often they will let folks just walk in to see it if it’s not that busy (which at times it hasn’t been).

      1. Jay

        Final straw on Disney booked this for every evening of my New Years vacation for right after dinner 60 days in advance as soon as it dropped and lost it to someone who took Friday off work and took advantage of hard working people.

        Canceled my Galactic Starcruiser vacation as retribution and because it looked like it was going to suck anyway!

        1. John

          I got news for you. Just because you were at work on a Friday does not make you a hard working person.

  4. Cj Brown

    Cantina = Bar
    Bar = is not a Diner

    This Epic Fail should have been solved with a Cantina functioning as an Adult’s Only Bar …. and a separate Family Friendly Diner (that would solve your capacity issues).

    Meanwhile, back at Knott’s Berry Farm I can have a 🍹 or a 🍺 and some 🍗 without any problems ….

  5. Lorrie

    No I was not able to rebook and I am not happy about it. They should have rebooked for you. They should have sent a text message as I don’t check my email often. They send messages about your up coming visit to the park.

    1. KenG

      How could have they rebooked you without knowing when your next visit to Disneyland will be?
      Not even high end restaurants do that.

  6. Y

    I’m so upset. Disney continues fail at the fun family experience. I was not able to reschedule a freaking birthday present and I’m ready to get my money back for everything!

    They sent a gift card but what will I use it for if everything is booked up already???

  7. DAlea

    All canceled reservations received a gift card for the trouble. I was luckily able to rebook our reservation for the same day and time. I’ll use the gift card to pay for my drink.

  8. Coolia

    I had 2 cantina reservations for jan 31 and Feb 2. Both were canceled. I got an email about one of the cancellations and a $25 gift card. I was able to rebook one of the days. Definitely weird and I would guess some technical glitch that led to overbooking.

  9. Wayne

    Been there,not worth the time or money.

    1. Antoinette LeBlanc

      I’m with you on that. When I was there, there was a time limit on how long you can stay, which was around 15 mins. That wasn’t part of the info shared.

      1. Deanna

        So disappointed, my son turns 21 on our trip. That is where we were going to go for his first “official ” drink.

  10. Mary Ann

    I find it really annoying that they did not give priority to people who actually booked around the 60 day out mark. Now I can’t find a replacement reservation for my trip in early January.

  11. We had ours cancelled. I couldn’t rebook as I may have been too late to notice the email. There’s a time difference as I’m in Australia. Just a little bummed, there are many other things to do but this was for my husband.

  12. Noodle

    Yep, mine were canceled and unfortunately I couldn’t rebook either! I like many other people who was working and was not able to get on as soon as they dropped new reservations. I also booked 60 days in advance and a $25 gift card does not make up for it!

  13. Antoinette LeBlanc

    Just to reiterate what someone else said….This is not a true dining reservation. They have some funky drinks and I think a few bar snacks and that’s it. They also have a time limit on how long you can stay there.

    1. It may not serve apps and entrees but it definitely was a true dining reservation in the Disney dining reservation system until Disney ruined everyone’s plans with no warning.

  14. Dana

    I booked 60 days out early in the morning for an important occasion and kept it looking forward to it for nearly 30 days. I had the time to book on my calendar for months. At least I had those days to dream about it. When I saw the email I figured somebody considered more important than me bought them out. If it’s just a glitch and I see my original time pop up I’ll snag it. If not I won’t take anybody else’s.

  15. Same thing happened to my 2/5 Oga’s reservation. Have been refreshing without any luck to rebook. What are CM’s trained to do when people show up at restaurants with dining reservation confirmation#’s on the day of?

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