Comments for ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Star Already Has a Big Issue With Disney+

Boba Fett (L) and Fennec Shand (R) walking Mos Espa

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Chris Todd

    Qi’ra is not from Rogue One. She’s from Solo.

  2. Marc Carson

    Id answer them better if they added Anakin and Obi-wan to the profiles

  3. Alex

    THIS is a ‘big issue’???
    Guess this is what happens when people need to write articles and get paid by the word.
    Big issue: Actress has to choose between 2 popular avatars, so creates 2 accounts.
    WOW. What a big issue. More like, what a waste of time.

    1. Malik Roberts

      Yep…this author is an idiot. Go back to school and do your research!

  4. Danny Gonzales

    Qi’ra is from Solo: a star wars story just fyi.

  5. Houston

    darn, wasn’t expecting that bad batch spoiler.

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