Comments for Marvel Announces X-Men and Avengers Will Battle in 2022

Avengers VS X-Men VS Eternals Judgement Day


  1. Donovan Craig Bradley

    Don’t worry. I will be picking it up both in person as a physical copy and downloading a digital copy as a backup for on the road!

  2. Justin

    All I’ve ever seen any critic rave on about Eternals is how ‘diverse’ it is. How’d that work out.

    I wonder when they’ll realise that no one cares about that when watching a popcorn superhero movie.

  3. Baddad

    Most diverse? What does that mean? Stop making things politically charged. It was a movie. Not a particularly good one at that. Great cast… mediocre film. Fact.

  4. David Miller

    This article tells us nothing. I hope this girl wasn’t paid to write this.

  5. Killgrave

    They call it diverse so you can’t criticise it.

    1. Seventh Seeker

      I made it to “most diverse”. How is “No Way Home” doing, BTW? Better than the previous three M-She-U movies combined? You don’t say!

  6. Seren

    You couldn’t go five seconds without referencing diversity. Tell me, is there a local puppies home you power with your virtue? Also, you mention Eternals being diverse, but fail to mention it being boring, badly-written, uninteresting crap. Wonder why that is?

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