Comments for Marvel Fans Rage Against Worst Post-Credit Scene EVER

clint barton, hawkeye

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. I loved Hawkeye……….can’t wait for another season to start……the post ending…was okay but not the best would have loved to see more maybe about season 2…

  2. James Duffin

    I think everyone needs to just chill. The post credit scene was fun and light hearted. Not every post credit scene has to have foreboding for the next story. Look at the end of Spiderman Homecoming

  3. Kristina Brandenburg

    Thought it was hilarious and a fun way to end the show. If this was a full-featured film I would’ve expected more, but it was light hearted and a great way to start Christmas.

  4. Michelle Cheatham

    My family and I LOVED the post credit scene! We were very impressed with the effort that Disney & Marvel put into a Rogers Broadway scene!! Would love to see more! We also loved the entire Hawkeye series! Great job! 👏🏻👏🏻

  5. JEFF

    Does it matter? In life does it matter is that end credit scene affecting your life in anyway. We make a huge deal for nothing. Think of the people who couldn’t afford Disney plus let alone afford something to eat then think really how dissatisfaction you feeled watching a TV show and tell me does it matter

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