Comments for After Slander, Marvel Fans Stick Up for Female Superhero


  1. EricJ

    I’m not sure when Deadpool went from being an “action merc” to a nutty fourth-wall breaker, but I read John Byrne’s early-90’s run on “Sensational She-Hulk”, and Jenny did it FIRST.

    The gimmick was not only that Shulkie knew she was in a comic (“Great, a subplot!…Now it’ll be another three issues before I find out who this guy is!”), but that her stories were sticking up and giving second chances to other Marvel characters whose comics had flopped in the 70’s.
    Teaming up in a few stories with Howard the Duck, for example… 😉

  2. Chris Wood

    With all the problems facing this country, this is what people are worried about? Ridiculous!

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