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  1. Dan M.

    Quality of services is what justified paying the prices to be at Disney. That’s what set Disney apart from other companies. Arguing that the prices and even increases are still justified, even though service is in the toilet, Disney’s fault or not, is insulting. I am or was a super fan. Now teetering on whether or not it will ever recover.

    1. Kevin Ackerman

      Maybe the restaurants should adjust their menus to fit the ingredients they have access to instead of raising prices, blaming others and calling their patrons fat.

      1. Carl

        The average American is fat, and could do with portion reduction at all restaurants. This is a better solution than reducing quality for everyone.

    2. Invisible

      First hand, it is not supply chain that is lowering the quality.. Disney goes for cheaper products already. We can’t get the cheaper product because in grand scale of things as a restaurant, we are lower usages. All the other restaurant chains and stores have better contract leverage, and everyone is looking to cut cost for inflation. So in reality, Disney is settling/being pushed out of the cheaper products to the more high cost/quality items. This comes at added expense. This drives higher cost to the locations who in turn raise their price and reduce their portion sizes. Disney charges 70-90% premium on the products. Can the afford the extra cost? Yes, but to sustain and grow, they eventually need to cost correct. Guests pay the price.

    3. Joe

      Wow, christine way to insult your guests by calling them fat.

  2. Jason

    Supply issues may well be an issue but the real issue is Chapek and his goons.

    1. W. Price

      The food at Disney has been going downhill for some time. Expensive and low quality. This is the vacation capital of the world, they should strive for better quality.
      Try taking some of that money you give the CEO for bonuses. Stop complaining about the cost of food when you can throw away millions on bonuses. Why not give a few million and split it with the employees. The park wouldn’t run without them. Spread the wealth.

  3. Janet Floyd

    I understand the supply chain issue, but this excuse sounds a little disingenuous after hearing that one of Chapek’s ideas for profit was to reduce the amount of food served.

    1. sweetlyanimated

      And doesn’t Disney grow their own food? So what is this about supply and demand? lol but I can not have more salad 🥗?

    2. Katy

      I recently went to Disney, I thought the food was fairly decent. However I threw up the next morning and my vomit had more than a few bits of the lunch I ate at the park. I’m not necessarily blaming quality, but obviously something I ate there didn’t agree with me very well at all.

  4. F C

    They finally did it. I’ve been complaining about the price increases for the last few years but still kept paying them. I’m done. We have a reservation in January that I wanted to cancel but was overruled. I have made it clear we will not eat on property. We have never went of property before while ay WDW but I’m just discussed with the Disney money grab and this will definitely be our last trip to WDW.
    It is time for us to make new traditions at Universal.

    1. Bill

      Lol, wait until you try Universal food. And I say this as someone who hates Disney.

      1. Guy

        Then why are you even on this site?

      2. Jim

        That’s not a fair comment. Like any other theme park, some restaurants are better than others. The Harry Potter restaurants are pretty good, as are Finnegans and Lombard. Mythos is an award winning restaurant

        I had one of the worst theme park meals ever at Tomorrow Land just before the pandemic. Not only was it a terrible $20 burger meal, I got no passholder discount because there was no table service.

        I also compared a BBQ meal at Animal Kingdom with a similar meal in Hogsmeade. Both tasted fine. Disney: $23, no discount. Universal: $17, minus 15% passholder discount.

        My point here is that Disney has been jacking up prices and chipping away at passholder benefits for years, while the quality of the experience decreases.

        Universal isn’t perfect, but they do have some good places to eat, and have better prices and discounts. I ate at Finnegans, Lombards, and the Harry Potter place in Hogsmeade in the last ten days. Good food, good prices, passholder discounts, and best of all, no excuses about suppliers.

        1. Daniel


    2. Rose

      Remember that Disney DOES allow you to bring food from off property. So you can pack yourself a picnic for the day if you wanna save some money.
      You can even make it themed Disney food 🙂 My mom brings Mickey brownies whenever she visits, but there are hundreds of recipes online for healthier options.

  5. Jim Hanson

    disneyland dec 2021: prices up, food portions down, quality down. i felt ripped off several times with my food orders.

    1. Wendy

      We just went to Disney World on Dec 12-19, 2021. Be Our Guest was super! As was the Sci-Fi Dine In at Hollywood Studios. However, The Tusker House at the Animal Kingdom was the worst food I’ve ever been served there. We normally do breakfast but could only get dinner. Nasty food! We’ve been going for 15 years and not going back to Disney. They dollar you to death now.

  6. Christine

    I just came back from a 10 day trip. I have to say as a frequent flyer at Walt Disney World staying in their resorts in on Disney property they are doing a great job managing things through the pandemic. With the sheer size of the company and the many changes in accommodations that they’ve had to make to open up the parks and provide safety for their staff and visitors I’d say overall they’re doing an amazing job. We did go to many of the popular restaurants that we not normally choose to go to such as Ohana, Boma, Cape May, and Chef Mickey. Things have changed with the food but I have to say Disney is trying to stay as normal as possible the suggestions that I would make only from my own trip is that we found the food at Boma spicier than normal, at Cape May a suggestion of not putting all of the seafood together as someone from New England seafood is a main staple for us weekly, to have all of the flavors mixed together did not sit well. Chef Mickey was incredible as always even with all of the accommodations. I actually like the family style option better than the Buffet. Finally, Ohana the food is still the same the service still great the only difference with them is the way it is provided to you the guest I.E.meats in shrimp on a platter rather than provided to you on a skewer. I truly believe it’s mostly about the magic that has been limited to an extent but overall it was great. Although prices have increased in many areas including food we did great but look forward to the dining plan returning to make planning much easier. On a different note Chepak needs to go! I truly don’t believe he has Walt Disney companies in his best interest and is slowly destroying all of what it encompasses and what Walt Disney wanted for his dream. °o° ❤️

  7. Jerry Leon

    I call bull crap on this story. I have been going to WDW parks since I was a kid and as of 2 years ago I had worked there for 17 years. My family ate many meals there over that time and the food quality has been plummetting for years now. Along with the quality of a lot of other things. Stop being fooled by them, they take all your 💰 and give you less and less ever year.

    1. Thank you. I said it also…. Been a DVCM since 98 and it is going down
      So sad
      I have wonderful memories and couldn’t wait until my kids could go with theirs but I only have one Disney fan and they are losing the magic
      Instead of being a yearly vacation….. I think it’s gonna be more a 5 yr plan if that

    2. FlaGrl

      I was a CM too (during Eisner’s years). We were also long-time APs afterward (just let them lapse this year for the first time). Last week, we stopped into the new Steakhouse 71 for a lunch reservation of 1:30 p.m. or so. They forgot our bread we ordered, and our $36 filets – requested medium rare (and available for lunch if you ask for it) – were tough, stringy, and cooked medium. They were also vacuuming around us as we ate our lunch. Sad for spending $100+ on a lunch.

  8. Phoebe L Ho

    Even if this supply issue is true I’m very disappointed. One of the main things that keeps me intrigued about Disney World is the wide variety of food options. I’ve heard of signature dining, 5-star restaurants, places that would make the place one heck of a vacation. And now this is happening, with price increases? I… I just don’t know anymore.

  9. Ed R

    The food “quality” has been terrible for years.I should know, I’ve been going there regularly for the past 43 years of my life. I don’t recall that it was ever “great” but it’s been making it’s way steadily toward awful. Supply chain issues? GMAFB, that’s nothing but a copout to try to justify the continued nickel and dining of guests since the current utter POS CEO took over.

    1. Great ED R. The guy who limped through highschool 30 years ago when you could be as stupid as him and get a HS degree is going to tell us that there aren’t shipping and manufacturing issues right now. You’re right you inbred drop out, you definitely know about shipping.

  10. Stella

    We came here to Orlando to go to Magic Kingdom only to find out the they have been booked since October. And that you have to make reservations. We came through 5 States with my granddaughter. This is so sad. But yet they are advertising on TV for people to come to Disney. It’s not worth coming. Go to Universal Studios.

    1. Marcel

      I mean, that’s on you right? If you chose to take a vacation 5 states away, knowing that most businesses have made adjustments to their operations over the past two years, without doing the barest amount of research first, that is not Disney’s fault.

    2. Amy

      Well that’s just stupid. In this day and age, research. It also gives you a website address and phone number at the end to call and book your vacation.

    3. Viktor

      Reap what you sow, we have technology that allows us to obtain information about anything and I bet you don’t leave facebook

  11. travis mclain

    we went to Alien pizza planet just before thanksgiving and it was the biggest waste of 50 bucks. The pizza slices used to huge, they took up the whole plate. Now they are a dinky slice and are about half the size. The pizza was also ice cold. As was the child’s order of spaghetti we ordered. we vowed not to go back there, the food was just that horrible.

  12. Gabe Froio

    I understand supply chain issues as I am in retail management, but the diminish in food quality has been going on since prior to the pandemic. My favorite restaurant used to be Teppan Edo at Epcot. My wife and I would eat there at least twice a year. We noticed that starting about 5 years ago the choices on their menu were getting less and less each year to the point that we no longer eat there. Restaurant experiences have become less personalized and more mass produced offerings. We used to feel very special with our Florida resident annual pass, but now we feel like we are just a number.

  13. Roxana

    I think Walt Disney would roll over in his grave if he knew what was happening to his company.

  14. Pat C

    ll the comments about people like me who have been going to WDW for decades are spot on. Food quality has been going downhill for the past 5 years at least. And supply chain issues are BS. They have multiple buyers whose sole job is to procure whatever they need. When you go to a large supermarket have you not been able to get decent food items like beef or chicken? Purdue and Tyson have not gone out of business. Last I heard the beef supplying mid western states haven’t dried up. So BS on supply chain. Buying cheaper quality meats-yes! And it tastes like it. AS far as the Disney Dining Plan goes, I’m glad it’s gone. I won’t ever buy it again. Not enough choice of decent food to make it worth the money. I travel all over the country for work and haven’t seen any chain restaurant dish out the over priced slop Disney does. And the prices at Crystal Palace are so high now that we won’t eat there. I don’t mind paying for good food. I won’t pay for over priced bad food. Did they drop the price when characters won’t there? No! They raised the prices instead. Over promise, under deliver and screw the customers. The current crowds show that for right now they will get away with it. After the revenge travel is over the public will vote with their wallets and then it will take Disney years to rebuild the damage to their reputation their greed caused.

    1. Jennifer L

      Pat C, I could not agree more. I remember a time about 20 years ago, when they increased prices and decreased value. It dropped crowds and they had to beg people, with deals, discounts and perks, to come back. I predict that after the anniversary and post pandemic travel, that this is exactly what will happen. But will people come back this time?

  15. Joe

    Supply chain issues don’t overcook your burger, or overbook dining reservations, or not know where the closest bathroom is, or make one of the worst quick pass apps in the history of theme parks. What I didn’t expect this holiday season was to go to Universal and receive far more magic in the cast than at WDW. This is all Disney trying to blow pixie dust at the obsessed and masking the truth behind their cost cutting decisions.

    Let me also say that I too spoke to a manger about recent cast experiences and his response was “hiring isn’t what it used to be, we just take what we can get.” THAT is the truth.

    1. Joe

      Adding to my post because I just returned from a 10 day Disney overload. I’ll do everyone here a favor and post ALL of the places we stopped for food. I’ll be completely honest that we had 1, 1 awfully terrible bad meal and it had NOTHING to do with the portion sizes or menu availability. I do agree with other posts that merchandize is SORELY lacking and that’s the obvious supply chain hurdle. Quick note that this was during Disney’s busiest time of the year by a long shot:

      Various Epcot Festival of the Holidays booths
      BB Wolfe Sausage Company
      The Street Taco Stand at Animal Kingdom
      Wine Bar George Walk Up
      Hangar Bar Walkup
      California Grill
      Morimoto Asia
      Ragland Road
      50s Prime Time Cafe
      Yak & Yeti
      The Boathouse
      D-Luxe Burger

      The only disappointing meal the entire family had throughout our trip was at DLuxe for various reasons. Most of all, the food was just absolutely disgusting, but the portion sizes were exactly as we remember.

      No idea what’s going on with the rumor mill on this post but I can assure you, we had zero issue eating at Disney this time around. I will 100% complain about the lack of magic and the horridness that was Dluxe burger but every other meal was memorable and this is definitely not a supply chain problem when it comes to food.

      1. Joe

        Missed Daily Poutine, which by the way, really made their traditional poutin far better than it used to be.

  16. Tim Carpenter

    My family visited Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando the week after Thanksgiving. My wife and I were celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary, and our daughter was celebrating College Graduation. We go about every 5 years or so, and we have always stayed on property and gotten one of the Dining Plans, (please bring back the Dining Plan!) and we have always enjoyed the food. Even though the WDW Dining Plans are not yet available, on our most recent trip, we still had the pleasure of dining at some of the many restaurants that Disney has to offer, and our dining experience was exceptional. Some of the locations we ate at were Be Our Guest, Whispering Canyon at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Liberty Tree Tavern, Biergarten, Intermission Food Court at All Star Music Resort, and other Quick Service locations. Our food was always hot and filling. At each location, we were told by Disney Cast members that “If we were not satisfied with any of our food, then they would get us something else”. Having been told this reassured my family that Disney does try to go above and beyond to maintain the “Happiest and Most Magical Place on Earth” designation, even if Supply chain and personnel issues are present. We had a very enjoyable vacation and time of Celebration at the “Most Magical Place on Earth”. I also agree that Bob Chapek needs to go before he turns all of the Disney Corporation into another “River Country” or “Discovery Island”.

    1. Tim Carpenter

      You so sus. Who you trying to lie to?

      1. Exactly it should have said signed Disney management. My wife , I and later my kids have been going for the last 40 years aph for the last 22 except the last two which we have not returned. We don’t think we will ever be card holders again. There was little magic left before the pandemic. Now it’s completely gone. We may go once every five years to try a old new ride. The hotels now suck, the food doesn’t rise to McDonald’s with the exception of be are guest, and what a load of crap about supply issues no other gigantic business has problems getting food. Also if they were closed for months why are rides breaking down more and more frequently? Did they not use that time (with social distancing) to make repairs?

  17. Em

    When you have a 5 star restaurant serving 2 star food you should adjust your prices accordingly instead of just telling people you can’t get the right supplies and raising prices. Common sense but that will never happen.

  18. Mike

    The babyback ribs at that supposedly really good BBQ place in animal kingdom were the end cuts. No meat, all bone and those little wierd tendon things. They charged $18 for one of them where if you go to any butcher, they practically give them away because it’s considered trimmings.

  19. McKenna

    We went about a week ago and I was so disappointed. My husband and I had an entree at Flo’s Cafe and it was horrible. We had the same meal about 3 years ago and the chicken was seasoned to perfection. This time, it was dry and totally flavorless in comparison. We were so excited to eat there again. It was a huge let down. I complained and they were like, “throw it away and we will make you more.” They made it again and it was just as bad. If they were going to give us the same dry thing, they should’ve just let us keep the first round so it felt even remotely like we got our money’s worth.

  20. Supply chain issues are a BS excuse for food quality. Careful planning, a strong menu of quality alternatives and strategic purchasing have kept our off-park restaurant serving the highest quality seafood and lobsters. So much so, we built a new location in Maingate area to catch the overflow. You can make excuses or you can do your job.

  21. Cyndy

    Went to Blue Bayou last night, got the prime rib. I trimmed off more than 2 handfuls of fat at the table. It was an atrocity. The server told me “prime rib has a lot of fat.”

  22. Pam

    We just ate at Disney Springs and it was great. Good portions, lasagna was terrific, appetizers fresh and tasty— very good service!!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Eric

      That’s because the Disney Springs restaurants are not run by Disney. For the most part Disney Springs is more like a shopping mall that just happens to have Disney as the landlord.

  23. Lucy

    Food choices are are limited food is flavorless & expensive plus portions are great if you had a gastric bypass clothing & items are priced 3 times more what they would cost Disney has gotten disgusting with there annual pass holders if it wasn’t for us that park would not make millions not even a free cookie they gave of appreciation but everyone has to make a stand for this place to change

  24. Nancy alvarez

    As I read all these comments it makes me so sad because it’s all true. I live locally and have had an annual pass for many years but we are thinking of not renewing. Things have gotten so bad I do t think it can ever come back to what it once was. This bob chapek has to go if we have any chance of making things better So sad

  25. Eva

    Exactly! I still manage to make a nice meal every night. I shop, I purchase, and I make food. I go out to dinner, even at large chain restaurants, and get a nice meal. If Disney can’t manage, it is on them.

  26. Fernando Canchola

    My wife found a long strain of hair in her cake at red rose tavern. She brought it up to the manager asking for an explanation, the manager replied “I don’t owe you an explanation if I’m already giving you a free replacement”. My wife then was shocked by her response and replied back with what would have happened if I ate it and got sick? The manager again replied with a smart remark and said, they would only refund the value of the cake for her troubles. ” rude customer service for being the happiest place in the world.

  27. Backcountry164

    Give me a break! Most places suffer supply issues BECAUSE mega buyers like Disney get first dibs on everything. If the suppliers don’t have enough they make sure the places with the most $$ are taken care of. If they’re going to risk losing a customer it’s not going to be the customer with the deepest pockets.

  28. May

    Food at Disney World has always sucked, but over the years, even before covid, things have gone steadily worse. But now, add supply and labor shortages, we are thankful to find enough to eat there.

  29. Heather

    We ate at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Thought the food was great and good portions. Granted we ate in an actual restaurant and not the quick service stops however we paid a pretty penny for this food but it was worth it.

  30. TriSec

    “Because Disney is run by cheap bastards now” isn’t the correct answer?

  31. Joe

    I laugh hysterically at the rubes who pis* away their money and take their alleged children there. Showing their brood that they have no financial sense. Mules, the lot of them.

  32. G

    Its a COMPANY not your Grandmother. There are supply chains issues and no you can’t just switch suppliers. Reading these comments makes me realize how little the general population knows about business much less supply chains. Food at Disney depends on the chef at the restaurant and what they can get from their suppliers always has always will. Over the past 20 yrs food has gone up and down at restaurants due to HEAD chefs. Prices go up every week/month/year and when your supply costs go up you have to increase your costs or crap hits the fan in other areas. Chapek is still a jerk though.

    1. Eric

      Each individual head chef at Disney doesn’t negotiate with suppliers. They have a department that does that on a much larger scale.

  33. J.M.

    We had terrible experience at Le Celleir at Epcot yesterday. Make reservation for 4:35, got in quickly, they took order brought cheddar soup and wedge salad and some bread. Then nothing. An hour later the people who sat after us just got up and left, the waitress assured it wouldn’t be much longer. Manager came by and we said we were leaving hour and half to 2 hours for food in park. Come on waste someone else’s time. They gave us a coupon to use at one of 4 quick serve places and otherwise didn’t really care.
    Made an otherwise good day bad.

  34. Allyn

    I was at Disneyland in October. I don’t know where you all were eating, but where I ate the food was fantastic!

  35. Cj Brown

    Reading comments on the lack of quality food, increased prices for counter service / sit down dining, poor customer service (and the Team Disney Burbank corporate excuses!) makes me realize that Walt Disney World Park Guests will end up doing the same thing as Disneyland / DCA Park Guests …… take the time to exit the Theme Park(s) and go somewhere else to eat … then return (Team Disney can no longer guarantee a complete experience and their greed under Chapek is ruining the Disney Brand).

  36. Norma

    DS …is ‘not Disney’…

  37. Pete A.

    What was the excuse before the pandemic? Trying to find quality food in the parks has always been a challenge. However, within the resorts it can be of a better quality. Either way, you’re going to pay hefty prices.

  38. Allen Collins

    Explain to me one thing, How can a lack of the items used to create a meal effect the way it tastes?

    This could only happen if the preparers do a poor job in the creation of the dish.

    Lack of a decent tasting meal is not the fault of when the food arrives at Disney, rather the fault of lazy or preparers that do not care what they do.

    Stop putting profits in the execs pockets and call them a bonus for doing a good job, rather pay the cooks a decent wage.

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