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  1. Brooke

    It’s designed to create an artificial demand – based on artificial wait times. With each lightning lane user, a parkgoer in line has to wait. The more lightning lanes sold, the longer both waits become. And the more Disney makes – because they’ve created an artificial wait time. Disney fans need to stop opening their wallet for these new, expensive a la carte services, that used to be included with our tickets and APs

    1. frostysnowman

      So glad I was there right before Genie+ and the Lightning Lane system were activated.

  2. I was an every-year parkgoer. No more. In fact, after this mess they’ve made on so many levels, I will probably not be going back. I have wonderful memories, and I don’t think I could stand to have my heart broken going there and trying to “enjoy” what they’ve become. Friends have gone and told me it’s terrible–that you have to be “glued to your phone” while in the parks, and that’s not why I go on vacation. No thank you.

    1. Add

      Here’s my horrible experience from Nov/Def this year: We used to go every year and definitely felt like we got our money’s worth. We were always ready to ride every ride we wanted, which was almost all of them, even at MK (it’d take two days there so we always did two days at MK), and in other years got so many photos w photopass.
      This year- we did MK the first day as it was our kids bday; she turned 5. We only rode 6 rides and did 2 princess meet and greets.
      Paid $300 for photopass and only saw three photopass ppl all day- one of which said they couldn’t take our photo bc they were training and only did a certain amount and were with their last family (we were excited to get our photo but waited 40 min in the HM line first bc the photographer was in the actual exit cue). St this point I about broke down crying. I couldn’t believe how much of a fail the day had been and the memories we didn’t get to make after driving 1,000 miles one way for our daughter’s special day, for our first vacation since before covid.
      My husband told me stay positive, we have MK again on Fri and I guess we’ll purchase genie+ to make it worth it.
      Fast forward 3 days- we had picked up the flu. So sick. Had to cancel the rest of our trip. Feel bad our son, who just turned two and his bday was four days after hers/we went to celebrate his bday too, won’t get to enjoy Disney parks. Bc after our experience with the insane lines, we aren’t going back. So sad.

    2. ChadMC

      Totally agree. I want to be away from my phone and rather shut it off while there – not be glued to it. At this rate, you won’t be able to enter the park, experience most if not all attractions, already can’t even dine without doing that on your phone. I’m wondering when all cashiers will be gone and you’ll have to check out on your phone as well. I want to go to Disney to disconnect – not stay even more connected the entire time I’m there. It seems a bit pointless to go there if I’m unable to disconnect. That was, after all, the reason “The Florida Project” was created the way it was being able to completely shut out the outside world.

  3. ChadMC

    During the time where fastpass was shutdown this last year and all attractions were standby only, things seemed to work well. It’s a theme park. There will be lines. It’s reality. But if everyone is in the same line, it moves much faster. And get rid of those idiotic virtual queues as well as it excludes a good portion of the population going to Disney (those without smart phones).

    1. Anita

      I couldn’t agree more. More than one line creates chaos in the worst possible way. Uniformity is key to making things work faster. There are no expectations when you see where you are in line. We were there right before Genie to place and the lines moved at such a rapid pace it was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. One line will get it done. Sometimes being fancy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  4. Christine S

    even when there was fast pass sometimes the standby lines were much smaller than the fast pass. we would ride standby and then if the fast pass line looked smaller we would get in. no matter when or how you go there will always be lines it’s just you decision to wait or not, I know some attractions I will wait for and others I will not

    1. Cj Brown

      I get 😢 reading how Park Guests going to WDW are being ripped off …. Honestly? It’s time to stop being Disney 🐑 , stop supporting Bob Chapek’s ideals, stop paying for these up charges and maybe Team Disney will get the hint when more Park Guests just say “no!”

      I 2nd Brooke regarding the “artificial demand” – because Genie+ creates an “artificial algorithm” (from Queue Lines to Dining Reservations!)

      FastPass and Single Rider were fine! What isn’t fine? Trying to increase the maximum occupancy / maximum capacity of any 1 Theme Park! Disrespecting your underpaid and overworked Cast Members! Expecting Park Guests to spend all day on their Devices scheduling their time at your Theme Parks!

      Folks can and will go elsewhere!

  5. Mickeymouse3

    There’s a saying….”If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it”.
    Bob Paycheck must think the entire Disney park system is broke. He continues to try and fix something that shouldn’t be messed with. Seems the parks are one big mess now. AP can’t be used due to no reservations available. Rides breaking down more frequently than ever before. FP was a decent system that worked, until Genie was let out of the bottle. Just go back to the pre-covid way of doing things and watch a dramatic turn around in park ops.

    1. Bennett Lavorino

      Agree 100%. I’m tired of hearing Chapek is there to make money for the company, but you don’t do it by cutting services or like exactly what you said. “…..fix things that shouldnt be messed with.

    2. Elle dub

      Just got back from trip two weeks ago to WDW. We have kid with autism and had stroller for him and I spent 5 months intensely planning our trip. With the new DAS online nightmare (worse than filing for unemployment during lockdown), genie plus and the new early entry launched two months before our trip— first time in my LIFE I decided to stay off property to avoid crowds for autistic son. The early entry thing sent me over the edge. We were held at epcot and studios watching people go early stuck in one tiny spot to wait. My research paid off and our trip went fairly well but I was constantly stressed the first few days as the DAS program would disappear from the app entirely, so many rides were down, which makes all the planning and buying genie plus absolutely worthless. I’m not sure what to make of it. I loved Star Wars galaxy edge. I can say that at least. I’ll never see the dang cantina tho.

      1. Elle dub again

        (I would have changed to stay onsite but couldn’t cancel Airbnb— which is why I was so pissed to find out about early entry 2 months before a trip is planned 7 months prior!)

      2. Greg Murray

        I know Disney faced lawsuits because they weren’t following ADA rules in accommodating families with autistic children. It’s not even close now when anyone can pay and jump in line even though you’ve been in a “virtual queue” so your kid won’t have a medical meltdown.

  6. Clive

    The original fastpass was the best system. Always managed to get on everything I wanted then. Then fastpass+ came along and ruined it for me. I don’t want to plan my fun day out months in advance. Now genie looks even worse. Will stick to universal and seaworld now.

    1. Elle dub

      I enjoyed universal much less than Disney two sundays ago. I feel like universal takes less into consideration for the comfort of guests. It was 86 in the shade and the way their parks are designed was maddening. Make some shade!! Also the No mask mandate was giving me a heart attack.

      1. Jason

        I heard that–I love Universal, but there is not much planning to any areas for guest comfort with the possible exception of the Harry Potter areas. Maybe that’s why every ride they have seems to get you wet one way or the other.

  7. ThemePro

    Yep, the Bob Paycheck hustle 😜

  8. william

    Disney (Bob Chapeck) has ruined what used to be a great and spontaneous theme park experience, you used to be able to ride when you wanted, snack when you wanted, go from park to park, go to any park you wished without reservations. Look at the recent pictures from inside the parks everyone is on their phones trying to make plans at Disney’s whim.

  9. Alicia Rodriguez

    We paid for lighting lane and we were in line for 1 hour.The ride was shutdown almost all morning long and then opened and It said standby was 220 minutes and no one was in standby….this was on 12/29/21at Disney World….

  10. Manny

    If you paid for LL and Genie+ and had to wait on line then you get what you deserve.

    Several cast member I spoke to who do not like the direction the company is going are deliberately trying to even playing field by holding up the LL line so stand by patrons can also get on the ride. I applaud them and their efforts.

    1. Deb

      except the DAS people are also in that line thanks to their new system and they have already had a wait time….

  11. Jenn

    Until the press picks up on this and brings it out in the open, Disney will continue this madness. Like many people, I am a native Floridian, grew up going to Disney all the time and have had annual passes. The experience has gone from fun and relaxing to maddening and over-the-top stressful. You are constantly in a struggle to get reservations, navigate through massive crowds and lines, and all of this at a much greater price tag. Disney resorts have gotten exorbitantly expensive while eliminating free parking and early entry. It’s just all too much. The kids don’t even enjoy it now. Sad.

  12. Fred

    Tear out an E ticket, get in line, wait about 20 minutes, and have an experience you’ll remember the rest of your life.

    Those days are long, long gone.

  13. Hoolia

    We visited DCA on Christmas Eve without the use of the Genie+ app and waited a total of 5 hours for 2 rides… When we got to Cars Land they told us the racers ride had a 90 minute wait time…. It was 3 hours… The lightning lane people were backed up about 1/3 of the regular line. We weren’t that impressed: half the rides were down, staff was EXTREMELY RUDE, wait times were out of control, Avenger Campus should be called Avengers Corner… Not at all what they advertise it to be.

    We visited Disneyland on Xmas Day, and we decided to shell out the extra $ for the Genie+ app – WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! We got to ride everything we wanted to ride, with the exception of Toads Wild Ride… I’d gladly spend an extra $20/person to get to experience the WHOLE park, and not have to “pick & choose” what we did or where we went.. it was totally worth it!! It even makes ordering lunch quick and easy, the map was totally up to date with wait times / parade schedule / etc.
    Bottom line: Genie+ is worth it, it makes everything easier! I’ll never visit DCA again, unless the ticket is part of a 2-for-1 type of deal when buying tickets.

  14. Lin

    I visited Disneyland and California Adventure on Jan 3rd and 4th. We didn’t have Genie + or Lightning Lane passes. Disneyland was great! California Adventure… not so much. It started off string after visiting Cars, the Ferris wheel, the Incredicoaster, and Toy Story games. We went to Soaring after, it was a 70 minute estimated wait time. Three hours later we boarded. When my 75 year mother went to investigate what was going on, the Lightning Lane folks were being prioritized. To the ratio of 5-10 LL visitors to 1 standby. So for example, 10 Lightning Lane people to be let in for every 1 standby. We asked and the cast member said Lightning Lane gets priority because they have paid tickets. The same thing happened at the Monsters ride – we counted the people they let in. We saw around 40 Lightning Lane people being let in to every 6-8 standby.

    I’d rather everyone pay more for tickets to increase profit then to divide park guests as first and second class.

    It was very upsetting for the children in my group to realize what was happening. We felt like second class citizens and really felt like Disney didn’t care about the experience we were having.

  15. Barb304

    As far as I’m concerned if I ever go back to WDW I will pay for a ‘ticket’ to get in the gate. Once I’ve entered the park the ‘extra’ only money I will spend will be on souvenirs and maybe something to eat and drink.

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