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Kourtney Kardashian Disneyland

Credit: Disney (Left), @DL_1995 (Right)


  1. Stengel

    Fun article. One quibble….New Orleans Square is not Adventureland….

    1. Dee

      Caught that too! Lpl

  2. Jessica

    This is the kind of malarky that makes me angry. My family went to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for three days in November and during those three days, we made it on a total of 19 rides. Nineteen. We were never able to even get in the virtual queue for the Star Wars attraction my son has been desperate to go on, and this even with the early reg since we stayed at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. It was so packed those days it was like driving down the 101 or 405 during 5 o’clock traffic yet they were still running it covid style while allowing it to be at full capacity. Between the number of guests and them closing down additional attractions to decorate for Christmas and maintenance it was a horrible trip. I can not even imagine how I would have lost my **** if they had closed a ride down for one family.

    1. Di

      I agree with you 💯%!! I feel so sad for your lil boy🥺💔. It’s all about money and politics today… fc’k the rest of us, even if you did work hard to save for years and years to finally take your family trip… if you’re not rich and famous or a political freak, you don’t matter. Tell your lil boy one day he’ll go again and he can make it happen🥰❤!!

      1. Jessica

        Thank you so much for the love. I wrote to Disney in regards to the trip and never got a reply of they were sorry. I will keep saving to take my son and daughter back even though I can think of many other places that are more deserving considering how Disney treats its guests. Say la vie. Disney is engrained in all of our hearts, what can we do…

  3. Sigh

    Closed down a ride?! Are Disney ok?!

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