Comments for Disney Performers Left Emotional After Iconic Show Returns with Changes

indiana jones stunt spectacular exterior

Credit: Disney


  1. R

    Not sure we’re all “getting used to the CREATION of new variants” of Covid. Nobody’s outright ‘creating’ anything. The virus is MUTATING into new variants mostly because of people still refusing to take proper precautions as well as vaccinate to slow the spread and thus mutation of the Covid virus. Your wording is a bit leading not to mention worrying.

    1. Backcountry164

      Says the person literally just making things up…

    2. AT

      Oh, that is not how mutation works.

  2. Nick

    Relax, this particular blogger is constantly inaccurate and misleading.
    Still, while nobody is getting used to anything, we are in a situation of being forced to accept the reality of mutations and thus the presence of variants. Mutating is what viruses do, it’s what they’ve always done, and with each new mutation comes a new variant, some of those will have a significant ant impact and some won’t, none of that should be shocking to anyone.

  3. AT

    Why is it understandable that the audience participation has been cut?

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