Comments for Hundreds of Flights Canceled as COVID Surges, Disney Travel a “Mad House”

orlando canceled flights screen at MCO

Credit: Spectrum News 13 Ashleigh Mills/Twitter


  1. Jarvis

    Media and Democrat Party trying to scare everyone for power.

    Hopefully people won’t fall for these pandemic hoaxes again.

    Pilots are pissed about illegal mandates so they are having a sickout.

    1. PAlterBoy

      Jarvis, thank you for the Christmas Miracle – every single thing you said is demonstrably, factually, verifiably *wrong*. If it weren’t so pathetic it would be impressive.

      1. Richard J Ebert

        Yeah, God forbid someone is 100% spot on with an actual statement.

    2. Richard J Ebert

      I absolutely agree, it’s time to stop this nonsense and get back to a normal life. The “Brandon government” should hold the morons responsible who started this virus and the stupid Americans should get on with their lives. I’m not living with a fish bowl on my head, if you get the virus and live, congratulations, if not; oh well. It is what it is now. Flu 2.0 is here to stay: No mask, shut downs or social distancing is going to save you. Sorry people, the truth hurts.

  2. Sue

    Jarvis is 100% spot on! The problem is pilots and flight attendants have been calling out due to unconstitutional mandates with respect to the covid and mask vaccines. Also both the CEO of United and Southwest testified in congress that the ridiculous mask mandate both in the airports and airlines is unnecessary as well as unconstitutional.
    A mandate is NOT the law. Don’t be fooled at the airports NO law has been passed about masks in airports or airlines regardless of how many signs you see.
    The Omicron variant may be more infectious but it is much weaker. Not one hospitalizations or death has been recorded.
    Stop complying with tyranny. Stop talking about covid; it is just another cold.

    1. You are a fool.

    2. Rich

      Yup, it is flu 2.0 and it will be here forever. Nothing is going to stop it and the vaccines already show it in the data. It is what it is people. Time to evolve and live with it. Everyone who is posting negative comments and throwing shade are listing to Dr. Flouchey and the insane clown possy.

  3. Just another cold that thousands have died from? Cool glad to see some random on here who is just another know it all. If it was just another cold I am sure the rest of the world wouldn’t be having issues too….

    1. Me

      Another cult of the Covid member. A Branch Covidian.

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