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Harry Potter Castle

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  1. Bbb

    Have people not learned to quit going to Disneyland for all the hype, with over 8 to 10 rides no malfunctioning. That place is so old I don’t know how the rides have not broke while they’re on it. I’m 36 and my parents offer to take me and my sister when we were 12 and we chose to go to Panama City beach instead. We’ve drove by it when we went to Orlando, but we rather go on the side roads and see all the sights and go shopping instead of be a sight at Disneyland. What’s so magical about the magical kingdom, That you’re gonna be out over $5000 🥴or that you may get stuck on a ride you’re gonna ride🤯 or get thrown out of the place after paying all that money🙄 real joy to have.😒 And then now after you paid for a year pass they take that away from you, and you don’t get it back ,and now you have to pay for the shuttle, and they’re taking at least 15 other things away from you. it’s just more money out Of the customers pocket, so they can say they’re improving Disneyland, When really the rides are just getting tore up more. It’s supposed to be original Disneyland. not all the new stuff ,for all the new generation, Elsa,princess and the frog, who cares about all this. That place is going to look like trash if they remote a little like that. But that’s just my 2 cents in, enjoy your day.

    1. Joe Staffa

      The article is about Universal Studios Orlando. Disneyland is in California. Why are you on this site?

      1. Jay

        Lol…..I was thinking the same thing.

    2. BC

      You obviously haven’t been to any of the Disney parks in quite a while….

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