Comments for Guest Skips Entire Queue Using Magical Disney Secret

Pirate gold coin lets guest skip

Credit: Disney (Left), Inside the Magic (Right)


  1. Lynn Carol Feinn

    I might have to try this idea, I have a Pirate Medallion,just like the one shown,it’s not golden but it might work.

  2. Ilana Karp

    It’s like back in the day if you pulled the sword out of the stone you were crowned for the rest of the day and got to walk on to every ride. Best day of my 11 year old life lol I still have the picture of my coordination ceremony lol

  3. Marie A Wyke

    that is so cool!! It’s like being given the opportunity to spend the night at cinderella’s castle

  4. SG

    I love this!

    Years ago (the 90s) my family of four, all of us in matching tie dye Ts, were approached by a cast member while standing outside Thunder Mountain deciding whether to wait in the long line, a cast member just gave us a free pass. We got to go to the front of the line!

    It’s those little things you never forget – and you don’t HAVE to pay for!

  5. Jeb

    Years ago when I was a kid, I went to Disney with some friends. Dad worked at the company that signs for RCA who was also the sponsor at Space Mountain at the time. He told me to go around the side of the building, knock on a door and give them this piece of paper. Here’s 12yo me and a couple friends in a Uber swanky suite chilling out drinking soda. The lady asked if we were ready to ride and then took us down a hallway that put us right at the front of the line.

  6. Dils

    Would have been nice if you had linked to the post, or at least credited the person you stole this story from.

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