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Guest allegedly cuts line

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  1. Love, Your Mom

    Absolutely at the same attraction and I made the people that were trying to pass me stop and I told them you may have gotten this far but you will not move ahead of me. My daughter was mortified but they did not pass me.

    When Mom says no she means No!

    It was the same situation and they tried to say they did not speak English. I shut that down quickly and can you imagine as we got close to the actual ride entrance with cast members about 15 of their party that had made it further in the line by cutting were waiting for the other ten that I stopped.

    So sad not everyone will follow the rules but we all need to demand the rules be followed. I also reported them to the cast members.

    1. EDITH

      Yes, we saw the same thing multiple times while visiting the parks in October. They always seem to pretend that they are looking for someone saving their place in line. Usually you can tell when it is really a case of a parent taking a child out of line and then returning to their family. These line cutters are usually young adults or teens who feel like they can do as they please and ignore the rules. They look for a place in line where they make others feel intimidated to say anything.

      1. Pete

        Not worth me and my party getting tossed out of wdw for any altercation. I’ll stand up for the rules and immediately start yelling for security and cast members to sort out the issue. That and my video recording of the situation should be enough for cast member security to properly deal with the situation.

      2. Beth

        Multiple times. Large groups of people cutting to ” catch up with their family” if everyone isn’t ready to get in line then no one should get in line. Now a little kid that has to use the restroom, that’s different the lines can be very long.

    2. Teri

      I think you need to check yourself. You are not the line police and there have been times in long lines where people have had to leave to go to the bathroom. My kids are both teenagers and had you stopped them you would have met me along with a Cast Member. People do not have to explain themselves to you nor should they have to deal with obnoxious people when trying to rejoin their group. I’ve only experienced one time where a group actually cut the line. They may not have spoken English so I didn’t raise a stink. The best course of action is to alert a Cast Member.

      1. Gern Blanston


        I would expect that your teenagers would know to check the wait time before joining a line that would cause them to need to leave for the restroom.

        It sounds like you have figured out a way to skirt the rules in your favor using the old, “I was using the bathroom” excuse.”


        1. John

          Lol the anti bathroom comments. I guess I’ll pee on the ride so they can shut it down and give me free clothes. Then further inconvenience folks like these that say people need to pee before. Bladders are all not the same and staying hydrated is important.

          Mind your business Karen

        2. Joel

          Waiting in line for over 2 hours may sometimes cause people to want to urinate, scientific studies have shown.

      2. Angela R Landis-Carr

        I agree, I had to wait 3 hours for that ride. I had to leave and go to the bathroom myself.

      3. B


      4. Greg

        This particular attraction has a bathroom in the line. That excuse won’t fly.

      5. Deborah Leonard

        You would have lost on that one. Disney has bathroom passes for those long wait lines.

      6. James

        Teri, if you and your family can’t follow the common sense rules and basic common courtesy stay home

      7. Elaine

        There is a restroom in the FOP line

      8. Beth

        I think if your teenage can’t hold it then they need to go to the doctor. If a teenager is trying to cut in line it means they had someone saving a spot for them and that’s against property rules. Everyone go pee before you get in line.

  2. They always say they are cutting to get to their families. Some are truthful; some are not. Cast members should stop them. Have a rule that the party needs to be together when entering the line.

    1. Kid Gorgeous

      Eat your veggies. Windows xp was overrated.

  3. Kitty

    Rules are for everyone. To bad they are not consistently enforced.

    1. Dave F

      Its hard to always enforce groups to stay together when more than half the time its people needing to step out of a long line to use the restroom, get water or food, or some other extenuating circumstance outside of Disney’s and/or the Cast members’ control. I agree that the teens and young adults trying to scheme their way to the front of the line should be grilled with questions until they slip up in their lies, but sometimes its not always black and white when trying to figure out who is and who is not being legitimate. While the rule is that groups should be together when entering the line, its not always gonna play out perfectly textbook everytime, and the cast are simply trying to maintain order and simplicity for all groups to have the best time possible. Please show common courtesy to all guests and cast members, and please to sympathetic to the needs of others, after all, if the circumstances were reversed, you would want to be afforded the same courtesy, dignity, and compassion.

  4. Maybe Disney could come up with some rules, you can only rejoin a party that you were originally with and when leaving a line you need to get a slip or stamp from a cast that are monitoring the lines to return. These rules would apply after someone leaves a party that has advanced to the inside part of a queue.

  5. frostysnowman

    No cuts! Either get on line with the rest of your party, wait until they get off the ride, or tell them to wait for you if you think you might need to get some water or use the bathroom.

  6. Tessia Purvis

    No cuts, no buts, no coconuts!

    1. Paul

      Sgt. Calhoun would slap you for that!

  7. Sue

    Well if you know the wait is more then a hour o suggest you go to the bathroom or eat before. And that’s a good excuse to try to cut ahead that you do t speak English. Bull. There are more fights at Disney now bc people think they are entitled

  8. Tonya

    I am in absolute agreement that this person was within their rights to put a stop to the rudeness. However, this should have and could have been done without the use of profanity amongst the children that were, undoubtedly, in close proximity. Lead by example.

  9. Kristine Christ

    Good for you. More people need to do that.

  10. Who cares what my name is.

    If you have to go and go pee pee. Then you should have checked the wait time. Use the restroom before you ride. I am in a electric scooter. A lg group wanted to cut in line. I found out that one person was holding a spot for them in front of the line. They had just got off a ride and ran to this one. I told a CM what was going on. The CM had them all get out and go to the end o the line. They did the thing I do not speak English only Spanish. Well I speak Spanish also. The things I was hearing was rude. The total party should go in at the same time.

    1. Nouseforaname

      The scooter people always think they’re entitled too!!! I love how they don’t care how many people they run over.

  11. Mickeymouse3

    How do “cutters” know where their party is at in line? They text or call them.
    Imo, the party can and should let others go in front of them until the “cutter” is able to catch up without cutting. The party then gets praises from those allowed to move ahead of them and, the cutter doesn’t get the stink eye from other guests for the rest of the day.

  12. Bill

    This happens all. the. time. They are not rejoining their families after going to the bathroom. I would have seen them leave in most cases. They are family stragglers who are in fact “saving places in line” while some family go do other things. If you have a medical bladder control issue you can go get a disability acccess pass. Otherwise, you can all get out of line. Stop saving places in line and shoving past everyone.

  13. Sam

    Its completely understandable getting upset when people deliberately cut you in line. Its understandable through expirience. Its never ok to be selfish! When the person cutting you then brings 10 more guests its disgusting
    how selfish and rude people can be. If its about the children wheres the life lesson that says kids its ok for others to take advantage of you? its ok to be selfish to steal to lie. agree 100% with the angry person, vulgar language and all. Sometimes this get this is the only way to get the uneducated persons attention. They are teaching their children its ok to steal cheat and lie.

  14. Jordan

    I feel like some of you have never had a sudden case of needing to use the bathroom really bad and it shows. I for one use the bathroom before a movie even if I went before leaving the house so I don’t have to go while in the movie, but sometimes things happen that make me have to go again and I don’t want to have to hold it for a long time. Honestly, if you think they may be cutting, that’s when you tell a cast member to deal with it and don’t try to start something with someone that may have had an emergency.

  15. Deb

    Okay after thinking about this I think I have the answer. It’s on video and Disney has cameras all over the place. Start chanting real loud SERCURITY. I bet he will understand that. How many people can be wearing those orange swim trunks.

  16. Dolores Whitfield

    I see this happen on a regular happened to me on People Mover. An entire family of 6 stepped over the chain and got in front of me. They also decided to pretend they didn’t know the language.

  17. Chantelle

    More than 1 adult or teenager cutting in line is not someone experiencing a bathroom emergency. Adults and teens don’t need a group to go to the bathroom.

  18. PD

    Wow never had that problem! Don’t think that I would. I wish someone would try to block me from getting back to my family in line! Ha this funny, just shove them out the way and get to where you need to be! Clearly folks who behave this way are not use to coming to Disney! I like the comment about pissing on the ride! I see there are a lot of KAREN’S that visit Disney! This is too funny!

  19. Chris

    A couple of people catching up to their party should not be a big deal. A large group is another story. With that said, we’re all there with family and friends and should enjoy the attraction together if we can. Life happens. Lines move. None of it is worth getting into an altercation with someone.

  20. Cindy

    My experiences have been at Disney and Universal in Florida where foreign families slowly pass lines as people wait. Standing there I’ve observed the passing until they get to me and I try to block by positioning myself to block. They are speaking in Spanish, Russian, and other languages. Sometimes it seems they are unaware of their rudeness by American standards, other times they are looking sneaky like they know they are wrong. I haven’t called them out. Never see a cast member to ask about it. Sadly, need signs in most common languages to state the rules. Most people who had to step out for a call or bathroom break make themselves obvious and are apologizing. The ones who push through or sneakily sidle up when you turn your head are guilty.

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