Comments for Grandfather Buys “Worthless” $600 Disneyland Tickets, Not Allowed in Park

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  1. Chris

    Something is off here, if he could buy the tickets from Disney, why couldn’t they have just used the tickets he had to make same day reservations? They are from the same pool of tickets, makes no sense to me.

    1. Sometimes Disney main entrance personnel can be very authoritative and inflexible. This incident could have been handled with more understanding and not make the Grandfather feel like a criminal.

      1. TM

        Criminal? Who made him a criminal? If anything he tried to make Disney the criminal because he didn’t read the information they provided.

      2. Martin M Hernandez

        He is lucky that they were able to accommodate him with same day tickets and reservation. Tickets are sold on a tier system. A specific tier/price assigned to each day.Depending on the ticket he purchased, they probably didn’t cover the specific tier/price for the day he arrived at park. He would of figured that out if he tried to make a reservation with the tickets he purchased from Tickets at Work.

      3. John

        This story is pure user error and bad customer service. I have ticketsatwork too, bought plenty of WDW tickets. They are “vouchers” and must be linked to your Disney account to be validated like any other 3rd party purchased tickets. And now you also need park pass reservations. The ticketsatwork website also requires similar dates of entry bc of Disney’s variable pricing based on date. But it clearly says it’s not a park pass reservation.

    2. Tim

      Right. If the tickets were legit And they still had reservations for That day why not let him use the tix he had Already paid for.

      1. Robert Furst

        Curious how many of you work for Disney?

        1. Elvis Glazier


          Just got back from 3 weeks at Disney World in Florida and I have never heard the word, “No” come out of “Cast Members” mouths in all my years of going there.

          There’s a morale problem and the current Disney leadership is not capable of correcting it.

          The way they discarded their staff and college program students at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ is coming back to haunt them.

          No other Florida parks have any mask requirements but Disney is everything make at all the indoor portions of their lineups yet it’s okay for 20000 people to stand shoulder to shoulder watching fireworks. It send the wrong message to these young people who are being forced to be “Mask Nazis” when they can see with there own eyes that they’re job is ridiculous.

          SeaWorld, Universal, Busch Gardens, and all the waterparks were so happy and amazing but Disney has lost their Pixie dust.

          Don’t get be started about the money grabbing. Disney has always been her for that but this new CEO is taking it to a new level. If you’re not pulling $150k/year you can’t bring your family to the parks and truly enjoy yourself. It takes multiple visits to learn how everything works. I would never recommend Disney to anyone who doesn’t have the money to burn

          I’ll be back in March. I will go to all the parks but I won’t spend inside the park the way I normally do. SeaWorld and universal will get my pocket money.

      2. Brian

        If I had to guess, it’s probably because they were in a different price tier. You can’t use a ticket sold at a lower price tier to get into the park on a higher priced day.

        The tier system has been in place since 2016, but it still causes a lot of customer confusion. Frankly, I think it should be eliminated.

    3. Nancy

      I think that was part of the article he didn’t Byam direct from his knee in the first go around he bought them from a secondhand “discount“ Disneyland ticket seller….

      1. Anonymous

        Tickets at work is reliable they cover all kinds of things hotels amusement parks rental cars allot of big companies use them as a benefit

    4. Eva Pepitone

      The idea that this had anything to do with Covid is ridiculous. Those parks are not Covid safe with 6′ protocols.

    5. Sandra Hernandez

      I agree, Why could he obtain a same day reservation only by purchasing more tickets. The Castmember could of linked the ticketd he already bought.

    6. Beth

      I have and use tickets at work all the time! It’s great, we even used them for Disneyland over the summer and previously for Disney World. The issue, and is noted when you purchase the tickets, is you have to have a Disney account and put your reservations and tickets in through Disney, but the ticket information transfers just fine! It was definitely trickier with reservations currently than just walking in previously.

    7. Mary

      I bought my tickets from the same website recently and it have a note at the bottom… you must register your tickets on the Disneyland site. So obviously he failed to read the directions🤷‍♀️

  2. SL

    His tickets weren’t worthless, he just didn’t use them to make the actual theme park reservation he needed. I have also purchased through Tickets at Work,took the barcode I received in the email and used it to make reservations. This is just a case of a Boomer not understanding the new Covid protocols at DL

    1. Mindymoo

      Exactly. Anyone who’s done any kind of research knows you have to make reservations after you buy the tickets. This is a new world we’ve living in now thanks to covid. People have to research everything they do now. That’s on them to know the info and requirements, not the businesses.

    2. Al

      Exactly I also have used ticketsatwork.

      They refunded the money so i dont understand the meaning of this story.

    3. Randall

      Exactly! I’ve used tickets at work before. It tells you to make reservations.

      1. Christopher C Michaels

        Yeah he should have read the fine print and made reservations. The main gate ticket takers could have been a bit more understanding and helped him make reservations or just do a ticket override. I worked at an amusement park in Ohio this past summer and for the first part of the season we had a reservation system. We sometimes had to do overrides for people. After we did the overrides we would tell park guest next time they come to make a reservation. The ticket takers at Disneyland could have done that with out being complete jerks. Some people should not be allowed to be ticket takers because the power they think they have goes to their head.

        1. Eugene Egan Jr

          🌟 Go to Disney World in Florida next time!

        2. Eugene Egan Jr

          Yes, I agree

    4. Glenn

      Homo says what?

  3. Michelle

    There must have been an unusual glitch at tickets at work because normally their tickets work just fine.

    1. Tiffany

      It was because they didn’t read the information they were supposed to and didn’t make a reservation to get into the park he only bought tickets.
      When you buy tickets right now you are told you have to both buy tickets and make a reservation so they can more closely manage the amount of people in the park.

    2. Summer

      The tickets did work fine…this man just didn’t play attention to the reservation requirement, and didn’t make a reservation in addition to purchasing a ticket.

      If anything this news story might help get the word out…you can’t just buy tickets, you need a reservation, too.

      1. Andie

        This news story will help get the word out that if you whine enough someone will “make it right.”

  4. Ryan

    I have bought TicketsAtWork tickets for Disneyland and Disney World multiple times and never had an issue. Sounds like user error.

  5. Rory

    Never had an issue with tickets at work and they warn when buying tickets that you need to link them to a park reservation. I think this is user error.

  6. Roy Wally

    Disneyland staff have become real a-holes since the pandemic layoffs. The magic is gone. I get better service at Walmart.

    1. Tiffany

      Then don’t go to Disney. Problem solved!

      1. Tiffanie

        You must work at all Disney too

    2. Sarah

      Actually it’s been reported that he had 1day tickets which are tiered and he didn’t make reservations. The tickets weren’t useless. The original news report didn’t do their reporting very well.

    3. Cary

      I returned from WDW last Sunday. I was treated with complete respect. I had a ticket that I wasn’t able to use because my wife ended up not being able to go with us. I didn’t get a refund because the tickets were purchased from TicketsAtWork, and I had purchased both 5 and 7 day passes due to some not being able to stay the whole time. I completely understood that problem. I asked if there was anything that I could do, to which I was given 3 options. I took the one which had me visit Guest Services in the park and ask if I could get a gift card. The young man that helped me was as friendly and helpful as I could have hoped for. I’d say if anything, Disney is doing a great job with customer service.

    4. Tyler

      This is hilarious and ironic because guests have acted like animals for forever, these CMs were just following protocol it’s not their fault he doesn’t know how to read guidelines and rules, for a generation so hung up on personal accountability this is doubly hilarious

      1. Jay

        Since the solution came out of his account when he pulled out his wallet, he showed his accountability just fine.

      2. Ted Wright

        Disney is owned and staffed by willing woke Marxist orifice’s

        1. Eugene Egan Jr

          lol, Too Funny! 🤣

      3. JW

        Bottom line…it should NOT be this difficult to take a day trip to Disney. Customers are now required to jump through too many hoops in order to visit the parks.

  7. Tiffany

    It’s very clearly stated that you have to also have a reservation to enter the park as well as actual park tickets. He honestly is the one at fault here for not checking that he had lined everything up. Glad it worked out for the kids, but he made it a problem because he didn’t pay attention.

  8. Mj

    Tickets at work screwed us this year and it was definitely their reservation that was at fault as we read all the fine print before our purchase. It was horrendous trying to right their wrong and it took months of haranguing them. I should have contacted our local news for this too.

  9. Jhay

    Like many have said. It’s not enough to have the tickets. You need to register them on the Disney site and make a reservation with them. This allows Disneyland to control how many people are coming to the park. The fact that he was able to buy tickets that day is lucky for him. He can still use those other tickets, he just needed to register them. I guess it’s fine that he will get a refund but I wish I got that kind of consideration when I screw up.

  10. L

    Former MKGR here, unless you buy your tickets from Disney directly or through a place like AAA or AARP, this is not Disney’s problem. Maybe he will do his research next time.

  11. michael

    Get rid of that damned reservation system, period!

    1. Christopher


    2. Leslie

      I hope the reservations stay! If they go away the park will be overrun with passholders 24/7. We don’t want that again!

      1. Chris

        Exactly. Passholders need to go bye bye.

        1. Cary

          The local passholder system needs to be changed, because they make up a huge portion of the people that go, but they don’t make up the amount of money spent by non-locals. For many, the vacation is a once in a lifetime, and a crowded park with no opportunity to enjoy more than a few rides for the hundreds spent on tickets. Disney is going to make it so that people will be less likely to make a Disney vacation, and then their hotels will be emptier than they want. It will probably get all sorted out eventually, but it definitely needs to change. So does the Genie+ system. It totally sucks. But so did WDWs fast pass system before. Being able to build your itinerary 60 days in advance isn’t practical for most people so you’d get either few fast passes that were later in the day, or no passes at all. And get Iger back before Chepak really screwed up everything.

    3. joseph

      For sure… And let’s change genie plus to be a little more like fastpass!

  12. Robin

    It was released that he had purchased the wrong tier for the day he wanted to go on. So user error that the media blew out of control.

    I had originally just assumed he couldn’t figure out that the tickets come attached to an email and you then link the tickets to your Disney account before making reservations.

  13. LouiB

    Not everyone is computer literate and glad things worked out ok. He did what he needed to do at the park to make things work and then got the remedy he needed afterwards. It would be nice though if cast members tried to be more helpful in situations like this. They usually are but I have had occasional issues with cast members over the last 35 years (only 2 I can think of) which I felt were not handled well, but all other times things were fine.

  14. Zigsgyrl

    NEVER, I mean NEVER buy Disney tickets from any site except Disney itself. As a past CM we seen this ALL the time. Its embarrassing for you and sad for kids who cannot be let in because of this. And if you do try and buy them have them meet you at the ticket gate. You will find out for sure if they are real or not.

    1. Rob

      There was nothing wrong with the tickets. The guy didn’t make a reservation. Ticketsatwork is a reputable business that provides discounts on entertainment tickets to local businesses.

  15. Chris

    Disney should have made this right instead of turning him away. Disney got paid for those tickets and in return offered no customer service. Shame on them.

    1. Heidi Johannes

      Exactly! And your got that right! Shame on them!

      1. Cary

        TicketsAtWork let’s you know all about what you have to do. It truly is user error.

        1. Joanna Coors

          Seriously! No one wants to take responsibility anymore, always looking to blame someone else. I hate articles like this!

    2. Sheila

      Why should Disney have “made this right”? It wasn’t their mistake.

  16. Heidi Johannes

    That is just ridiculous in so many ways! And what a good attitude he had! What if the man didn’t have the extra money to Fork out right then and there!? Disneyland should have been much more giving in this situation! Where the heck was the management and why didn’t they handle this better?

  17. Jessica

    I reserved a hotel for a family trip through tickets at work. It was a nice Holiday Inn with a pool that had many positive reviews. Got to the hotel and I had no reservation there. Fortunately, the manager was familiar with Tickets at Work… they kept telling people they had a reservation at the Holiday Inn when their reservation was actually at the Red Roof Inn across the highway that shared its parking lot with a seedy looking bar where patrons were fighting in the parking lot every night… and no pool. I will never use their site again and I tore down the flier at work so none of my coworkers would.

  18. Sabrina

    Like many previous commenters I don’t understand why Disney made the guest repurchase their tickets. I get we all need to follow the new Health & Safety protocols but if space was available in the parks, how was making the guest repurchase their tickets the solution. Additionally seems like Tickets At Work may need a more intuitive system that lets you pass through to the Parks Reservation webpage right after you complete your ticket purchase. At least everything worked out in the end.

  19. Kris

    From what I read here, he simply didn’t make a reservation. 🤷‍♀️

  20. Kat

    As a grandmother and very computer illiterate I can understand completely what happened here. I grew up going to the Disneyland of the 50’s & 60’s.
    The DISNEYLAND of today bears zero resemblance to those days.
    I was at Disneyland with my grandchildren in October and completely bewildered by being under able to do much of anything or buy even food without a Smart Phone and an APP????? Because of grandkids who DID understand we had a good time but Walt is rolling in his grave……
    Shameful…. The experience was certainly Not an E Ticket!

    1. AlliBb

      I agree. I accidentally left my phone in the car at the airport, and it was sooooo difficult to maneuver without access to the app!!

  21. KJ

    This sounds 100% like user error. My money is on the fact that he didn’t choose a day and make a reservation after buying the tickets. I’ve used tickets at work multiple times with absolutely no issues. But you have to make the reservation after the tickets are delivered to your inbox. This is hardly newsworthy, and absolutely not part of some scheme or plot. If you don’t understand the process, spend the extra few dollars and buy directly from Disney. Nobody was a victim here

  22. Steve O

    Having worked at another major park in ticketing, ticketsatwirk can be hit or miss.

    The situation is to blame on BOTH parties. TAW should have explained the process. Also Disney could have bern way more accommodating, as they were able to sell him proper tickets for the same day. Third party tickets generate less $$$ for the parks, and we all know, Disney is ALL about the $$$$, not your happiness!

  23. David

    I bought tickets from ticketsatwork and just went to Disneyland last week. What the grandfather failed to do was make a reservation after purchasing the tickets from ticketsatwork. Sucks for the kids of course, but the grandfather didn’t follow all the steps. Ticketsatwork works just fine.

  24. John

    I understand that the customer did not get the new reservation system, but the fact that most here are a absolutely fine with all the ridiculous hoops that Disney has the visitor go through is disappointing. I figured customers would revolt against this, but i was wrong, as US consumers are the most gullible, and easily swayed in the world. The only thing I agree with you all on is they should get rid of anything resembling an annual pass or genie or whatever the hell they want to call it now.

  25. Richard John Davis

    Maybe next time he can have his grandkids read the rules to him.

  26. Guest Relations

    As a former Magic Kingdom Guest Relations Cast Member, things like this happened all the time before the Reservation system.
    I would never purchase tickets from anyone other than the company. If bought from 3rd party, the receipt you have is worthless as those ti kets are sold in bulk and it is near impossible to find the 1 specific ticket. It can be done in rare situations, but it can take a very long time. With the park receipt, it can be found in seconds.

    Buying online from Disney is also ok.

    Just do not ever buy from 3rd parties. You are gambling, and often lose. If someone sells a “4 day ticket” and it is really a 10 day ticket that was used by someone for 6 days already, that is illegal, the ticket will be confiscated, and you will need to work with police to get your money back.

    But even legit tickets from AAA for example are bulk tickets that are very difficult to replace if lost or have any issues. You might have to return to AAA to get replacements. It’s just not worth the risk as these things happen every day.

    You might get lucky and save a little, or you might be unlucky and lose thousands. But your gamble is not Disney’s responsibility to correct.

    This specific person was fortunate the company refunded him. That is very rare in my years of experiences.

    1. Mellissa Allex

      So what’s the safest fail proof way to buy tickets for Disney world Florida. I’m coming from Texas in April. I don’t understand this whole reservation process and what about parking, for the day, is there a process to make sure there’s enough parking passes for your reservation day, as well. I don’t want ANY surprises. No covid restrictions right??…besides mask? Thanks Mellissa

  27. Richard S Klein

    I wouldn’t go to that overpriced dump if they paid me $600

  28. Benjamin

    So sick of this Covid crap! It’s time to get on with life. Disneyland needs to drop the whole reservation thing and the mask requirements. This crap is never going to end if we don’t push back against it!

  29. The Dude

    Lot’s of Disney employees posting here, it seems! I get it, the guy didn’t make a reservation. But I think many of you are missing the point. Entry was denied to parks with excuse of limited access and no available reservations. But then Disney says, well there IS space after all, but only if you buy new tickets. Gramps was probably just like, well, which is it?

  30. Stephanie

    Simialr happened to me too, thanks to TicketsAtWork.com! I had to pay an additional $152 for my son and I to get in because supposedly our tickets had expired on the 16th (it was 12/21/21) but customer service had told me I had through the end of the year (12/31/21). It put a huge stressor on me because I’m a single mom and that money was budgeted for food for my son and I.

  31. Same thing happened to me n my family and waisted all my vacation, only I prepaid for everything including airfare, hotel, rental car, tickets for all the parks for 4 days and it cost me a couple thousand dollars. My grandson is Austisic and can’t wear a mask and the trip was mainly for him. So we sat in the hotel most of the time with him bouncing off the walls and hits himself,bangs his head into things. Talk about the nightmare from Hell😥😥😥😥😥

  32. John

    Disney sxxk. U need a degree just to figure out their overpriced entrance fees and schedules
    One huge rip off. I was glad when they got hit financially. They are mercilessly greedy and cruel.

    1. Mellissa Allex

      Lol…john…John… got your wish

  33. JohnWinheim

    100% Parks are full of guests standing shoulder to shoulder in some parts. Covid precautions my a@#.

  34. EricJ

    Unlike the whole local industry of scam WDW tickets that’s been in Orlandissimee for the last twenty or thirty years, TicketsatWork seems to be legit–
    But, in the pandemic/Chapek era, it’s not just SO SIMPLE as buying tickets now…

    If the park reservation system is hard enough for us regulars to understand at the moment, just imagine how it is for the non-Internet enabled grandparents and newbies who haven’t made a trip since the days of Fastpass or Magic Bands.

  35. Max G

    I had a similar situation with TicketsAtWork at Grand Canyon West. The food vouchers for (rather expensive) lunch were not recognized, and it was like $150 or so in vouchers. Luckily, the folks operating Gramd Canyon West kindly agreed to take my tickets and handle the situation with TicketsAtWork themselves. That’s what Disney should’ve done for this person. Poor customer service :-/

  36. Cory

    The problem is 100% Disney. They are making it harder and harder for people to enter a park, both logistically and monetarily. I love Disney but hate all the hoops you have to go through as well as pay to play. I am glad tickets at work.com made things right, which only makes Disney look worse.

  37. Mellissa Allex

    Way to make it right. Glad he had a good time. Like my daughter says…”It’s Always Something”.

  38. Bonnie Hudson

    Completely his fault. It’s no secret you need a reservation for every day you have a ticket, a ticket does not guarantee admission. It’s clearly stated! When spending that kind of money you read what you are doing.

  39. EDDIE

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