Comments for Sony Reportedly Courting Emma Stone for Andrew Garfield’s ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

emma stone as gwen stacy (left) and andrew garfield as spider-man (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures


  1. Get it done Sony 😎

  2. Don’t ask about it or think about just do Sony the amazing Spider-Man 3

    1. Doctor conners

      Why do a reboot just do amazing spider 3 not a reboot of it cause then everyone will be confused unless they make the reboot an alternate universe of the first and second movie

  3. Justin

    And a Spider-man 4 with Tobey.

  4. PassingSnail

    Honestly, do it Sony! I need more of chatty, in touch with his emotions, barely coping, kinda morally shaken Spiderman. Andrew’s Spiderman deserves his happy ending

    1. FreeTuggies

      I sure he went to a few massage parlors.

  5. Tyrone

    Get this nigga an end to his trilogy Sony!

    1. Andrew Garfield is perfect for spider man 4

  6. Andrew Jeppesen

    Sure. But more than that we need Tobey back for Spider-Man 4!

  7. DaveP

    Might be in the minority, but Garfield was my favorite Spider-Man and his role in No Way Home proved himself worthy to continue his franchise. Truly hope to see more of him as “Amazing” Spider-Man.

    1. Shane

      I think most agree he was the best spiderman with his quips, swinging, and maneurisms. It was his peter Parker and poor back stories that ruined the films.

      1. Jamie Virginiak

        I have to also agree to this !

    2. Agree 100%. We need more amazing Spider-Man movies

      1. Jamie Virginiak

        Yes, get Garfield another Spider-Man movie.

  8. Lex

    This could spun into something very good, i mean with closure he had in no way home garfield is a way great actor see how he reminiscene his scene when catching jones,whilst the 3rd amazing spidey movies could spelt garfield spidey death for emma spideygwen to spring up and then this can continue to the into the spideyverse where they would cast a teenage black spidey miles using stone’s as flavour for the real live action of it ofc with garfield dead backstory, and then with this another multiverse of madness chapter could be spined to big setup where miles meet the grown up holland spidey whilst still being the teenage spidey that he could relate as he assume the role of stark for him for morales and really with the decades of backstory set in place sony should know by know that us viewer are really liked to be flung back and fort in our journey in watching movies like reading a massive books that contains a lil past event with past appearance so we as a viewer didnt felt a time wasted just to another reboot and the story itself has its legacy, ofc tobey’s deserved 1 more tobey evil dance movies lol

    1. David S..

      I am like a child who saw his favorite superhero movie character. I’m so happy to hear these talks happening. I’ve been the bud of most sperjokes bc I always said Andrew Garfield was the best Spidey and deserved a third movie. With Emma Stone being my favorite actress and rewatching TAS2 I know by far she would be so damn good in the third movie. Please Sony do this for us.

  9. Esthas


  10. Lex

    With those arrangement alone ive just made sony few hundreds million with few movies that people will hype for, we need someone whose like feige on the top of company like sony or even WB

    1. Jay

      Well yes he was a great spiderman

  11. Javsel

    Andrew Garfield es el más carismático y mejor intérprete de Spiderman, por favor sony hagan The Amazing Spiderman 3 🙏 Al menos concluyan con una trilogía en solitario

  12. I am a fan of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and a fan of Tom Hollands.

    With that said, I would welcome and watch The Amazing Spider-Man 3 with Garfield and Spider-Man 4 with Tobey Maguire.

    At least we can trust Sony that they can make a Spider-Man without going woke.

    No way home proved that people want good entertainment with no propaganda or anything woke.

    Please Sony, you know you will make bank!

    1. Jay

      Jesus, your comment ! Leave your views about the world out of this and let us enjoy the fantasy!

    2. William

      Agreed 100%…

      woke = broke

  13. Anonymous

    Now this is wat we want!
    Just get ’em back!
    Andrew’s spidey needs justice…. his tears need to answered 😭 … do something in TASM3 and give HIS Gwen back to him

  14. Alexander

    Since Miles Morales is from Garfields spiderverse they can launch morals as they wrap Garfields story.

  15. Andre

    In Venom 3, the Spider-Man that meets should be Garfield!

  16. Jesse

    It’s awesome hearing the other people who think andrews Spider-Man was the best. Tobey will always be our first Spider-Man. But the amazing Spider-Man was the best. Give us #3!

  17. Anugrah

    agree or not Andrew is the best spiderman so far and suits the character himself. he deserves his trilogy.

  18. agree or not Andrew is the best spiderman so far and suits the character himself. he deserves his trilogy.

  19. SAM


    1. Jamie Virginiak


  20. Alchuma

    Andrew 1 million percent deserves another movie. He stole the show in no way home and has so much more to give. Make it happen Sony !

  21. Eve Sarah Chillington

    Yes get Andrew Garfield back for another ASM film as he didnt complete a triology. Hes my favourite as the emotions he shows after Gwens traumatic death are so powerful and when he tells the other Spidermen and then saves MJ in NWH it brings a tear to my eye. Hes a fab actor lets see him do more in Marvel films.

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