Comments for Disney Park Adds Another Price Increase For Guests

Credit: DLP Report


  1. Mickeymouse3

    Yep, another Bob Paycheck move. Another nickel, another dime. Pretty soon he will kill this fun activity as well. As Disney Paris goes, so goes the other parks around the globe.

  2. Just to give you an idea of where this increase might stem from here is an example of one increase that I have seen in my industry (retail paint sales) the cost of metal paint buckets has just increased by 40% and there has actually been a shortage of metal paint cans to the point that our main manufacturer has switched over 50% of their cans to plastic. Also rising can costs are one reason citing for a substantial price increase coming next year. So it’s not just Disney, metal prices are going WAY up.

  3. Elizabeth G Sanchez

    I am a avid Disney Villain Pin collector, this is Sad news for me!

  4. Leonard Engelhart

    Total greedy for money
    This is a real shame
    Need to change the statue from Mickey Mouse to Scrooge Mcduck and put up images of Dollar signs all over and get rid of this greedy CEO

    1. Craig

      100 % agree. Becoming a place for only the wealthy. No longer have any incentive to visit with all the costs going up. Mickey =$$$$$$

  5. Cj Brown

    Nobody’s delighted whenever there’s a price increase for Merchandise, Food & Drinks and Theme Park Admission (unless you are the sort to openly brag about how much you spend!) 🙄

    Could this be due to ‘supply and demand’ issues?

    Or is this Chapek Regime Greed?

    Or is this a combination of the two?

    Will the Merchandise Quality be maintained, or will it be even more cheaply manufactured?

    Certain things to think about! 🤔

  6. Dee

    Suppose to be a place for families to enjoy but all the increases is putting a damper on the fun

  7. skippy

    It’s called boycott this greedy company!

  8. John

    Welcome to Biden’s economy. Hyper inflation for the next three years. Since Disney is going up over here; might as well raise prices everywhere.

  9. N1mbleFinger5

    Should get rid of hidden Mickey’s and replace with hidden $$$ logos instead

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