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Toy Soldier Mishap

Images Credit: Disney (left) / @chipandlex (right)

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  1. Charlie Melco

    Oh my word! This is ancient news! An incident that happened, wait for it… NINE YEARS ago!!

    So, why on earth are you rehashing it now, as it occurred a few days ago? Are you that desperate for content, you are now quite literally scraping the barrel to find anything to post?

    It’s yet another example of the bone idle “reporting” that is constantly being churned out by this site! First, do we have the obligatory two or three paragraphs of irrelevant waffle, before you actually get to the point? Check. Second, have we not bothered to do our research to find out what occurred? Check.

    Here, just to help you out…. This was guest footage from Disneyland in 2012. A toy solider in the marching band unit of that years ‘Christmas Fantasy’ parade, stumbled on his own square boots, during a turn in the choreography. This led to the soldier falling onto his side, causing the character performer to injure his arm.

    The heads on these costumes are not secured with any straps, instead they just kinda slot into to the neck part of the costume. The head did not fall off when the performer tripped over. This unfortunate mishap was caused by the Cast Member who went to help the soldier get up. Instead of ensuring that the head piece was stable, the CM made things worse, from a show point of view, by causing the head to fall off in the presence of the guests watching the parade.

    It wasn’t anything major and wasn’t as if it was a main or important character that it happened to. It was an ensemble cast member, whose faces can often be seen through those heads, because of the holes cut in the mouths to allow the trumpeters to play their instruments.

    There’s footage online somewhere, of a reindeer performer in Tokyo Disneyland’s ‘Christmas Wishes’ parade, passing out behind a float during a show stop, before recovering and continuing with the show. That’s from several years ago too. Perhaps, you’d like to dig that one out too and post a nonsense piece about that too.

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