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extinct disney attractions


  1. Bill

    Mr. Toads Wild Ride was one of my very favorites as a kid. I would love to have it back. The Maelstrom was a good one. I think Frozen is boring. Maelstrom had a mysteriousness about it that made it fun. The sky ride in Magic Kingdom was another favorite. My dad would love to have the movie ride back. The new Mickey ride is not bad.

  2. My kids didn’t like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride because of the ride through Hell at the end. They rode it at Disneyland, because it was already gone in Florida. No one in my family prefers Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway. They are all prefer the Great Movie Ride.

  3. EricJ

    People, you ASKED for Frozen Ever After–
    You nagged, you letter-campaigned, you fan-rumored, you BEGGED them for a Frozen ride in Norway, and a new land to go with it, because it was “neat” to have one announced while the movie was in theaters.

    …Just like you wanted Alien Encounter to be a neato Stitch Encounter, remember?

  4. Phoebe L Ho

    I would love to have the Great Movie Ride over here in D-land, somehow. Ditto the Carousel of Progress, the PeopleMover, and the Country Bear Jamboree. Captain EO is one that could be put on DVD, if they really wanted to…..

  5. Ed

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I loved it as a kid and I’m sad that my kids haven’t been able to experience it.

  6. Mel

    Journey to imagination back to the way it was is my vote.

  7. Carter


  8. Colleen

    I am sooo brokenhearted by The Great Movie Rude being taken out…..That was 9ne of my favorite top 5 rides in all 4 parks. Whose horrible idea was it to take it away? They should be fired and TGMR should be put back!!

  9. Matt

    Country Bear Jamboree! It was iconic Disney and totally nostalgic.

  10. Denise M Tsubota

    If you are only going to talk about WDW then say that in your title. WDW in Florida is NOT the only Disney park in the USA let alone the world.

  11. DhI

    Notice how they’re taking out/ altering literally all of the rides mentioned in /part of the plot in Kingdom Keepers… I have a conspiracy theory… Overtakes, the Disney Villains

  12. P.L. Hinson

    I loved Ellen’s Universe of Energys program ride. I never missed going there when it was there and open. It is science in action for adults and kids alike.. Maelstrom ride is history of Norway. Apripo for the country it is in. Great Movie ride is LOTS better than what I saw riding Mickey& Minnie’s runaway train ride.

  13. Ray Yokubynas

    Tapestry of dreams and illuminations are sorely missed! Also the Osborne Christmas Light spectacular!

  14. DisneyMum2010

    We miss a lot of the super nostalgic attractions that are long since gone. Epcot has lost the bulk of our favorites; Spaceship Earth’s original ending, The Wonders of Life Pavilion, Horizons Pavilion, World of Motion Pavilion, Journey to Imagination, Kitchen Cabaret show and the original Listen to the Land ride in the Land Pavilion, as well as IllumiNations, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, and Tapestry of Dreams Parade.
    Other noteworthy losses were Magic Kingdom’s Dreamflight and Skyway to Fantasyland/Tomorrowland, and Disney MGM Studios’ Great Movie Ride and Studio Backlot Tour including Catastrophe Canyon.
    So very much has changed in the last 30 years, some for good and some perhaps not. *sigh*

  15. Anonymous

    The more fans are demanding the old attractions back, the possibility it could happen.

  16. Marcus

    Spend the money and restore Journey Into Imagination to its former glory.
    I miss Mr. Toad’s but I get my fix when at Disneyland. The Malestorm is super missed & Kitchen Kaberat.

    And don’t change Splash Mountain!

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