Comments for Disney Dining Location Receives Backlash as Guest Is Outraged With $12 Meal

spaghetti and meatballs (left) pop century dining (right)


  1. Ryan

    Replying to your question about the food and Pop century. The food quality and options have diminished severely. It’s definitely not worth staying at this hotel anymore because the food options are deplorable.

    1. We just returned from 3 nights at PopCentury, & this looks half-eaten. Our same bowl was nearly overflowing, and had only 2 meatballs. This looks like 2 or more meals combined leftovers. Not a cast member, nor no family or acquaintances work for DW.

      1. Scott Glen

        Its not leftovers, that is as served. The only thing worse than this particular meal is how much the meals vary throughout the day. He should have asked for another bowl, I have after having been handed food like that at WDW. Its far too expensive to not speak up but surprisingly alot of people dont and I think Chapek is taking advantage of that. Less for more is the new mantra across the company.

      2. Cindi Walker

        People need to use their voices. Ask for what is missing from your food preparation. I was there in August and all reviews stated to keep away from Cinderella’s royal table. We had an incredible experience. Yes it was pricey but the food was amazing and, contrary to popular opinion, you really did get alot for your money. You’re there for the experience. Get a grip people and use your voices.

    2. Disney in general complete customer service under achieving in all areas. in future staying off property use of car rental is the way to go.

    3. Sharon

      I agree that there should be more sauce on that meal because the sauce is what makes it taste good – PLEASE PUT MORE SAUCE ON THE MEALS IF YOU WANT TO TREAT YOUR GUESTS RIGHT AND IF YOU WANT TO SATISFY THEM TO GET THEM TO COME BACK…….

    4. Kristy

      I stayed at Pop Century in 2007 and it was the worst Resort I have ever stayed at. I contacted Disney customer service multiple times while there and received no assistance. 1st room had vomit on the floor, 2nd room still had cigarette smoke fumes. I’ve stayed at Doentown Disney Hilton since then. Much better food, bigger rooms, less little children and walking distance to DT Disney. Disney Resorts are over Crowded & over rated. Fun of you have littlest. But the value resorts are just garbage.

      1. Georgy

        We actually stayed at pop culture last year at Christmas. It was during the the covid 19 era where we had to pick up our meals in bento boxes. The meals were hot. But for what it’s worth, aren’t all meals regarding the Disney parks, overpriced?
        But I do agree, the cast members that are doing the preparation need very much to pay attention of the presentation of the food!
        We also dined at the castle, and were absolutely dazzled! The surroundings the Ambience, and the food was fantastic!
        We just took it in stride! And still enjoyed the week that we spent in Disney world!

    5. Kristy

      If anyone enjoys the food at the Value resorts in cannot imagine what you normally eat. I thought I walked into a walmart on steroids. No offense but definitely the motel 6 of Disney and the food is 7-11 quality. 7-11 might actually be better.

    6. Gayle

      Is Disney trying to stop people from eating in the parks or resorts. WHERE IS THE MAGIC FROM TWO YEARS AGO!!!!!!! Get rid of the idots that are messing up Our Disney experience!!!! I pay that much money for everything at Disney to get great experience not just slung together experiences including the food. A2year old could put that pasta dish together. If I pay a big price I want a pricey dinner. I wouldn’t pay two bucks for that mess. Is Diane going bankrupt that they have to resort to this kind of service?

      1. Gayle

        Is Disney going bankrupt that they have to resort to this kind of service

  2. Gt

    We stayed at ft wilderness. The had a thing to sign up for making tie die t shirts for my kids. After they got excited about it and we show up for our appointment, I found f out ti was 23$ a piece. For a plain white tee shirt with a cheep screen on logo. No instructions or anything. Just a here you go.

    1. Patti

      I stayed at pop century my last 2 trips and the food was good, except the pizza. Had the pot roast and salmon, it was perfect.

    2. Tangie Barnett

      False advertising.

      1. Chris Wood

        Well this is a problem at all theme parks. I visited universal Orlando. My visit was great, the food at the hotel was top notch, but the food in the parks were average! With all the comments on one hotel, I will never stay at that one.

        1. Jenn

          @Chris Wood-I agree. I enjoy desserts in Disney and Universal but consistently good meals are really hard to find. Got mac&cheese for my daughter at the pool rest. at Royal Pacific and it was lukewarm penne w/parmesan (or something) sprinkled on top. Just terrible. Kraft would have been luxurious comparatively 😕

  3. We stayed at Pop Century pre-pandemic and were satisfied with our room and all our meals.

    We are returning in May 2022 and are hoping we are not disappointed. We have been coming regularly since 1975 and never had a bad experience.
    We are hoping everything is as good as it always has been.
    We are staying at the Boardwalk this time.
    We have stayed at the Contemporary, Grand Floridian, New Orleans, and most recent Pop Century. Many of those places were repeated as we have been there about 45 times.

  4. Sue

    Doesn’t surprise me disney has changed but not for the good. The ones who say we had the best food the best rooms must be crazy Disney fans. Bc anyone can see the parks are not like they use to be the food is not like it was The parks are dirty and don’t even start me on the bathrooms. They don’t have enough help the employees don’t really care. Most work there for the perks .I have seen people walking around smoking Women walking around with less clothes then at the beach . And fake service dogs. And yes you can tell the difference from a fake one and a trained one. Dogs in strollers instead of a kid. Has Disney changed yes. And not for the good.

    1. Tyler

      People must not be reading the news from the shareholder meetings…this kind of stuff is what they are talking about. The CFO made a point to emphasize that they are going to be cutting down on the serving sizes rather than raising the prices of the meals in order to increase profit margin.

      1. Dario

        I’m sorry. Does that profit margin need to be increased?… Couple years ago I talked to a cast member who said parking fees pay for operational cost by 11am. Anything after that is profit. So why is declining quality at the parks a priority? Let alone on the table?

  5. Chris

    What you get for your money is beyond ridiculous in the parks and resorts. We either eat outside the parks or bring our own food in a backpack.

    1. Lauren

      Remember when the big wigs said cutting the size of portions will help the guests with their weight? Mocking the pigs that come to the park. STOP GOING. STOP giving them MONEY

      1. Tim

        So agree. Haven’t been in 5 years. But wanting to go for the 50th. Then will probably be another 5 years or never after this trip.

  6. Tiffney

    We stayed there in 2017 and absolutely loved it. The food was great and the portions were large. Sad if this is what it has gone to. It cost way to much to be unsatisfied

  7. Corn Flake

    Welcome to America. Where companies put in half the effort and charge you twice as much for it.

    1. Isn’t that the truth?! And you get yelled at if you dare complain.

      1. Corn Flake

        It’s a losing situation

  8. Greg

    “Magical experience” would be not having to ask for extra sauce or even being asked how much sauce is preferred. Pretty simple solution.

    1. Chris Wood

      It is a magical experience. Our hard earned money disappears like magic

  9. Brenda

    I have eaten at pop century and many of the other resorts restaurants and have never been disappointed I always ask for extra sauce. Whether alfredo or red sauce. Very good food and always very filling. We go to Disney at least 6 times a year.

    1. I agree. Compare prices to other parks, resorts, sports arenas, and they are close to same. Difference is, that if you ask to adjust meal they will.

  10. Judi

    I’ve had that entrée. I agree that $12.00 is too much for it and some microwave pasta meals look and taste better than this Pop Century Resort meal.
    I recommend the pot roast, the burgers, the chilled shrimp salad and the pizza (both cheese and pepperoni).

  11. Disney continues to lose business because the food has gotten so bad in so many places. Apparently Disney has never heard of the foodie movement where people travel for good food. They are missing a giant market of tourism with their cheapness.

  12. Chris

    Florida born and raised. Been to Disney parks more times than I can count. Rule #1: never ever buy anything to eat at the parks. Eat before, pound out the rides while fasting then eat after leaving the park. I know at least before COVID Disney parks offered lockers and a picnic area to eat your own food we would bring into the parks. Been there done that. The food in those parks is very carni and not nutritious so I would never eat it nor give it to my kids.

    1. Water4Life

      How is it fasting when you’ve just eaten a meal? That is not fasting. That is digesting.

  13. Amber

    I could definently tell a difference in the quality of food across all restaurants during our most recent visit to Disney. The quality has went downhill for sure in comparison to a couple years ago. It is no longer worth the experience to eat the food at the restaurants in the parks.

  14. Debra

    “Ask a cast member if you’re not satisfied.” You mean “stand in line for 30+ minutes while your food gets freezing cold, only for the employee to be passive aggressive to you.”
    It should be glaringly obvious that is not what the guest should have received. They should not have to tell a cast member that this is clearly insufficient.

    1. Laura

      You see what they give you, and if it’s not enough sauce, you ask for extra right then and there.

      1. Kristen

        You can’t see your food until you get back to your table. Everything is ordered thru the app now, and you pick it up in a bag, whether you’re eating there or it’s to go.

        1. Alex

          No, I was there last week. You watch them dish it up in front of you. I asked for extra gravy and it was no problem.

  15. Christian

    Theu suckered in all the mini van mommies and fanny pack dads and they know you’ll all bend over and take and keep going back. They know the lack of backbone crowd they’re dealing with. Get in line.

  16. Kellie

    Next week is my 23rd trip and my kids 21st trip. I have never thought the food was that great. We love the Dole whip and the desserts. To me all if it seems like microwave meals. We go for the rides and atmosphere. Disney has missed the mark on good good for sure.

  17. Lynsey

    I went there way back in the early 2000’s with my dad and brother and it was wonderful. Now it sounds like Disney is no longer “magical” or “the happiest place on Earth” just so they can squeak out more and more money and provide less and less. I’m sorry to say say from what I’ve heard I may never go back again and instead will just remember how wonderful it used to be.

    1. Carol Danielewicz

      I totally agree. We last went in 2015 and it looks like not only can we not afford it but why go if you’re being treated
      like cattle.

  18. Robin

    Just stayed 8 nights at Pop. Love the hotel. I feel all the food is lacking at Disney. The kids mac and cheese and the Mickey waffles are good. That’s about it. Oh and the dole whip.

  19. RJ Ullrich

    I’ve been going since 1971 opening….not going anymore. It is absolutely NOTHING like it was, even a few years ago. Such unencumbered greed, and it really shows!!!

  20. LeeAnn Brumble

    We stayed at Pop in Sept. We spent enough money for 2 nights, park day and 6 meals to do a 5 day cruise. $50 for 2 hamburgers and a drink, $3.50 for one banana. Not impressed with hotel or food at all.

    1. Stef G

      A cheeseburger at Pop with fries is $11.49 and most drinks are around $4 unless you got alcoholic drinks at $10 a pop either way that doesn’t add up to $50. Also bananas are $2.29 not $3.50. Should have went with the pop roast @ $12.99 or salmon @ $16.49 both of those meals are amazing.

  21. Julie

    I’m sorry but for $12 I should not walk away hungry number one and number two it should be appetizing!

  22. Gary c

    4.25 for a ice tea

  23. Tangie Barnett

    False advertising.

    1. False advertising, how?

  24. Daniel Burke

    This isn’t an isolated issue, the food is indeed changing. I went to Flame Tree BBQ the other day and while the portion was fine there was almost no BBQ sauce on top and no additional sauce given. It was a bit odd since we’ve been going to Disney for years, so I went to the counter to ask for more sauce and wouldn’t you know it the person in front of me has the exact same problem. It’s not a major issue, but we shouldn’t have to ask for BBQ sauce at a BBQ restaurant. My guess is that the company has directed restaurants to reduce sauce usage and only give it out on request in order to cut costs. After all it takes time and money to fill those little condiment cups and cents add up. This is very much a Chapekesque move to nickel dime and remove costs.

    1. jeff

      if it happened to multiple people it is possible that the person was training. i’ve never had any issues with getting sauce at flame tree

      1. J.V

        Omg everyone just sitting here complaining! This is what Covid has brought us all too? Just a bunch of warriors with a keyboard? I’m not sure where all of you come from but in Canada we cant even get a kids meal at McDonalds for $12. If there’s not enough sauce just ask for some more holy thunder people. If there was more sauce all of you would be complaining there is to much! We’re in the middle of a pandemic. You should be worried about keeping yourself free of Covid not complaining about sauce!

        1. DonB

          The cutbacks and money gouging at WDW is not because of Covid. It’s because Disney has a CEO who is a money grubbing penny pincher who has no respect for Walt’s legacy and zero concern for long time Disney fans. We are 20+ year highly invested DVC members and we’ve become totally disillusioned with this new management team. Our benefits of DVC membership have been eroded and for the first time ever we decided not to renew our Annual Passes because of the incredible cost increase and restrictions. The “Magic” used to be the priority and now it’s been replaced by greed. Chapek has to go.

        2. Karan

          We ate at Boma in Sept and they were very helpful and extremely pleasant! Even though it is a buffet when we asked where the butter was our server offered to get it for us instead of just pointing it out.

  25. Timothy Auston Hooks

    CHAPEK all I gotta say

  26. Dave

    At Pop Century right now, has the same pasta but it didn’t look like that. Also had a large pepperoni pizza and the kids enjoyed it. It is what it is, if you don’t like it, please just let them know. They will fix it. Was at Epcot today and ordered a frozen coffee with whipped cream. They gave us an ice coffee with whipped cream. Waited in line again (3 minutes) and they fixed it. Even told us to keep the original one. They are trying. If something is wrong, just ask if they can fix it before blasting them online.

  27. Stef G

    I call bulls**t! We were there last week and my Mom got this exact meal. For starters the poster removed the bread stick and about half the pasta and meatballs. When my Mom ordered hers she asked for extra sauce and the CM added another spoonful and then asked if that was okay or did she want more. This is another case of someone wanting their 15 minutes of fame and you all at ITM fell for it.

    1. Denise B.

      First off, if you read the article, it said that it came with a bread stick; and you can see it in the corner of the picture if you look. If your mother got more than what is shown, then she was lucky that the employee put in more than the normal amount. Their food is mostly over-priced food service crap, not nearly worth $12.00.

  28. John Cook

    We stayed at Pop in October and the food was good, fairly priced. This person should have definitely complained. They would have made it right, no questions asked.

  29. Jonathan E Hartman

    We stayed in the resort across the way art of animation in April and got a meal of like chicken tenders and fries that was pretty much frozen Garbage. We didn’t buy any more food from the resort “restaurant”

  30. David T Foote

    I was just a guest at Pop Century resort the second week of November 2021. The meals left a lot to be desired. Where is the dining card. Be our Guest was over $180 for 3 scallops and greens that were inedible. We also paid over $100 for breakfast at two different locations at the parks never again food was not worth it.

  31. David Sonzella

    Yes. We had issues , but we contacted guest services and it was taken care of quickly and to our satisfaction.

  32. Walter

    The food at Pop Century is terrible. We stayed for 3 days and nothing we had was good, however….it isn’t bad. And it’s your ONLY choice after a long day at the parks. I look at it this way. Bowling Alley Pizza, when compared to real pizza is terrible. But it by itself isn’t bad. The food here is the same. Is isn’t good, it’s expensive, but it will feed you, and as long as you don’t try to compare it to anything, except maybe a frozen entree, you will be ok. These are budget hotels serving budget meals.

  33. Courtney

    I stayed at Pop Century in November for 5 nights…this is NOT what ours looked like. Pop is my “go-to” Disney World resort and I have never had an issue like this! No complaints…

  34. CB

    Disney seems to constantly be falling back on, “It is due to COVID, as their response to every thing that happens anymore,” Disney has become the epitomy of money hungry and the MAGIC is quickly diminishing! I believe people are waking up to that fact!


    I have postponed my trip to WDW 4 times now in the last 2 years because I refuse to spend so much on a trip without the “bubble”, which is THE reason my family even considers the higher price vacation there. The exact things that make it worth it to us have all been taken away. Now, who knows what happened with this meal and the whole truth of it, but considering the corporate greed, the raising of ticket prices, the reviews I have read by so many and the lack of even offering the dining plan for purchase, I simply cannot warrant giving my thousands of dollars to this company. Of course a business is in business to make money, but they’re truly screwing up big time and pricing themselves into a sad, sad corner. The goal should be to create return customers who may bring lower profit, but KEEP bringing profit. Basic business 101. I feel for the cast members, but until the calloused executive hearts get back to family focused decisions vs higher profits (they’re NOT at risk of going under profit wise unless they don’t stop their poor decisions), my family will be enjoying vacations elsewhere.

    1. Marie Wyke

      I CONCUR! We need to send Disney a message they can’t charge us an arm and a leg, then treat us like foreigners….

  36. Cameron

    Pay more get less

    1. Marie Wyke

      right, that’s exactly what theyre doing

  37. Jefe

    I never understood why they can’t at least have fast food quality like McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A something. People wouldn’t mind and understand paying a little bit more if it was at least half decent. But they charge a lot and it sucks.

  38. William Gilbert

    Me and my family ate there in May 2021.And the burgers were horrible and we want stay there again.And it was our first time there taking our adopted 4yr old daughter.

  39. Rich

    One comment says it all: is it Disney or Six Flags? The bean counters are making it indistinguishable and the suits don’t care what Walt envisioned. WDW will devolve into just another expensive amusement park.

  40. we had their bacon cheeseburger and their pot roast and mash potatoes at pop century loved it. randy w.

  41. Pat

    We recently stayed at Coronado Springs and their food options were extremely bad and expensive. This just makes the case for not staying at Disney hotels anymore. And if they brought back the Dining Plan I would never buy it again. This is the new normal. Over charge, under deliver and don’t care about what people think because we’ll just put up with whatever slop they serve. Customer service and value has gone away in place for profits. Tickets and parking has gone up but still no character interactions and no trams. And now they are going to decrease food portions while jacking up prices for slop.

  42. Marie Wyke

    When you’re PAYING close to $200 to walk in the gate, you would expect a lot more from the food. I found myself so disappointed in my last visit that I don’t have the desire to visit anymore. Orlando used to be my place to go, when vacationing, but I’m looking to travel elsewhere do to how Disney has become money hungry and not about the guest anymore. Can do better elsewhere…….

  43. William Wanamaker

    Everything is overpriced

  44. KenR

    I’ve had some really good quick serve/counter serve meals. Columbia House, Lotus Blossom, and Rose and Crown come to mind. Had an absolutely awful quick serve in Japan and Epcot. Bland yucky garbage.

  45. Kimberly Spuck

    I just got back on Saturday (12/11) from a stay 14 day at Pop Century and the only thing worth the money in that resort was the Pizza at $14.99. Two of us got 2 meals out of $14.99 Pizza. We learned our lesson after eating 1 dinner there. 1 “meal” was $42.00 and barely edible; the food was garbage! I was so disappointed and disheartened.

  46. Shirley Evans

    This meal looks awful and I would have demanded a refund. As far as price is concerned and wherever you are at Walt Disney World the food is over priced

  47. Deb Randle

    Ate there a few times just last week. I enjoyed every meal. If I wanted more sauce I just asked. This guest should have done the same instead of griping about it in an online post. The server would have gladly honored the request! Some people just need something to complain about all the time.

  48. James

    Just got back from Pop, food was awful and over priced plus the service was trash.
    I ordered a burger (when you order a burger they write what you ordered on a plate immediately and place it in line) a cast member on break then ordered the same thing I did. The cast member was given my burger I was made to wait.

  49. Randy W

    I see they ordered the Chapek Special.

  50. Crystal G.

    Pop Century is one of my favorite resorts there and had a fantastic time and the food was filling and presented beautifully, but that was years ago, so I can only imagine how COVID has affected the customer service. I am very sad to see that meal come out of Pop Century.

  51. Frank

    All these issues that guests are experiencing now are executed from the very top down. (witness their CEO Chickening out on the shareholder meeting) They hire people who make these changes so they can make $11.95 on this meal without a wit to the guest experience. Disney is trying to make up the losses of 2020. If there’s a bygone era that Disney is trying to recapture, it’s those experiences where you feel ripped off ( eg. the Genie “fastpass”) is just another rebranding of E-ticket rides and back to where there are class stratifications — for the very same experience.

  52. Chris

    I agree the price for food is ridiculous-I was at the Caribbean Resort and was horrified by the price of food. However with that said these eateries are not Disney owned. They are all legit contractors that Disney hires or extends contracts. If Disney needs to do anything – it either hires new catering companies or give the smack down on the ones already there.

  53. Amy

    We’ve all had disappointment at Disney for one thing or another. The easiest fix is to politely ask a cast member to fix the problem. It’s really easy and they always make it right.

  54. CashGrab

    It’s all about profit after covid. This isn’t Walt’s vision. If you still go to Disney be prepared to bend over.

  55. Kim Rae Guanella

    It’s amazing you think one man has the power to make every little decision at disney and is even responsible for not enough sauce on your pasta. I hope everyone who does all the complaining stays away so we have a better time (less people)

  56. Debby Huber

    Pop Century used to be my favoroite place to stay….that is until I found the Cabins at Fort Wilderness Campground! Still my favorite Quick Service meal anywhere on property (including the parks) is at Pop Century, absolutely LOVE the Parmesean Chicken breast with Penne alfredo & bread stick. I just got it in October, yes the breast was a bit smaller than usual but the pasta was good & as always I ask for & receive a nice container of extra sauce on the side at no charge. The sauce does soak right into the pasta, so I have been doing this for years. I really do miss the Dining plan, so yes the food seems higher since drink & dessert are extra.

  57. Teresa Bennett

    I have been staying at the economy Disney properties for years. Pop Century,All Star resorts, Art of Animation.The food has always been just-edible. It’s convenient fast and average food court food. During pandemic was definitely worse.. Less selection and food was
    slightly warm.But generally I think Disney quality has all but disappeared in recent years. Staying more that 4-5 days I ‘m dying for something …better. YAY Uber Eats!!

  58. Denise B.

    I can’t understand how people still go there and keep forking over their money for over-priced crap and with all of their restrictions and mandates. We still have passes with three and four visits left, and have no interest in going there again unless things change for the better and prices go down; and we live by Disney. We bought passes this year for Legoland instead.

  59. Denise B.

    Even when we didn’t live here and used to go to Disney, we always stayed and ate off the property. It’s so much cheaper.

  60. Kaedance

    I find it hilarious when someone compared that plate of pasta to Six Flags. Reason why it’s hilarious is that they actually add more than plenty of sauce on the plate of regular spaghetti with 2 meatballs and choice of side salad or breadstick. Seriously it fills up a typical plate! And that’s at Six Flags Great America, where it’s not always consistent.

  61. R

    Boycott/Cancel your Disney+ Subscription. Bob Cheap(ek) only cares about subscriber “data” to beat Netflix, since it is a key aspect of his strategy as CEO. If you support Disney+ with a subscription, you support Bob Cheap(ek). Disney+ “data” is more important to his success than Disney Parks. Drop Disney+ and maybe Disney will drop Bob Cheap(ek). Fire Bob Chapek!

  62. Chris Kinney

    Just got back this past Sunday, and stayes at Pop Century. Didn’t have any problems with the food, and when I got the chicken parmesan with marinara sauce, I decided I wanted some Alfredo sauce along with it. Asked for some, and received a bowl of it, no charge. Just speak up if something’s not to your liking, then maybe you’ll be eating what you wanted instead of wasting time taking pictures of it and complaining to strangers on the internet about it, who can’t help you like a cast member would have.

  63. Baxter Edgewood

    I stay at Pop Century frequently as an annual pass holder. I have had this dish many times and I usually ask for extra sauce. I’ve always gotten it with no issues. Since the food court reopened you can see the cast making your dish and ask for whatever you want. They’ve never said no to me. This is my favorite resort food court. The turkey dinner, pot roast and pizza are amazing and a good meal for the price. Some items are over priced but this same pasta dish with meatballs at Olive Garden is $15.98. Just saying.

  64. Sandi

    Ugh also stayed at POP. Food was less than desirable! Arrived at food court about 1:45. Starving we ordered the cheese burger. At the cost of more than $12….. must have been made hours earlier,it was cold bun soggy fries yup cold n dry. Not a lot to choose from. We planned to stay at the resort for most of our meals but this was a game changer in the biggest sense of the word!!!! Grab go was fine business as usual. THEN our plans were to go to Caribbean Beach. The OUTRAGE there was smh 🤦‍♀️ coffee…… got my coffee then proceeded to look for cream. Cast member pleasantly assisted showing me the creamer (COFFEE MATE). Holding back my disgust I said no thanks where’s the real cream? To any die hard coffee drinker that’s unacceptable! Responding with we don’t have any. He did get me milk in a sm container, he was polite n helpful. BUT WHO (CB) THE HECK HAS A “SPECIALTY COFFEE WINDOW “ n NOT HAVE CREAM FOR COFFEE???? I went to the window n asked for cream. NOPE all they had was milk n heavy cream- yes I made my own. REALLY ❓❓ Bagels at POP we’re in the grab n go,at CB they locked them – you had to pay for them get flashy thing and WAIT till it went off to get your bagel. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE AT DISNEY!!! WAIT OMG ! I have been to Disney 10+ times never have I been this irritated and only the tip of the iceberg. What the ?%#}* is going on ? Not like me to write by I’ve been so disappointed after spending so much $$$$. It’s UNACCEPTABLE – end of rant not sorry I wrote hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears

  65. seby

    If you are not happy with that,dDo not go to Disneyland Paris because it is worst !
    Food is a shame for France and it is over priced. You can review a lot of complain about it on facebook.

  66. Denise Orange

    Are the dining plans back? I stayed at pop century in February of 2019 and loved the. Food but thank goodness for the dining plans or I wouldn’t of been able to eat at all. I went to breakfast one morning and got a bacon, egg and cheese bagel a fruit cup and a chocolate muffin and the cashier said $32.00 please and I almost had a heart attack! I for forgot to mention to her that I had quick service account on my magic band. That price was ridiculous!!

  67. Tim B

    Yeah, instead of Reddit posts and getting everybody to agree with you, about take it back to the counter and rectify it, instead of whining like a child. Like the article says, talk to a cast member.

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