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iron man 3 christmas iron man (left) and pepper potts (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. DTCMD

    Please. Stop. Writing.

    1. GDH82

      Agreed. So. So. So. Much.

      Doesn’t Disney own 75% of the planet by now.


  2. Jamoiriee Rastamann

    Uhh… I’m on the Disney+ Holiday Collection right now, and Iron Man 3 is on there. It’s on there.

    It’s on there…

    1. Me

      I dont think its a Christmas movie..I also do not think die hard is one either.. but not too many agree with me. If we consider Die Hard a Christmas movie then Lethal Weapon should be too.

      1. Droppo

        You are right about Die Hard. Just taking place during the Hiday period does not make it a Christmas movie. There’s death and explosions and terrorism. That’s not a Christmas movie. If that’s a person’s definition, I submit that they’d have to agree that a movie called Debbie Does the North Pole would hypothetical be a Christmas movie too.

        1. FuzzyFuzzy

          Really break people. Nightmare before Christmas. Christmas or Halloween movie?

  3. CR45H 0V3RR1D3

    LMAO, Kevin. I didn’t like the guy before, now I really think he’s a moron. Simply because a movie takes place during Christmas, doesn’t make it a Christmas movie. Same reason only part 1 of die hard is a Christmas movie and not 2, even though they both took place during the Holidays.

    Release dates have nothing to do with it either. For it to be a Christmas movie, the holidays have to play a pivotal tole in the plot. And other than a few Christmas trees, there’s nothing about this movie that relied on Christmas as a focal point.

    To make it clearer and to offer the best example you’ll see:

    Die hard takes place during the holidays, at which point, John Maclaine(don’t remember the spelling) flies out to LA to try and use this time (a Christmas party at her work) to reconcile with his wife. And obviously we know how it turned out. Putting aside the fact that, had it not been a Christmas party he was invited to, he would’ve had no reason to go to LA at that exact point, let alone Nakatomi plaza. Not to mention the psychological warfare he played on them, using Christmas time rhetoric, ” now I have a machine gun, ho, ho, ho”.

    Part 2 takes place during Christmas as well, but could’ve actually been any holiday that would drag John to the airport to pick up his wife.

    So, in closing, simply putting a Christmas tree in the background, does NOT make it a Christmas movie. Christmas has to play a part in some way to the plot of the movie.

    So, with that said, no, lethal weapon is not a Christmas movie either. ­čĄĚ

    1. GDH82

      Hawkeye. Perfect example.

      Tho it may confuse some.

      Show (come on add them all up and you’ve the budget and length of a movie) Hawkeye takes place during Xmas.

      BUT, it’s also being released during Christmas season.

      So it’s a double.

      Any other doubles out there?

  4. Patrick B

    Absolutely not a Christmas movie! Makes no use of the season at all in anyway, so apart from being the worst Marvel, movie it definitely isnt a Christmas movie.

  5. FU (Felix Unger)

    Who cares?

  6. Everton

    It’s 8n the Christmas section. Along with Diehard & Diehard 2.

    1. Robert Pollock

      Die Hard 2?

  7. Dillon

    If die hard is a Christmas movie because it takes place at Christmas. Then so is Spider-Man No Way Home, I saw some Christmas stuff. Officially a Christmas movie.

  8. Robert Pollock

    So kevin’s bosses did what owners do.

  9. Tony

    1. Who the hell cares?
    2. Please quit writing or find more interesting subjects to write about.
    3. Reading this was an epic waste of time!

  10. Adam Hammour

    I’ll need to re-watch over next week to decide myself – but it takes a tiny bit more (not much) than just simply having a lot of Christmas Decorations around.

    – Needs at least a few moments of a Christmas-like music used effectively (not just walking past a choir singing)
    – Needs some form of Christmas theme or moment (Think Gremlins, when they talk about how the father died at Christmas etc.)

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