Comments for Disney Park Immediately Cancels New Year’s Eve Due to COVID-19 Spread

Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary

Credit: Natasha Rafalski Instagram


  1. Manny

    Florida won’t be doing that of course because we do not care if you die or not. The almighty dollar must flow.

    1. Sue

      You must be a liberal who is brain washed by the government. It’s the flu which happens every year. But not this year bc we only have Covid. So they government can tell you to get a shot. And wear a mask and stay home if you are so scared. You watch bc of the flu they will the same crap the started a year ago. So they can control you. And make sure you do as they say not as they do

      1. Jordan

        Love how people assume others political views and if you are liberal, you are brainwashed when it’s mostly people who follow Trump that are the brainwashed ones. They hate the vaccine because it’s being pushed too much, but it was Trump that insisted that he’s the one that got it out so fast. Crazy lol.
        It’s not a flu, not when so many people are getting sick with it and ending up in the hospital.

    2. Abe

      Dude, you’re a clown. Only ONE person has died from Omnicron. If you’re so scared, stay in your house. Let the rest of us live.

      1. Jordan

        Covid is still a thing though…..and isn’t it ironic that you talk about letting others live when it’s because you want to “live” that’s causing people to die from this?

  2. Bob

    Die? Omicron isn’t killing anyone. It appears statistically to look like common cold.

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