Comments for Disney Reportedly Having “Major Problems” With Retractable Lightsaber

disney lightsabers galaxy's edge

Credit: Disney


  1. Pete

    They were too quick to promise a retractable lightsaber. Did they not have some experienced Imagineers work on this project? Most “hack a day” types figured out that problem right away. Sad to see what Imagineers has fallen to.

  2. Probably because of the lack of parts. Perhaps, Disney should not be dependent on Asia for their products.

  3. Duke Johnson

    Disney is realizing what any kid that’s played swords with a tape measure has learned long ago, they go limp faster than Chapek after an intern interview.

  4. Will

    They use the same effect at the Doctor Strange Show at DCA. Note, they just use some redirection and carry the staff away and replace it with a real one a few seconds later.

    Some clever staging should be able to deal with that the same way. Put behind a barrier, all you need is about 2 seconds of out of site to get a solid one into Rey’s hand.

  5. Erik

    All this for $6000.00 for 2 night stay!! For that price I’d want Kylo Ren to stay in my cabin.

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