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  1. EC

    The new “lightning lane” and Genie are the reason that we will not go again—that’s how I feel about it! I’ve been going to Disney World my whole life and it has slowly turned into a money sucking nightmare—
    Yes, it was always a place where you stand in lines and spend money but now—I cannot imagine spending money on a $120/day ticket only to have to shell out $15 to ride the rides! Craziness absolute craziness!

    1. KG

      Well Said EC, I couldn’t agree more!!! Our family has been going to Disney just about every year for the last 25 years but we are done, it’s no longer enjoyable when the Disney Experience has been taken over by nothing but GREED…When is enough enough??? Very disappointed

      1. Susan Dolson

        We have had a yearly pass for the last 12 years and so we went all the time, including getting fast passes. Now your chooses of different yearly passes and the lighting lane pass and your ticket does not include water parks is just all madness. Disney doesn’t care about family’s any more, all it want is money, money, money. I know this response will not be read because Disney doesn’t care. But I I hope they have more canceled yearly passes and less people wanting to go to the greedy magical place in whole.

  2. Genie+ and ILL are the worst things to happen to WDW since we’ve been going…………It’s an absolute disaster and we wont be back either…..we spent over $1k per night during Thanksgiving and couldn’t even get on the good rides without waiting over 2 1/2 hours because the LL sold out

    The system flat out sucks

  3. Tanaya

    We just went to magic kingdoms and did not purchase lightning lane because it was supposed to be a low volume day. Instead, wait times were the longest I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been around Disney races, Christmas season, and on Thanksgiving day). Because we were only standby, we just stood at a halt while hundreds of lightning lane people frolicked from ride to ride. Yes, we could have purchased it, but the average park-goer would not know to do that (like us). We missed many of our favorite rides because the wait times were 100-150 minutes at the predicted lowest crowd calendar days in January, even after the fireworks. This Disney lover is very disappointed.

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