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disney world tram

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  1. I’m hoping Disney is paying attention, but I fear they are ignoring much of this sentiment. The trams were simply a symptom of ongoing quality and guest-unfriendly issues that have been going on at the park. The should have always made accommodations to keep them running, because it was the “Welcome to the Park” guests had always experienced. When they removed it, it was loud and clear that guests’ satisfaction was secondary. Hopefully this will be a return to (original) form…but I doubt it.

    1. Brian Hester

      If the parks had to wait until they could have the staffing to bring back the trams, the Disney Dining Plan, etc., in other words everything back to normal as if there still wasn’t a pandemic, then they’d still be closed. Do you know what the staffing needs of the tram are? Do you know they’ve been struggling to keep the buses staffed? You have no idea what you’re talking about. You just want your entitled vision of what Disney should be offering that is devoid of any reality to actual circumstances.

    2. Josephine adamo

      The joy of walking in the park and the kids asking to go on this or that ride at random has disappeared.The ease of just walking around and taking in all the fun is gone.Now you have to check your schedule , make a schedule, woof your lunch down , drag the kids run to the ride you schedule d. Disney is turning in his grave, this is not what he imagined for families to go through.

  2. Brandon

    I wonder how much they will charge us to ride it once it returns?
    They’ll probably add it to a new app called TRAMS+
    There will be a paid version and a free version.
    The free version lets you see where it’s at.
    The paid version lets you get on. But it will cost extra for the return trip to your car.

    1. Deena

      Don’t give them any ideas.🤣

      1. JW

        Geesh! You’re probably correct considering the people who are currently making all these horrible decisions!

    2. Bxmamipr

      Haha. I definitely feel like next year they will charge to ride the Skyliner, Ferry, Monorail, and busses. They are seeing how to best go about it after the Magical Express that now costs $40 kicks off. Bob Paycheck will never miss a chance to rob families blind.

      1. Brian Hester

        Disney makes zero money from Mears Connect. #smh

    3. JW

      Geesh! You’re probably correct considering the people who are currently making all these horrible decisions!

  3. Disney Gurl

    I agree with above commenters. The thing is, WE VOTE WITH OUR MONEY aka ATTENDANCE, or lack thereof. Myself and countless others are boycotting the parks bc they are, so sad to sad, beyond a big, hot mess!! The one and ONLY thing they’ll ever pay attention to is decreased revenue!! So sad, but so true!! Even if most of us boycott first week of every month or for one month or something else like that!! I’m telling you…it’s true. Pls come back Disney. Bring back the magic, the wonder, the goodness you were founded on. We’ll be waiting from the sidelines.

    1. Brian Hester

      We get it. You want the pre-pandemic experience and don’t want Disney to have to cut back services at all during a pandemic. But if Disney had waited until they could have delivered that, they wouldn’t have been able to reopen last year. Y’all are so toxic that even when Disney does what you want, you STILL complain.

  4. Cindy Lafferty

    The crowds are back. The reservation system needs to go. It is nolonger done to keep numbers at safe levels for covid precautions. I’m not sure why the system is still in place.

    1. ChadMC

      I believe it’s there to have ONLY the amount of employees that are needed. It’s a cost cutting measure. It’s a way of attaching a revenue directly to employee expense. If they do not have enough crowds they will reduce headcount. Some will say it’s smart and there is some element to that of course.

      This is my opinion only and not based on any factual data I know of.

  5. ChadMC

    And it will be “free”? That’s how executives will see this. It’s a basic thing as someone else mentioned – soap in a bathroom. One has to wonder when they will charge extra for that as well.

    1. Kkb

      Don’t forget toilet paper!

    2. Brian Hester

      I can’t think of a single park owned by Cedar Fair that offers transportation in their lots. I could name other parks that don’t do it at all, too. So, no, it’s not the same thing as having soap in the bathroom.

  6. Delton P.

    Hey, McDonald’s charged us 35 cents to add mayonnaise on a sandwich this week. The person taking our order didn’t tell us they are now charging for condiments that have been complimentary until 2021, apparently. It’s a good thing. We won’t be eating at their restaurants again. I see a lot of parallels to what’s been happening at Disney Parks lately. It will be interesting to see if the company wakes up or just ignores customer concerns and continues to put most of its efforts on being woke.

  7. Beth

    Agreed that the quality and magic at Disney had declined. I went for 2 weeks during the summer and bought the free refill cup at the beginning of our trip. But we were not informed that the eating area where the refill station was located closed everyday after breakfast and didn’t reopen until dinner hours. So getting free refills was NOT an option while we were hanging by the pool all day. So we were forced to purchase drinks from the bar (sodas).
    I felt everything that use to be included now you have to pay for – everything cost extra but ticket prices and resort prices continue to go up.

  8. Ed Marks

    What is Disney going to get rid of to bring the trams back? Maybe they will get rid of genie plus and lightning lanes and bring back free fast passes. Disney is providing less incentive for people to come back to the parks because of all the things that they have taken away. When people just get the same thing that Disney offers now if they went to universal? The only thing different universal would be the parks not the lack of services such as Disney has now.

  9. Bxmamipr

    Our local art fair has free trams…They should have never been stopped. I would even contact the ADA because the trams were a reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities, and should have been a common courtesy to guests who pay thousands of dollars to enter their boring, mediocre parks. I agree that people need to stand strong, and stop paying for anything Disney charges for. It will just get worse. Soon the Skyliner, Monorail, Ferry, busses, and any service that is “complimentary” will start to cost guests. Prices are continuing to skyrocket, and will keep going up. Bob Paycheck needs to go. He has no respect for middle class families. Every family deserves to be able to take their kids to Disney World if they want. I personally never want to return, and prefer Universal and other nearby parks.

    1. Brian Hester

      Disney already complied with the ADA with reserved disability parking and unloading at the front of the park. The trams were never about the ADA because disabled guests already can park near the front of the lot.

      Universal… where they charge you ten times more to skip the line unless you stay at their top resorts and you get fewer attractions and parks. Ok

  10. Mike

    Missed opportunity to electrify the trams. Electric motors instant torque are perfect for hauling around large humans. 😂

  11. Edward M Piette

    I really don’t care. I never intend to go back until they scale back their outrageous pricing on EVERYTHING!!!

  12. Trent

    Trans = Garbage. They’re bad for the environment. Walk people!!!

    1. Kkb

      That’s easy to say if you are able bodied. Unfortunately there out a lot of people who cannot walk or who are limited is physical ability. And they are not just all fat people riding scooters.

  13. MikeinVA

    For the first time since 1989, our family won’t be traveling to WDW over winter break. Just as this story illustrates, the cost vs benefit of a Disney vacation no longer makes sense to our family. It makes me sad to say, but the magic just isn’t there right now, and in some ways it was already fading pre-pandemic; it just sped up. It isn’t necessarily a money thing, as we will still travel somewhere warm after the first of the year, but it won’t be WDW.

    1. Brian Hester

      I, too, hang out in websites dedicated to places I never intend to visit again. LOL.

  14. Eugenia G Fleisher

    We went to DW in October and paid for preferred parking. The walk to and from the park gate was shorter than the walk we previously had back to the bus stop for Pop Century after a long day in the park. It was only $20 – $25 more for the entire day. All the complaining about Genie+ ignores the flaw in free FP. Only a few attractions in each park need a FP or LL. DW only allowed one FP selection for these “Tier One” attractions and you had to stay in a DW resort in order to have a chance of obtaining one. Genie+ actually has the same flaw since the most desirable LL are sold out within seconds of availability. DW was always expensive and exhausting. The most popular rides closed frequently because of “technical difficulties” and the park was full of crying, overtired babies, fighting siblings and crabby parents. Same as now.

  15. Aaron Cobb

    Is Brian Hester Bob Chapeks personal assistant?

  16. Cj Brown

    The Trams at both Team Disney Orlando and Team Disney Anaheim should’ve been in service the moment Team Disney Burbank had all Disney Theme Park reopened (they had the whole pandemic shutdown to come up with a social distant solution!)

    All Disney Monorails should have working A/C – Ventilation (this could’ve been installed during the pandemic shut down!)

    Please keep that Disney Magic intact …..

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