Comments for Guests Share “Wretched” Food Experiences at Disney World

Space 220

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    Bad chicken salads “ruin your entire day”?
    I can think of one way they can, but I’m hoping that wasn’t it.

  2. Steve

    Since when did the Wizarding World of Harry Potter become a Disney attraction?

    1. Jared

      I stopped reading after that. If you don’t know the difference between Disney and Universal nothing I’m going to read after that can be taken seriously.

  3. CWK

    We were at Disney Springs in October and we ate at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. Which we have been to two times prior and is one of the best restaurants you can go to on Disney property.

    We started out the meal with the basket of cheddar drop biscuits. My wife gets one and breaks it in half. Then she looks and there is this huge long hair baked inside of the biscuit and my wife is holding these two biscuit halves in each hand and the long hair is actually connecting the two biscuit halves.

    Then I found a hair and a bristle on my biscuit. We told our waitress, she immediately got the manager, who then went to the back kitchen area. When he got back, he said they checked through several batches of biscuit and found numerous hairs throughout many biscuits. I’m not sure how that even happens. But needless to say, they comped our entire meal but we hardly ate anything after that. It pretty much killed our appetite. This is a place we had been counting the days all year to go to.

    I wouldn’t say we won’t ever go back, we chalk it up to a freak accident or something. But it’s going to be a long while, if ever.

  4. Bernie

    We’ve been going to WDW regularly for over 30 years and have eaten at more places there than I can count.

    I am not discounting others’ experiences described here, but we have never had anything other than a great meal and great service.

    In the past two months we’ve been twice for a week each time. We’ve most recently eaten at Space 220, Brown Derby, Via Napoli, Steakhouse 71, hosted a catered dinner served by the California Grill kitchen, and eaten at countless counter service places in the parks. Every meal was great.

  5. Chris

    My party of seven ate via at the takeout window next to via Napoli in mid November. It was the worse pizza any of us had ever had. It was almost raw dough with an inch off oily cheese on top. The pepperoni one was the same though the pepperoni itself my kids said was ok. None of us could eat in it as it was so bad and we could not figure out how a place connected to via Napoli could be so bad. We tried other food stand ( truffle Mac and cheese and gibabi at African food stand were good) but so many we where very disappointed.

  6. My worst disney meal was at the Japanese counter service in epcot. I can make a better teriyaki chicken. Theirs was flavorless and bland. It was like they didn’t even try.

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