Comments for Disney Genie Sees Massive Price Jump This Holiday Season

Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts Nite

Credit: Disney


  1. John Hamway

    This greed is disgusting

    1. Jordan

      Not exactly greed, just economics and trying to get people to go do other rides. If they lower the price, it would sell out mad fast and tons of people will wait in line instead of going to other attractions.

      1. Adam

        Not quite. There’s a finite number of available spots in a day. If the system is working it will sell out. What Disney really wants is to raise the price until it almost sells out – the point where supply matches demand at the highest price. If they just wanted to have a system to keep people out of lines it wouldn’t need surge pricing.

        1. Jordan

          That’s pretty much what I said lol. People get in lines for other rides because they know they’ll come back later for it since they have lightning lanes, helping take the burden off the popular rides a little.

          1. Adam

            It’s just that they’re greedy. The free system served exactly the same purpose. Surge pricing just means they aren’t sure what they can get away with just yet.

            1. Jordan

              Not really. It’s the same for any park that raises prices during peak seasons. Happens all the time

  2. Cinthie

    I just went last week, worst experience ever. You are lucky to get on a few rides. Popular rides were 2 hr wait. Big mistake getting rid of the fast pass, genie is being greedy.
    We had a much better experience at Universal.

    1. Jordan

      It’s literally their busy season and you expect things to be slow? It’s not a mistake, it sucks that we have to pay, but not a mistake. Gives people who actually live close enough to go whenever, especially when they have annual passes, a chance to utilize the genie+ the same day as other people. Just so you know, Universal also has a similar fast pass system that requires you to pay, it’s actually more than the one at Disney, but it just lets you go through once.

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